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Cornea and corneal diseases

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We provide professional support in Cornea and corneal diseases.


Cornea and corneal diseases

What is Cornea?

The cornea is the name given to the outermost layer of the eye when viewed from the
front. Together with the sclera surrounding the posterior side, it forms
the hard layer of the eye. This is where the light coming into the eye
first encounters and is refracted. The light coming into the eye is mostly
refracted in the cornea. Therefore, the sense of sight is affected in
corneal problems. Along with refraction of light, another task is to
protect the eye thanks to its hard structure. The cornea, which is opened
directly to the external environment, is in first-degree contact with physical
or chemical effects.

Corneal transplant is one of the most common and
successful tissue transplants. However, tissue transplantation should not
be the first choice in corneal problems, the person’s own cornea should be
treated. The surest solution to avoid such situations is to pay attention
to corneal health.

What is Cornea?

Cornea is the clear, outermost layer of the eye; covering the front of it
and serving as a barrier along with the sclera (White of the eye). As the light
first enters the eye here and is mostly refracted or bent by the cornea,
playing a critical role for your visual acuity. Alongside refracting the light,
cornea is the first in harm’s way for outside effects-physical or chemical-,
protecting more delicate parts of the eye.

Corneal transplant surgery is one of the most frequently performed surgery
with the highest success rate. Aforementioned surgery, however should not be
the first solution for corneal diseases and one’s own cornea is better to be
treated. Taking necessary precautions beforehand is the way to go in order not
to deal with consequent problems.

What are corneal diseases?

Most conditions affecting the cornea are either inherited or due to corneal damage. Some most common
corneal diseases are stated below:

Keratoconus: the outermost layer of the eye, cornea
bulges outward which causes this disease. Hereditary factors are thought to be
main conditions for this disease. although scratching or rubbing your eyes are believed to be another way to
catch it, this belief is yet to be proved. The abnormal curvature of the cornea
causes vision defects such as uncontrollable astigmatism. With younger patients
corneal crosslinking is the first
go-to treatment. If contact lens or ring use fails to slow the progress of the
disease a corneal transplant might become necessary.

Dry eye: the cornea contains no blood vessels
therefore tears are to be produced to keep its surface lubricated. Otherwise it
won’t be nourished well enough to protect against infection. Stinging and
burning or as if something is in your eye are among the main symptoms of dry
eye, which precede periods of dryness, excess tearing and last redness and pain
in the eye. The patient may complain about blurry vision, as well. It is for
the patient’s best interest to visit an eye doctor as soon as the symptoms
start to appear as the undernourished cornea   loses its role and adequicy
requiring prompt interference. Option of soothing eye drops is secondary to the
goal of curing the patient to produce his own tears. Wearing contact lenses too
long quite possibly makes the eye drier, in which case the cornea layer becomes

Herpes keratitis: the herpes virus like any part in
the body can also cause a viral infection in the eye. The symptoms may include
tearing, sensitivity to the light, pain or blurred vision. The infection can be
superficial; healing without scarring or could be severe which causes damage in
your eye if left untreated.

Allergies: you get allergies when your body reacts to
something more than it is expected to. Smoke, pollens and chemical substances
are the main instigators of allergies, symptoms of which include itching,
tearing, a burning sensation. Eye drops are among the protectives to minimize
the effects of allergies.

Corneal ulcer: damage to the cornea due to injuries or
trauma may lead to corneal ulcer also called as corneal abrasion that results
from contact lenses wear, foreign object, nail inflicting harm on the cornea. Tearing,
redness, a burning sensation and blurry vision are the main symptoms. İt is
easier to cure corneal ulcer in its early stages.

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