•  Our Hospitals Our Priority is always Human and Life,

• Commitment to medical and human ethical values

• Compliance with human rights and laws,

• Reliability,

• Modernity and scientificity,

• Always accessible and continuous service,

Environmental awareness,

• Friendly and helpful staff,

• Continuity

• Innovation,

• Open to continuous modernization.

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To be a reliable hospital group by providing world-class health services to all people in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases. To invest in the field of knowledgeable and well-equipped health professionals for the health sector and our hospitals.

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In our hospitals, a qualified, reliable and scientific health service that will serve the happiness of our people without sacrificing ethical values ​​with the principle of doing no harm first, which is the most basic principle of medicine, respecting patient rights, meeting all needs, requests and expectations, Reliable, accessible, uninterrupted and by seeing our patients as our first degree relatives with high service quality, it is our duty to solve the health problems of those who need us, 365 days / 24 hours, in a way that always prioritizes patient satisfaction.

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