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(Root Canal Treatment)

Root canal treatment is applied to the root of the teeth and used to save teeth with
damaged pulp by reasons such as caries, inflammation, or trauma. With this
treatment, microorganisms that cause caries or inflammation and dental pulp are
cleaned with special tools and the tooth is made functional again. Root canal
treatment can sometimes be performed in one session, mostly completed in two,
and in some special cases (cyst treatment, severely inflamed teeth, old canal
treatment), numer of sessions may increase depending on the physician’s
decision. A successful root canal treatment means that the infected tooth is
saved and can be used for many years. In root canal treatment, the inflamed
vein and nerve tissue in the dental pulp is removed and a filling material is
placed. Success chance is as high as 99% in canal treatments performed under
appropriate conditions and using necessary devices and x-ray techniques, paying
attention to sterilization. After root canal treatment, the tooth is no longer
sensitive to pain, heat, or cold. If the teeth are not well cared for, they may
decay again.

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