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Sedation and General Anesthesia

Pediatric dentistry serves as a key branch of dentistry and has become more and more
important in recent years. How pediatric dentists approach their patients has a
particular importance, as services are provided not only to healthy children
but also to mentally and physically challenged children. It is a very important
and comfortable practice in being able to perform all treatments in a single
session without causing psychological trauma in young children who cannot
cooperate and those who have fear of the dentist.

What is sedation?

Difficulties in treatment in pediatric dentistry often arise from the inability to control
the fear and anxiety of children. Although pedodontists, pediatric dentists,
have developed deeply rooted practices in behavior management, these techniques
are not always sufficient in ensuring cooperation.  Here, sedation in
dentistry comes into play.

Sedation is all medical practices performed by an anesthesiologist before dental
treatments to calm the patient using medications.

It is often used in dentistry to calm pediatric patients. Sedation can also be
performed in those who have fear of the dentist, whose treatment is not
possible while awake due to a physical or mental challenge, or who have a high
gag reflex.Sedation is performed by a drug called Dormicum, used in anesthesia.
Dormicum is administered by an anesthesiologist intravenously or in the form of
suppositories. It is sometimes used in combination with a drug called Ketanest.

The difference of sedation from general anesthesia is that the patient is conscious
and can breathe independently during the procedure.

What is general anesthesia?

For treatments that can be performed in a short time and in patients without health
risks, sedation is the primary choice. For patients who are not suitable for
sedation, treatments are performed under general anesthesia by the decision of
the anesthesiologist. General anesthesia causes temporary loss of consciousness
and prevents patients from being aware of procedures and from feeling pain. It
relaxes the muscles, facilitating the intervention. During general anesthesia,
breathing is connected to machines.

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