All Inclusive Services of BookingDoctors™ include the following:


  • Evaluating your initial diagnosis papers (if any) before arriving

    Assessment and selection of the best clinic and/or hospital

    Reservation of the place in an accelerated manner

    Visa support if necessary

    Planning your travel

    Meeting you at the airport

    Control and audit of financial expenses at the hospital/clinic

    Monitoring the entire period of the medical program

    Bringing in other specialists in solving complex medical problems

    Provision of prescriptions for purchasing original medications

    Interpreter Translation of medical documents

    Visa support Transfer

    Travel insurance upon demand

    Finalization and transfer to the airport  


Please also note that apart from the “medical” services you will receive from the Service Providers, you have a possibility to enjoy the following additional services that BOOKINGDOCTORS™ provides which include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Constant, smooth and fast communication

    Support in assessing, evaluating and selecting a clinic based on the disease type

    Accelerating the process of booking appointment with the due doctor(s)

    Visa support, including a letter of an invitation from the clinic to obtain a medical treatment visa

    In case of prolonged treatment, support for the visa extension

    Standing by the Patient during the entire treatment program

    Consultations with doctors in one or several clinics and/or hospitals

    Undertaking necessary negotiations on optimizing the cost of the entire program

    Audit, calculation, control, return of unused funds

    Medical support for 3 months following the treatment

    Assistance in purchasing and delivery of medicines

    Transfer services from and to the airport and around the city,

    Air and overland medical transportation services

    Insurance against unbudgeted expenses

    Support in booking travel tickets and hotel rooms

    Medical Translator-Coordinator Arrangement of a consultation by correspondence with detailed recommendations for treatment

    Audit of quality control at all stages of service