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Hand and Micro Surgery Center

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We provide professional support in hand and micro surgery center.


Hand and Micro Surgery Center

Hand surgery is a branch of surgery related to the part of our body starting from
the shoulder to the fingertip, called the upper extremity. Many problems
that concern the upper extremity and require surgical treatment, especially the
treatment of hand injuries due to trauma and various accidents, are covered by
hand surgery.

In the Kolan Hospital Group Hand Surgery Department, all problems in the
hand and arm area in adults are diagnosed and emergency or planned surgical
treatments are performed.

In the Hand Surgery department, all fractures and dislocations of the hand
and arm region and related complications such as malunion, nonunion and joint
deterioration are intervened.

Diseases and treatments served in the Hand Surgery Department;

Open wounds in the hand and arm area

Vein, nerve, tendon injuries

Tissue losses



The operation of very small structures that are difficult to see with the
naked eye by using the magnifying effect of the special surgical microscope and
using very fine instruments is called microsurgery. Thanks to this
technique, in Kolan Hospital Group Microsurgery Department, vessels and nerves
smaller than 1mm in diameter can be operated using needles and threads that are
barely visible to the naked eye.

Thus, organs such as the severed hand, arm, foot, leg can be replaced, and
by repairing very thin nerve fibers, the replaced limb can feel and move again.

In addition, free tissue transplants can be performed thanks to the
microsurgical technique. Thus, since the tissues are transplanted together
with their vessels and nerves, they preserve their vitality and functions, and
excellent results can be obtained. 

Treatment of possible injuries to our hands, which are one of the most
important organs in our body; The hospital that will provide the same
quality service 24 hours a day requires a team equipped with hand surgery and
microsurgery experience.

Diseases and treatments served in the Micro Surgery Department;

Stitching of partially or completely severed limbs caused by work, traffic and home

Repair of tendon, fiber, muscle injuries

Repair of vascular and nerve injuries

Surgical repair of bone fractures and cracks

Joint dislocations, fracture-dislocations, treatment of old fractures

Nerve compression treatment

Trigger finger (Restricted movement and stuck) treatment

Surgical procedures for tumoral masses and cysts

Treatment of congenital movement and deformities (finger adhesion, excess fingers)

Treatment of movement and deformity due to rheumatic diseases

Treatment of movement and deformities after stroke

Treatment of movement and deformities (stiffness and tension) remaining after burns

Treatment of pain related to tendon, fiber and muscle problems

Sports injuries and treatment of injuries

Treatment of acute and chronic problems related to occupational accidents and diseases

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