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Eye diseases

Eye Health and Diseases

Nowadays, the workload of our eyes, which we already use
extensively, has increased with the fact that computers and other screened
devices are increasingly taking up space in our lives. In addition, air
conditioners such as air conditioning and heating systems, which are now more
frequently used in the environment where people are present, put more strain on
our eyes. All these developments lead to an increase in the frequency of
less common eye diseases or to the emergence of previously undescribed

Regular eye examinations are beneficial not only for the
early diagnosis of these diseases but also for the early diagnosis of other
systemic diseases. For example, detecting a brain tumor that has not yet
manifested symptoms during a routine eye examination and ensuring early
treatment can be life-saving. In addition, regular eye examination ensures
that eye diseases that do not cause any symptoms such as eye pressure are
detected early and treated in the best way. The purpose of this content is
to emphasize the importance of annual eye examination and to provide information
about some common eye diseases.

Eye Diseases Treated in Our Hospital;

Eye Examination in Children

Eye Disease Related to Diabetes and Hypertension

Eye Pressure (Glaucoma)

Yellow Spot Disease (Macular Degeneration)

Cataract Surgery (Smart Lens Applications)

Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Strabismus Treatment

Glaucoma Surgery

Tear Canal Treatment (DSR Surgery)

Keratoconus Treatment



Driving License and Employment Examinations


Corneal Transplant

Rop Inspection

Eye Prosthesis




Schirmer Test

Eye Examination in Children

The visual acuity of a newborn child is around 10% and
reaches adult levels around the age of 3. In this process, in order for
eye development to be smooth, the structure of the eye must be normal and there
should not be any refractive errors. Otherwise, the child develops
amblyopia and the treatment of this condition becomes difficult with the
advancing age. It is very difficult for parents to detect a possible lazy
eye. Therefore, all children should be examined by an ophthalmologist
until the age of 3 at the latest, if they have no complaints.

Diabetes-Related Eye Disease

Diabetes can cause permanent damage to our eyes as well
as our entire body. These damages are usually in the form of fluid
accumulation in the visual center or bleeding in the main part of the eye
responsible for vision, which we call the retina layer. It is vital that
these disorders are detected and treated early. Diabetes-related disorders
can occur many years after diagnosis, or they can be found during diagnosis. Therefore,
patients diagnosed with diabetes should have a fundus examination as soon as
possible and repeat this examination once a year.

Eye Pressure (Glaucoma)

Glaucoma is an insidious disease. Most of the time,
it does not cause a complaint, and the diagnosis is made only with the
suspicion of the doctor in people who apply to the ophthalmologist for another
complaint or for routine examination. This is one of the most emphasized
issues by ophthalmologists because it is not possible to treat the damage that
occurs. Our aim is to diagnose and stop the progression of the disease as
early as possible. People with eye pressure in their family are especially
at risk and it is recommended to have their eye pressure measured once a year. It
would be wise for people who do not have eye pressure in their family to have
their eye pressure measured once a year or every two years after the age of 40.

Yellow Spot Disease (Macular Degeneration)

With the advancement of our age, some changes occur in
the retina layer of our eyes. Most of the time, this situation does not
affect vision and basically it is no different from the whitening of our hair. However,
in some people, this process progresses differently and becomes a disease. Patients
are usually over 55 years old. First of all, they start to have difficulty
recognizing faces and reading books even with close glasses. The disease
is divided into dry and wet types. Dry type progression is slower and
vitamins specially prepared for eye health are used in the treatment. In
the wet type, an injection is applied into the eye. Since the disease
shows a genetic predisposition, it is recommended that relatives aged 55 and
over should have an eye examination. Smoking is the worst enemy of the
disease, and patients and their relatives are strongly advised not to smoke.


Cataract is the loss of the transparent structure of the
intraocular lens, which is in our eye and allows us to see, causing a decrease
in vision. It is generally a disease of advanced age, but it can also be
seen in young people. The only treatment method is to take the intraocular
lens with surgery and place an artificial lens instead. The artificial
lens to be placed can be of a distance-only type or of a type that points both
distance and near. The surgery is performed under local anesthesia without
putting the patient to sleep and does not require a hospital stay. The eye
remains closed for a day, and the patient can resume his normal life after 3-4

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