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Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery

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We provide professional support in Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery.


Plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery

Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery provides
services for the treatment of both congenital and acquired aesthetic, deformity
and functional disorders. Expert plastic surgeons; They respond to
aesthetic procedures such as facial deformities, cleft lip and palate in
babies, deformities of the jaw and facial bones, breast aesthetic operations,
as well as deformities of the genital organs, repair of severed limbs.

Some of the Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery applications are
as follows

Nose Aesthetic Operations (Rhinoplasty)

One of the biggest determinants of face shape is the
nose. Sometimes excessively large, wide or arched nose shapes can cause
aesthetic problems in people and affect the self-confidence and social life of
the person negatively. Aesthetic operations performed to change the shape
of the nose are called rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty can be performed by two different methods known as open and closed techniques. The
method to be used is decided by the physician, taking into account the
structural characteristics of the person. These operations are performed
under local or general anesthesia according to the needs of the person.

Sometimes deviation of the septum, where the curved nasal bone makes breathing difficult
or prevents, and turbinate hypertrophy, where the intranasal tissues swell due
to allergy-like reasons, causing nasal congestion, can be treated with

Rhinoplasty operations usually take a few hours. The tampons placed after the
operation are removed within a few days and a one-week rest period is
sufficient for the patient to return to his daily life. After the
operation, it takes a few months for the edema to subside completely and the
nose shape to settle completely.

Breast Aesthetic Operations (Reduction, Enlargement and Lifting)

Breast shape and size affect women’s daily life a lot. Breast
aesthetic operations can be divided into three titles as breast augmentation,
reduction and lifting. Extremely large breasts can cause aesthetic
problems as well as posture disorders and back pain. Small or sagging
breasts for various reasons may disturb the person aesthetically and negatively
affect psychology.

Fluid-filled breast prostheses are used in breast augmentation operations, which is one of
the most common aesthetic applications. The most preferred of these
prostheses are silicone-based ones. These operations are sometimes applied
in cases where both breasts are small, and sometimes they are applied to
provide symmetry between the two breasts and with other body shapes.

Breast reduction operations improve the excessively large breast image aesthetically
and provide correction of conditions such as posture disorder and provide a
more comfortable life.

Breast lift operations are operations that can be performed both together with other
breast operations and alone. Depending on the time, breast lift operations
can be used to restore the sagging breasts due to weight gain or breastfeeding.

Fat Removal Operations (Liposuction)

Fat excess, which is seen in certain parts of the body
and is called regional lubrication, poses an aesthetic problem. These
excess fat can be removed from the body by liposuction
operation. Liposuction is applied by vacuuming the fat tissues, which are
made more fluid with various methods, by vacuum cannulae. Liposuction is
not a weight loss method. In this respect, it is important that the person
has an ideal weight before the operation.

Abdominal Stretching Operations

Abdominal tissues may loosen and sagging may occur as a
result of rapid weight loss after excessive weight gain or after pregnancy. Even
if the person is at his ideal weight, these excesses may cause discomfort in
terms of aesthetics. The operations that allow the abdomen to have a more
aesthetic and healthy appearance by removing these sagging tissues are called
abdominoplasty. Tummy tuck operations are not a weight loss method. For
this reason, it is important that people have their ideal weight before this

Eyelid Operations (Blepharoplasty)

Eyelids are of great importance in terms of facial
aesthetics, together with looks. Problems such as sagging, wrinkles,
swelling etc. in the eyelids adversely affect eye aesthetics and therefore
facial aesthetics. Wrinkles, skin sagging and fat deposits, which are
generally seen in the upper eyelid due to age, cause aesthetic problems, while
under-eye swelling and wrinkles are generally seen in the lower
eyelid. Eyelid operations (blepharoplasty) can be used to eliminate
various aesthetic problems in the lower and upper eyelids, sometimes depending
on age and sometimes due to genetic characteristics.

Eyebrow Lift Operations

The low eyebrows, which are one of the biggest components
of facial aesthetics, and the lower hanging down they should be, make the
person look more tired and older. These problems can be solved with
eyebrow lift operations. During these operations, the general posture of
the eyebrows on the face is corrected and the wrinkles in the middle and around
the eyebrows are removed. Eyebrow lift operations can sometimes be applied
in combination with eyelid and face lift operations to give the person a
younger and aesthetic appearance.

Face Lift Operations

Depending on the advancing age and time, facial tissues
sag and collapse in a downward movement. These sags and collapses are the
most prominent features of old age images. It is possible to restore the
face shape and bring the person to a younger appearance with face lift
operations. Basically, facelift operations are based on lifting and
correcting the facial tissues by hanging, as well as removing excess sagging
skin. Face lift operations are sometimes accompanied by eyebrow lift and
eyelid operations. Combined in this way, the person has a younger

Oil Injections

Fat injections are the procedures of injecting fat taken
from different parts of the body, especially the abdomen, in order to give a
fuller appearance to certain parts of the body and face. Fat injections
are mostly applied to facial tissues. The main reasons for its application
can be listed as plumping the lips, removing the rim wrinkles, clarifying the
chin tip, and plumping the cheekbones. Apart from the face, fat injection
applications on the breasts and hips can also provide a more aesthetic and plump

Ear Aesthetic Operations

Ears, which are complementary to facial aesthetics, are
important in terms of appearance from a young age. The appearance of the
prominent ear caused by the inadequacy of the ear folds or the ear cartilages
larger than normal causes aesthetic problems and negatively affects the lives
of people. With ear aesthetic operations, the appearance of the prominent
ear can be easily removed and the person can be given a better
appearance. Unlike most plastic surgery procedures, ear aesthetic
operations can also be applied in childhood.

Jaw and Cheekbone Operations

Jaw and cheekbone operations are among the most popular
aesthetic operations today. Plump and prominent cheekbones and chin tips
provide people with sharper and aesthetic facial features, making them younger
and more attractive. Various methods are used to clarify the chin and
cheekbones. These are usually surgically placed facial prostheses and
implants, fat injections where fat taken from different parts of the body are
applied, temporary dermal fillers and suspension methods. Choosing the
most appropriate method for the person is decided by the physician depending on
the needs.

Leg Aesthetic Operations

Slim and beautiful legs have had an important place in the definitions of beauty
since ancient times. Losing aesthetic appearance due to sagging,
protrusions, curvatures, distortions, etc. in the legs creates negative effects
for people. It is possible to overcome these aesthetic deficiencies with
leg aesthetic applications. Fat injections, thigh lift operations, knee
aesthetic operations and prostheses applied to thin legs can be counted among
leg aesthetic applications.

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