What is BookingDoctors?

BookingDoctors™ is the company for direct booking of treatment in leading clinics and hospitals.

The focal point of BookingDoctors’ all endeavors is to let patients save up to 50% in all the medical process, from diagnostics until the finalization of the due treatment. We do everything under our power to make it more effective and practical for patients to prefer us, not clinics/hospitals.

What are services I can get from BookingDoctors™?

All Inclusive Services of BookingDoctors™ include the following:

  • Evaluating your initial diagnosis papers (if any) before arriving

    Assessment and selection of the best clinic and/or hospital

    Reservation of the place in an accelerated manner

    Visa support if necessary

    Planning your travel

    Meeting you at the airport

    Control and audit of financial expenses at the hospital/clinic

    Monitoring the entire period of the medical program

    Bringing in other specialists in solving complex medical problems

    Provision of prescriptions for purchasing original medications

    Interpreter Translation of medical documents

    Visa support Transfer

    Travel insurance upon demand

    Finalization and transfer to the airport  


What are the unique advantages of BookingDoctors™?

We believe that reasons that helped thousands of patients choose us since 2017 do apply to you as well. One of the main reasons why you should prefer us is the fact that we plan: down to the smallest detail:

Early preparation matters! In order to secure effectiveness of the treatment, an extraordinary attention must be allocated to careful planning and the organization of treatment abroad.

We are very well aware that you travel abroad for minimization of the final sum as much as for effectiveness. This is the basic reason why all services of BookingDoctors™ have been arranged in a way to avoid all potential unnecessary costs. In addition, keeping the balance between cost efficiency and safety, comfort and treatment is of paramount importance.

We protect your interests vis-à-vis clinicsi/hospitals.
With more than 15 years of experience in medical field, we ensure that by working with us you will save both money and time.
We assess and select clinics, hospitals and doctors under strict standards. Our team work with utmost care and sensitivity.

What kind of clinics are listed on BookingDoctors?

As BookingDoctors™ before we recommend a certain healthcare facility to our patients we check them according to the requirements of the international quality standards:

Ratings: We check ratings of the hospitals in reliable international institutions
Patient experience: Number of treatments, such as surgical procedures performed and percentage of successful ones. Also lack of complications, patient safety.

Patient outcomes: based on data submitted by hospitals/clinics to the due institutions regarding how they prevent bloodstream and surgical-site infections, and the chance that patients have to be readmitted to a hospital within 30 days of their initial discharge.

Hospital practices: Looking into the date regarding the use of electronic health records, and the appropriate use of CT scanning and specialization when it comes the patient’s disease

Safety score: Level of competence of the medical personnel on avoiding infections, avoiding readmissions, communicating about new medications and discharge, appropriate use of chest and abdominal CT scanning, avoiding serious complications, and avoiding mortality.  

Technology: Introduction of advanced technologies and hospital’s equipment level

Do I pay when I use BookingDoctors?

As BookingDoctors™ we do not charge our patients regarding treatment at all: We get a fixed and standard fee from the hospitals allocated from the incentives provided by the government. Travel, translation, insurance and other services apart from the medicine are calculated unrelated to the treatment process.

How can BookingDoctors guarantee best prices?

BOOKINGDOCTORS is directing thousands of Patients to clinics/hospitals. It is impossible for a single Patient to get the same price and relative services as we do. To put it simply: the higher the number, the greater the bargaining power.

What is included in the price provided by the clinic/hospital?

Clinics/Hospitals will charge you only with “medical” expenses. However, clinics/hospitals are eventually business entities set up for profit maximization. Relatively, they are run by administrators that are supposed to minimize costs and maximize profits. We know that ethics, morals and human health should be above all considerations. This, does not always apply in real life. To put it differently, the quality of treatment, medication and patient comfort might sometimes become secondary. This is the very moment BookingDoctors™ comes in.

You come to another country: You might not know the language, culture, rules, regulations and the law. There must be an entity that will stand by you, protect your interests and take care of all other factors while you are focused on our recovery. Our reputation is all what we have. All.


Is the price provided by the clinic my final procedure price?

What personal information is provided to the clinic?

How many clinics can I get in touch with?

BOOKINGDOCTORS team will contact the most appropriate doctor, clinic and hospital before your arrival. We will do everything in our power and strive to identify best alternatives depending on the treatment you want to receive. In some cases, there are hundreds of options, whereas on some other occasions, options do not surpass count of thumbs. So it is nearly impossible to write a general rule for all diseases, treatments and medications. We are, however, focused and determined to come up with the most appropriate solution for your health.

Who arranges the formalities related to my medical travel?

When you contact us, we will ask you to send us some initial papers regarding your locally made diagnosis. We will show them to our experts and determine best alternatives for you. Once we agree regarding all details, we will follow up all your legal procedures for you. Your cooperation is of paramount importance to us. We always ask patients to share with us all details in every step along the diagnosis, treatment and after-the-treatment journey. This will help us constantly stand by the patient, come up with immediate solutions and be involved when necessary.

How do I schedule the treatment?

The relationship between BOOKINGDOCTORS and the Patient starts from the moment the Patient contacts with BOOKINGDOCTORS. Highly professional team of BOOKINGDOCTORS help our Patients regarding scheduling the treatment process. The exact time and duration of the treatment varies depending on the disease, Service Provider and the Patient. Relatively the timing of each case is determined individually.

Can I cancel the planned trip and procedure?

Bothe The Patient and BOOKINGDOCTORS™ reserve the right to cancel the agreement reached between the Parties within fourteen days without specifying any reasons. Parties hereby accept that they will notify any cancellations in written format. The period is calculated from the moment the Patient agrees to use services of BOOKINGDOCTORS™. The official email address for all cancellations is cancel@BookingDoctors.com

In case of actual withdrawal from the mutual agreement, BOOKINGDOCTORS™ hereby agrees and accepts to return all funds received, except for the already incurred and rendered costs.

In addition to the above-mentioned general cancellation rules, the Patient hereby agrees and understands that there might be additional conditions for termination depending on the country, disease, diagnosis, treatment and Service Provider. All of such extra, additional and exceptional cases will be evaluated individually depending on the details of each Patient.


Who arranges my after-treatment care?

BOOKINGDOCTORS is monitoring and controlling the after-treatment process between the Service Providers and the Patients. We do everything under our power to make Service Providers fulfill all their due obligations. We have multiple instruments that we utilize in order to fulfil this end.