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What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational therapy, It is a therapy
and rehabilitation program that aims to increase the quality of life by
enabling individuals to gain independence and life roles in their daily lives,
occupations and activities. Physically disabled and mentally ill people gain
self-confidence by improving their abilities impaired due to illness with
occupational therapy. The main purpose of occupational therapy is to enable
people to participate in daily life activities.


Occupational therapists achieve this
goal by developing the skills of individuals and communities to do the
activities they want, need, or are expected of them, or by organizing the
activity or the environment in a way that enables people to participate better.
For this reason, occupational therapy focuses on increasing the competence of
individuals by organizing the person, activity, environment or some or all of
these to increase social participation. For example; The methods of transition
from bed to wheelchair of the patient, cutlery with changed handles for people
who do not have hand grip, correct posture movement habits to prevent waist and
neck health and occupational injuries at work are included in the occupational
therapy work area. occupational therapy; takes into account the psychological,
physical, emotional and cognitive aspects of the person. It aims to direct
disabled individuals to work, to receive vocational training and to be more
successful in their workplaces.

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