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Sleep apnea

Why Do We Need To Sleep?

Sleep is not only a part of time outside of daily life, it is a ‘vital
necessity’, which is the basis of a healthy and long life where the body renews
itself. Inadequate sleep causes people to feel tired, exhausted and sleepy
throughout the day. The quality of your work, your ability to concentrate,
and your interactions with people may be affected.

How Much Sleep Do We Need?

The need for sleep varies from person to person. Just as there are people
who wake up with 4-5 hours of sleep and stay fit all day long, there are people
who need sleep even after eight hours of sleep. Although the duration of
sleep varies from person to person, generally eight hours of sleep is
sufficient for a healthy person.

What is the Main Measure of Good Sleep?

It means waking up vigorously in the morning and feeling fresh during the day.

What are the Symptoms of Sleep Apnea?

It is difficult for the patient to notice the symptoms of sleep apnea, which
can cause vital health problems. The patient is usually aware of abnormal
sleep situations when his wife or relatives notice.

Irregular Breathing

The most important symptoms of sleep apnea are sudden breathing pauses, very
loud snoring and sighing during night sleep. These breathing
irregularities are different from the soft, mild snoring that many of us
experience from time to time. While this type of snoring mostly occurs
during supine sleep, apnea type snoring can occur in any position. In
apnea type snoring, the patient tries to sleep uncomfortably with hand and arm

Stopped Breathing During Sleep

Some respiratory irregularities can be seen in almost everyone during falling
asleep, waking up, or dreaming. In patients with sleep apnea, frequently
repeated long-term breathing pauses are observed. In cases with apnea,
breathing pauses starting from 10 seconds can last for more than a
minute. It is inevitable that sleep and oxygen deficiency will cause major
problems in people who struggle to suffocate with breathing pauses of up to one
minute, which repeat 20 or even 100 times an hour during their sleep.
Although it is thought that a person with some of the aforementioned symptoms
may have sleep apnea, there are many different sleep disorder diseases that
cause similar complaints. In order to definitively diagnose sleep apnea
and measure its severity, examinations called “polygraphic
examination” should be done in sleep laboratories. “Polygraphic
examination”, in which many parameters are recorded during sleep, is a
modern laboratory method that provides the most reliable information about the
activities of the brain regions, the structure of sleep and sleep disorders.
With this method, respiratory movements, sleep oxygenation, heart rhythm and
ECG are recorded and their effects on body functions are examined.

Who needs treatment?

The information obtained after sleep tests is evaluated and it is decided
whether sleep apnea really requires treatment. During daily activities,
especially during driving, if there are situations that may lead to sleepiness
and work accidents, if heart failure associated with sleep apnea or very large
decreases in oxygen saturation are detected, treatment should be started
immediately. In addition, treatment is also required in people who are
extremely tired, have extremely high blood pressure due to sleep apnea, have
irregular heartbeats, or have an apnea count above 40 per hour.


After the diagnosis of sleep apnea, the patient should be checked by an
Ear-Nose-Throat specialist. If there are anatomical defects related to the
subject, they should be corrected. There is no surgical or medical
treatment for sleep apnea. The most effective treatment of sleep apnea is
done using the CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure) device. The
purpose of using this device is to keep the upper airways open during sleep by
applying continuous air pressure to the patient. The CPAP device consists
of a soft silicone mask placed on the patient’s nose and a hose that connects
it to the device. The positive effect of the device is seen within a few
days. Symptoms such as fatigue and sleepiness disappear; The daily
activity and vitality of the patient increases, snoring stops. Increasing
dynamism enables fat patients to lose weight and reach a healthy weight.
Sleep Apnea Treated If the following problem Sparks can
Irregularly-shaped heartbeat
-Heart growth
-Heart attack increased risk
-High blood pressure
-Over fatigue and daytime sleepiness
-Traffic accidents (steering sleep arrive)
-Sexual desire decreased, impotence
can not be -control fat (weak, sleep apnea can also be seen in people with
normal weight)
-Sweating during sleep , frequent urination -Extreme
irritability, depression, loss of vitality
-Death in sleep

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