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Oral Diagnosis - Radiology

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Oral diagnosis is the main division of all systemic diseases that give symtoms within the oral cavity in addition to oral diseases.




Oral diagnosis-Radiology, many systemic diseases manifest important
symptoms within the mouth. Jaw bones and joints, salivary glands, diseases of
all soft tissues on the tongue or in the mouth, are the area of interest of

With the advanced technology, it became easier to image the whole oral cavity and to
diagnose the diseases of the jaw bones and teeth. Imaging techniques that
facilitate the diagnosis of the diseases, assist the treatment of these
diseases as well. Most common imaging techniques currently are intaoral camera,
panoramic X-ray and periapical X-ray.

Intraoral camera

Intraoral camera provides a brief examination of all teeth, tooth decays, fillings,
bridgeworks and crowns, as well as other structures within the mouth.

Panoramic X_Ray

Panoramic X-ray provides imaging all teeth together. In addition, surrounding tissues,
upper and lower jaw joints can be examined in details.

Periapical X-ray

Panoramic X-ray enables diagnosis of intraoral diseases that necessitates more brief
examination. This system images closely neighbouring teeth and bony structures
of the teeth.

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Dentadent was first established in İstanbul Bakırköy by Op. Dr. Namık Kemal Ayhan in 1995, In 2013, the company was settled in its new building as Oral and Dental Health Hospital. Dentadent is the first and only ODHH of Bakırköy, is settled in a 1.300 m² close area designed by modern technological instruments, and give service at every branch of oral and dental health.

Dentadent Oral and Dental Health Hospital has 18 treatment rooms, an operating room, patient observation room, an imaging room and a children play room, and gives service at the following branches:

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Dentadent has been acting for 23 years in one of the most crowded districts of the European side of İstanbul, Bakırköy; you can easily access the hospital by metro, train, seabus, bus or other devices.