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Implants are the artificial tooth roots inserted into the jaw bone with a surgical operation in order to provide the function and aesthetics of the missing teeth again.

All implants are carried out successfully under local or general anesthesia in case of single or multiple missing teeth.

depending on the patient’s bone density, implants are united to the bone which they are applied approximately in 2 to 6 months. At the end of this process, mobile or fixed prosthesis is applied on the implant. While it gains function and aesthetics, implants also prevents bone loss associated with the lack of teeth, enables the continuity of form and structure of the jaws.

All individuals whose general state of health is well can be performed implant .Proper planning, the presence of sterile surgical conditions and oral hygiene care increase the success of treatment.

Benefits of implanttreatment

• Patients who has lost their teeth, does not have to sacrifice other teeth around for the dental restoration

• Implants are extremely durable

• Appearance and use of the implant is very comfortable. Their presence is not even felt in your mouth.

• Implants are durable and aesthetic solutions.

• Maintenance and cleaning of the implant is easy.

• Implants does not create bad breath.

• Since the implants fill out the location of the missing tooth securely they offer eating everything comfortably, chew better and thus better intimidation.

Optimal implant treatment options are available for the patients intervened by the expert academic staff.

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Dentistry – Oral Surgery

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Medipol University Dental Hospital has professionals in all departments related to dental, experienced academic staff and senior technological equipment.

Diagnosis and treatments of aesthetic dentistry (teeth whitening, smile aesthetics, zirconium applications, porcelain laminate etc.), Dental treatment (root canal treatment, the beam fillings, porcelain inlays applications etc.), Prosthetics (precision associated denture, laser engraved ceramic prostheses), maxillofacial surgery (surgical procedures in the mouth under local and general anesthesia, dental implants, jaw joint problems, etc.), orthodontics (child and adult orthodontics, aesthetic and lingual bracket clearance), periodontics (gum disease diagnosis and treatment, gingival esthetics) are successfully applied at Medipol University Dental Hospital.

Departments of medipol university dental hospital

• Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

• Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology

• Dental Diseases andTreatment

• Endodontics

• Implantology

• Orthodontics

• Pediatric Dentistry

• Periodontology

• Prosthodontics

All dental treatments are performed successfully under general anesthesia and sedation at Medipol University Dental Hospital. Anesthesia and sedation are commonly preferred and performed in customized operating room environment by expert academic staff of Medipol University Dental Hospital especially for people with the fear of the dentist or dental treatment, in children having cooperation difficulty, patients with disabilities, mentally disabled patients, long-term operations, major surgeries

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Medipol University Hospital, being the justifiably proud of Medipol Education and Health Group in Turkey and in the world, resulting in this spirit, is a health complex having JCI standards accepting patients from all over the world.

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Medipol University Hospital is the Turkey’s largest private health investment as a university hospital incorporating General, Cardiovascular Surgery, Oncology and Dental hospitals, Medipol University Hospital attracts attention with its modern architecture intelligent building technology and advanced medical equipment and bears the distinction of being one of Turkey’s best hospitals with a new generation of technology. Medipol University Hospital, is a new reference center in the health sector in both national and international arenas.