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Breast health center

Around two million women around the world are diagnosed with breast cancer each
year. In Turkey, breast cancer, affecting the lives of thousands of women
each year is one of 20 female cancers. Breast cancer, which constitutes
25% of cancers in women and 12% of all cancers, now frequently occurs in the
30s. The disease, which was detected in every 12-14 women in the past, is
now found in one out of eight women.

Breast cancer is a treatable disease when detected at an early stage, as is the
case with many types of cancer. The purpose of the treatment of breast
cancer is to diagnose the cancer as a small mass in the breast before it
spreads through the blood and lymph. Treatment is entirely possible in
patients at this stage.

The stage of the disease determines the treatment method in breast
cancer. In surgery, which is the primary and most important treatment of
the disease, breast conserving methods are now coming to the forefront, in
cases caught at an early stage, without breast loss, precautions can be taken
by detecting the spread in advance with advanced techniques, and the tumor can
be directly intervened. Although it is necessary to remove the breast with
surgery in the advanced stage, breast reconstruction (a new breast) is
performed with plastic surgery techniques. Looking at the history of
breast cancer treatment, compared to the past, modern surgical methods aimed at
preserving the body integrity of the individual have been developed. Especially
with the advances in plastic and reconstructive surgery and the cooperation of
oncology and general surgery teams, patient satisfaction is maximized even in
the most difficult tumors.

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