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Hereby we express our gratitude to welcome you on the BOOKINGDOCTORS™ registered under Cekirge Tax Office No: 1020758308, Bursa, Turkey ((referred to across all due files as “us” or “we”).

By using “www.BookingDoctors.com, you agree to the Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy included in our website and detailed herein. Please read this information carefully. If you disagree with these Terms, you are free to stop using our site.




1.1. BOOKINGDOCTORS™ is website that contains information about providers of medical and health services (hereinafter referred to as Service Providers). Its purpose is to make available information on (Medical) Service Providers, their services and estimated cost agreed between Patients and/or BOOKINGDOCORS.

1.2. BOOKINGDOCTORS™ is intended only for private individuals over 18 years of age. The Patient is entitled to use the BOOKINGDOCTORS™ services on behalf of a third party under 18 years of age.

1.3. Information about Service Providers displayed on the BOOKINGDOCTORS™ website is based on the data communicated by the providers themselves or obtained from various online and/or offline sources. Information on Service Providers provided on the website is carefully analyzed, monitored and updated by the administrators of the BOOKINGDOCTORS™ website, but it is not guaranteed that all information provided is accurate, comprehensive and correct. BOOKINGDOCTORS™ is also not responsible for any errors and misprints, inaccurate, misleading or false information communicated by Service Providers.

1.4. BOOKINGDOCTORS™ should not be considered as an unequivocal recommendation of a specific Medical Provider or confirmation of the quality, level and qualification of his services. The BOOKINGDOCTORS™ website is not a substitute for medical advice, but is purely indicative, informative.




2.1 BOOKINGDOCTORS™ provides organizational services to the Patient, the cost of each service is calculated either separately or as a package. A detailed inventory of services will be included in the individual proposal provided to the Patient. The Patient pays costs of the Diagnosis, Treatment, Rehabilitation and Rejuvenation directly to the hospitals and/or clinics. The Patient pays to BOOKINGDOCTORS™ only in case of using additional services, such as translation, travel and consultation.

2.2. BOOKINGDOCTORS™ does not refer the Patient to a specific Service Provider. BOOKINGDOCTORS™ only provides information about possible options for diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, based on the Patient’s needs, including a convenient period of time, geographical location, medical indications etc. Thus, the Patient is provided with recommendations for possible options and with a list of Service Providers with information on their specialization. The Patient has the right to choose, prefer or reject any of the offered options.

2.3. BOOKINGDOCTORS™ facilitates the communication between the Patient and the Service Provider, the Contract is concluded directly between the Patient and the Service Provider. BOOKINGDOCTORS™ does not influence the doctor’s advice regarding the diagnosis and/or treatment.

2.4. BOOKINGDOCTORS™ provides the Patient with Additional Services. These additional services intend to organize the trip for treatment easier, more comfortable and faster. The cost of each additional service is either calculated individually or bundled into a single package. The additional services that BOOKINGDOCTORS™ provide include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Constant, smooth and fast communication
    Support in assessing, evaluating and selecting a clinic based on the disease type
    Accelerating the process of booking appointment with the due doctor(s)
    Visa support, including a letter of an invitation from the clinic to obtain a medical treatment visa
    In case of prolonged treatment, support for the visa extension
    Standing by the Patient during the entire treatment program
    Consultations with doctors in one or several clinics and/or hospitals
    Undertaking necessary negotiations on optimizing the cost of the entire program
    Audit, calculation, control, return of unused funds
    Medical support for 3 months following the treatment
    Assistance in purchasing and delivery of medicines
    Transfer services from and to the airport and around the city,
    Air and overland medical transportation services
    Insurance against unbudgeted expenses
    Support in booking travel tickets and hotel rooms
    Medical Translator-Coordinator Arrangement of a consultation by correspondence with detailed recommendations for treatment
    Audit of quality control at all stages of service


3 Responsibilities of the parties


3.1. Responsibilities of the Patient

3.1.1. For BOOKINGDOCTORS™ to organize an effective medical program, the Patient hereby accepts and agrees to

– undertake fulfilling the prerequisites needed for a successful conduct of the treatment program.
– provide full information regarding the disease.

3.1.2. The Patient agrees and accepts to follow the recommendations of the doctor and the staff of the clinic/hospital.

3.1.3. The Patient understands, accepts and agrees that in case of not arriving on the due time to the clinic/hospital, all extra charges, consequences and repercussions will be his/her full responsibility.

3.1.4. In case if the Patient is not a resident of country of diagnosis and treatment he/she hereby agrees and accepts to leave the country once the medical program is completed.

3.2. Responsibilities of BOOKINGDOCTORS™

3.2.1. The Patient and BOOKINGDOCTORS™ discuss and agree regarding all details of the services that the Patient wants to receive from BOOKINGDOCTORS™ before the arrival of the Patient to the country of diagnosis and treatment. BOOKINGDOCTORS™ is the organizer of the travel, guidance, assistance and medical program and services. BOOKINGDOCTORS™ is responsible for the organization of the program specified in the agreement between the Patient and BOOKINGDOCTORS™.

3.2.2. The Medical Contract is concluded between the Patient and the “medical” Service Provider, that is clinic, hospital and/or other centers and fecilities.

3.2.3. BOOKINGDOCTORS™ does not influence doctors’ recommendations regarding diagnosis / treatment. All liabilities for the quality of medical services are assumed by the Service Provider.

3.2.4. The Patient hereby understands, agrees and accepts that BOOKINGDOCTORS™ bears no responsibility for the Patient’s visa application refusal by consular authorities, for actions of passport and customs authorities, as well as in the event of force majeure circumstances.


4 Termination of the Agreement


Bothe The Patient and BOOKINGDOCTORS™ reserve the right to cancel the agreement reached between the Parties within fourteen days without specifying any reasons. Parties hereby accept that they will notify any cancellations in written format. The period is calculated from the moment the Patient agrees to use services of BOOKINGDOCTORS™. The official email address for all cancellations is cancel@BookingDoctors.com

In case of actual withdrawal from the mutual agreement, BOOKINGDOCTORS™ hereby agrees and accepts to return all funds received, except for the already incurred and rendered costs.

In addition to the above-mentioned general cancellation rules, the Patient hereby agrees and understands that there might be additional conditions for termination depending on the country, disease, diagnosis, treatment and Service Provider. All of such extra, additional and exceptional cases will be evaluated individually depending on the details of each Patient.


5 Confidential Information


5.1. BOOKINGDOCTORS™ hereby accepts and agrees not to disclose the information provided by the Patient to any parties other than related Service Providers.

5.2. BOOKINGDOCTORS™ hereby accepts and agrees not to use the information provided by the Patient for any other purposes.

5.3 The Patient hereby agrees and accepts to provide BOOKINGDOCTORS™ with all necessary personal and medical information including but not limited to medical records, epicrisis, and all other necessary information required for the diagnosis and treatment. The Patient hereby accepts and agrees that all information provided to BOOKINGDOCTORS™ will be correct and genuine.

5.4 The Patient hereby authenticates BOOKINGDOCTORS™ to share his/her information with the due Service Providers and thereby giving BOOKINGDOCTORS™ the power of attorney to agree with Service Providers on his/her behalf.

5.5. The Patient reserves the right to request BOOKINGDOCTORS™ for removing all of his/her personal and medical information from the database of BOOKINGDOCTORS™ by sending an email to contact@BOOKINGDOCTORS™.com. BOOKINGDOCTORS™ does not take any responsibility regarding the database(s) policies of any Service Provider.


6 Limitation of Liability, Indemnification


6.1. All information exhibited in the website of BOOKINGDOCTORS™ have been filled by the Service Providers. BOOKINGDOCTORS™ does not take any responsibility regarding the correctness, authenticity, legality and validity of the information filled by the Service Providers.

6.2 BOOKINGDOCTORS™ takes full responsibility of all information provided by BOOKINGDOCTORS™ during direct correspondence with the Patient. Only the written correspondence conducted directly between BOOKINGDOCTORS™ and the Patient is valid, authentic and valid.

6.3. BOOKINGDOCTORS™ does all possible to verify the information provided by the Service Providers and to prevent any false or fake information. However, the website is basically designed for searching, refining and comparing different Service Providers and doctors based on their specialization, technology, premises, qualifications, experience, medical services.

6.4. BOOKINGDOCTORS™ gives guarantee only for the quality of the services that will be indicated, mentioned and referred to in mutual correspondence and agreement between the parties.

6.5. The Patient hereby accepts and agrees that he/she is using the BOOKINGDOCTORS™ website, by his/her free will and full consent and that he/she accepts these Terms, Privacy policy and all other rules, terms, conditions mentioned across the website.

6.6. Th Patient hereby accepts and agrees that he/she takes full responsibility of all risks, including financial risk, in case of directly contacting, agreeing, dealing with any Service Provider listed in BOOKINGDOCTORS™ website, without information, consent, control and guidance of BOOKINGDOCTORS™.

6.7. The Patient hereby understands, agrees and accepts that BOOKINGDOCTORS™ bears no responsibility if the Patient directly contacts, agrees, deals with any of the Service Providers listed in BOOKINGDOCTORS™ website.


7 Intellectual Property


7.1. All texts, images, logos, layouts, videos, organization system, website structure and designs in the website of BOOKINGDOCTORS™ are property of BOOKINGDOCTORS™ and protected by copyright law. Relatively, any use, publication or reproduction of all content of the BOOKINGDOCTORS™ website without the written permission of BOOKINGDOCTORS™ is prohibited.


8 Force Majeure


8.1. In no event shall BOOKINGDOCTORS™ be responsible or liable for any failure or delay in the performance of its obligations hereunder arising out of or caused by, directly or indirectly, forces beyond its control, including, without limitation, strikes, work stoppages, accidents, acts of war or terrorism, civil or military disturbances, nuclear or natural catastrophes and interruptions, loss or malfunctions of utilities, communications or computer (software and hardware) services.

8.2. In case of a Force Majeure situation and impossibility of complying with any of their obligations, both BOOKINGDOCTORS™S and the Patient accept and agree to notify the other Party about such circumstances not later than 7 days from the date of their occurrence. If these circumstances cannot be eliminated, then both parties reserve the right to terminate their agreement in written format.


9 Applicable law


9.1. The validity, interpretation, and enforcement of all terms, rules, conditions, privacy related issues and other matters arising out of or related to performance or breach of all due obligations, the related matters shall be governed by the internal laws of Republic of Turkey. Any legal action or proceeding concerning the validity, interpretation, and enforcement of this Terms of Use, matters arising out of and/or related to performance or breach of this Terms of Use, and related matters, shall be resolved by negotiations. In case it is impossible to reach common solution through negotiations all disputes shall be brought exclusively in Turkey’s courts located in Istanbul.


10 Changes to the Agreement


BOOKINGDOCTORS™ reserves the right to make changes to all terms, rules, conditions, privacy related issues at any time by displaying a new version on the Site with an indication of the date of updating. It is the Patient’s sole responsibility to check the text of the Agreement published on the Site before using any services provided by BOOKINGDOCTORS™.