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We provide professional support in FAT INJECTION.




It is the process of transferring the fat harvested from the body parts where the fat deposition is intense, such as abdomen or thighs, to the required areas after being subjected to special processes. It can be performed under local anesthesia if the transfer will be applied in small amounts and if it is to be taken from a single area. If it is necessary to take larger amounts of fat from more than one area, it is more appropriate to apply sedation or general anesthesia. Since approximately 50% of the given amount will melt, transferring more and intermittently repeating the procedure will provide better results. Areas of application:

Facial Area

It is used to re-inflate regions of the face (such as cheeks and cheekbones) which has lost volume due to aging (or trauma). It is also beneficial for thickening lips and removing fine lines on lips. It is also suitable for enhancing facial features, like clarifying the chin tip, correcting permanent wrinkles between the two eyebrows or on the lip.

Breast Augmentation

Where the breasts are smaller than normal, fat is injected as an alternative to breast augmentation with conventional silicone prostheses.

Hip Aesthetics

Some people may have structural abnormalities on their hips. These can be corrected by fat injection in order to improve the volume and refine roundness and contour leading to a more aesthetic appearance of the hips.

Leg Aesthetics

In some people, the legs may be thin, which may make it appear like a bowleg. This appearance can be corrected by fat injection.


Some people may have very thin ankles, and they can be adjusted to other parts of the leg through fat injection.

Genital Aesthetics

Sometimes the upper part of the clitoris or large lips may lose volume. In such cases, it can be removed by fat injection.

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