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Conservative Dental
Treatment (Filling Applications)

These applications aim to treat the caries that occur in the outer layers of the
tooth such as enamel or dentine in the early period to prevent the progression
of the caries and to protect the vitality of the tooth. Tooth material losses
are treated with aesthetic, functional, and compatible filling of the oral

The area of application, the chewing forces effective in this area, the patient’s
aesthetic expectations, and the amount of material loss are of great importance
in choosing the type of filling.

Filling Types

1. Amalgam Fillings (Metal Fillings)

These have been the most preferred filling materials for years with their durability
and economic nature. Today, due increasing aesthetic demands, rumors about the
effects of mercury contained in amalgam on human health, and adhesive systems
(tooth-colored fillings), this material is gradually being abandoned. Also,
some individuals may have an allergic reaction to the materials contained in
amalgam. In fact, the amount of mercury released in the mouth as a result of
chewing and grinding is much smaller than the amount taken in water, air, and
food. Scientific studies have concluded that mercury is harmless. The amalgam
mixture is piled into the cavity prepared by the dentist and the filling
hardens in a few hours. The area of amalgam filling should not be used at for at
least an hour and care should be taken not to chew hard things in that area in
the next 24 hours. After 24 hours, patients should be given a second
appointment for polishing. Polishing will reduce corrosion and ensure a smooth
surface. As in any filling application, there may be sensitivity to hot-cold
for a short time after amalgam fillings.


2. Composite Resins (Tooth-Colored Fillings, Aesthetic Fillings, Adhesive Systems):

These are tooth-colored restorations that are particularly preferred in cases where
aesthetics is the priority.  Composite fillings are placed in the prepared
cavity, layer by layer, each layer being hardened with a special light. When
this is done, composite fillings are shaped and corrected according to the

Composites can be used not only to restore caries, but also for their cosmetic effects by
changing the color and shape of teeth. After treatment, the patient can use
their teeth normally.

3. Inlays and Onlays:

Root canal treatment is a partial crown prosthesis that restores the material loss
due to factors such as caries and trauma, to complement only the missing parts
of the tooth, or in simpler terms, a filling prepared from gold, various
alloys, composite, or porcelain, in the laboratory.

In inlays and onlays, as in laminate veneers, the solid part of the tooth is
protected in its natural state. Besides, when a large number of fillings are
required, after dental preparation and measurement, the porcelain fillings
prepared in the laboratory are placed in the second session, saving time.
Similarly, preparing the restorations in the laboratory and not in the mouth
like in classical fillings ensures perfect harmony. 

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