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Cardiovascular surgery (kvc)

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We provide professional support in  cardiovascular surgery (kvc).


Cardiovascular surgery (kvc)

In the Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, all
cardiovascular diseases in adult and pediatric patients can be successfully
operated. Bypass surgeries, heart valve surgeries and aorta surgery are
successfully performed with our team of specialized doctors and nurses. Equipped
with an experienced cardiac anesthesia team and all kinds of advanced life
support devices, the KVC intensive care unit increases the success rates of

Diseases and treatments
served in the Cardiovascular Surgery Department;


It is a decrease in the contraction force of the heart due to
the inflammatory condition of the heart muscle (myocarditis) that occurs as a
result of various infectious factors.


Raynaud Phenomenon

This disease, the most common and most common symptom of
which is cold hands and feet, can be confused with extreme sensitivity to cold. For
this reason, it is important to perform a very detailed vascular examination.


Dilated Cardiomyopathy

The reason is the structural disorder of the heart muscles. The
heart muscle grows and expands and cannot return to its old form. For this
reason, heart failure occurs.


Arterial Diseases and Treatments

Arterial diseases are generally divided into two groups as
occlusive (sclerotic) and dilating (aneurysmatic).


Occlusive (sclerotic) Vascular Diseases

Vascular Stiffness

It is commonly seen in individuals who smoke, have a fatty
diet, are overweight or have diabetes. It usually occurs after the 40s.


It is the breaking of the clot from where it formed and
blocking the end veins. It often occurs in the form of rupture of the clot
formed in the heart chambers due to heart rhythm disorders and valvular
diseases and occlusion of the arteries. After the clot breaks off from the
heart, it can involve the entire vascular network. The patient’s
complaints vary according to the affected area. With the involvement of
the cerebral vessels, embolism, abdominal pain and intestinal diseases may
occur with the retention of the vessels feeding the internal organs.

Carotid Disease

It is a disease of the main artery to the brain. As a
result of carotid stenosis and occlusion, impairment / loss of brain functions
and temporary / permanent paralysis may occur.

Aneurysmatic Vascular

Aortic aneurysm is the enlargement of the main artery of the body at a
rate of 50% or more. (bubble up).


Vein (vein) Diseases and Treatments

The blood in the tissues returns to the heart via the veins
(veins). There is no pumping power that provides this blood flow opposite
to gravity. While breathing and using leg muscles (walking and exercising)
accelerate this turn, standing still or sitting constantly makes the movement
of blood in the vein difficult. The valves in the veins prevent the blood
from escaping backwards and ensure that the flow direction is only towards the

There are two main
diseases of the veins.

Valve insufficiency (Varicose veins and chronic venous

2 intravascular blood coagulation.


Varicose veins

The enlargement and / or curved shape of the superficial
veins due to valve insufficiency is called varicose. If you stand for a
long time, a feeling of pain and pressure occurs in the varicose leg. These
complaints regress following the lifting of the leg. Other symptoms of the
disease; feeling of heaviness, itching, cramps and edema (swelling) in the
ankles. Color changes and ulcer (open wound) around the ankle may occur in
untreated patients with severe valve insufficiency.

Varicose veins are 3 times more common in women than in men. Advanced
age, pregnancy, standing for a long time, obesity and family history are risk
factors for the disease.

Medical interventional methods such as classical surgery,
Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA), Endovenous Radiofrequency (RF) Ablation and
Mechanical Ablation as well as Foam Sclerotherapy, Transdermal Laser Treatment

Aesthetic procedures such as Transdermal Radiofrequency
treatment are also applied.

Intravascular Blood Coagulation

Thrombophlebitis the
veins in the leg are divided into deep and superficial. Coagulation
may occur within the vessels at both levels due to various reasons. As a
result of the coagulation in the superficial veins, redness and pain occur on
the skin. This disease, called thrombophlebitis, can be cured with

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

occurrence of clotting in deep veins is called deep vein thrombosis
(DVT). This picture, which is accompanied by pain and increased diameter
in the leg, is much more serious. There is a risk that the clot formed may
break off and escape to the heart and from there to the lungs. As a
result, the patient may be life-threatening. Early diagnosis and treatment
of deep vein thrombosis is very important for the quality of the patient’s
future life. In late cases, the increase in diameter of the leg may become


Lymph Vessel Diseases and Treatments

Lymph vessels carry the lymph fluid between the tissues and
ensure its participation in the blood circulation. After poor foot hygiene
and fungal infections in the feet and nails, lymphangitis occurs as a result of
the bacteria penetrating under the skin and spreading. High fever and
redness in the leg are the most important symptoms.


Coronary Artery Bypass Surgeries

The vessels that carry oxygen and nutrients to the heart
muscle are called coronary arteries. Cigarette smoking, diabetes
(diabetes), overweight, stress and atherosclerosis due to genetic effects cause
stenosis in the coronary vessels and negatively affect the functioning of the
heart muscle. The first symptom of this clinical picture called Coronary
Artery Disease is usually chest pain. While this pain initially occurs due
to effort (walking, running, climbing stairs and climbing uphill), it also
begins to occur at rest in the later stages of the disease. In case of
complete occlusion of the coronary artery, a life-threatening clinical picture
called heart attack (myocardial infarction) occurs. As a result of a heart
attack, a certain part of the heart muscle is permanently damaged. The
patient lives the rest of his life, shortness of breath due to reduced pump
power of the heart, may have to continue with complaints like weakness For
this reason, it should not be forgotten that people with exertional chest pain
and at risk of developing atherosclerosis will be protected from a future heart
attack and live a longer and healthier life if they consult a cardiologist


Heart Valve Surgery

The 4 valves in the human heart may deteriorate due to
congenital or acquired causes, and as a result, structural and functional
damage may occur in the heart. In untreated patients, this damage can
become irreversible. The most common causes of subsequent heart valve
diseases are febrile joint rheumatism in childhood, valvular damage due to
aging, and structural and functional changes in the heart due to coronary
artery disease / myocardial infarction. Heart valve diseases, which occur
with complaints of shortness of breath, fatigue and palpitations, can affect
all age groups.

In our department, all heart valve replacement (replacement) and repair
surgeries are performed with world-class success rates. In addition,
intervention to 2 or 3 valves in the same session and additional coronary
bypass operation are among our frequent operations.


Surgical Treatment of Aortic Vascular Diseases

The main artery coming out of the heart is called the aorta. The
main diseases of this vessel are dissection and aneurysms. (vascular
enlargement) The inner and outer layers can be separated from each other by the
sudden filling of blood in a tear in the inner layer of the vein that does not
open to the outside. This separation, called dissection, can start from
the exit of the heart and extend to the feet. The most obvious complaint
in these patients is a sudden, severe and very painful predatory pain that hits
the chest and / or back. Due to its weak structure, the outer layer of the
aortic vessel ruptures in a short time, unable to withstand the pressure of the
blood filling it. The death of these patients is inevitable if they are
not operated within 48 hours.

All surgeries for aortic vascular diseases that require urgent intervention are
successfully performed by our expert cardiac surgeons.


Adult Congenital Heart Diseases

Congenital heart diseases called ASD (hole between the
auricles of the heart) and VSD (hole between the heart’s ventricles) are
usually detected and treated in childhood. Sometimes these two ailments
may not be noticed until adulthood. ASD and VSD, which cause excessive
blood pumping to the lungs, can cause irreversible damage to the lungs after
the age of 45-50. It is of great importance that patients are identified
and treated before this period.

The operations of these diseases, which are diagnosed by
experienced cardiologists, are successfully performed in our Cardiovascular
Surgery Department.


Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery

Nowadays, performing a heart surgery with well-known results
using special equipment, through a smaller incision or without using a
heart-lung machine, allows the patient to recover faster, feel less pain and
participate in his daily life earlier. In eligible patients in our clinic,
valve and ASD closure operations are successfully performed through an
approximately 10 cm incision made under the arm or breast.


Atrial Fibrillation Surgery

Atrial fibrillation (AF) is a common arrhythmia that affects
0.4% of the general population, and over 65 years of age this rate rises to
10%. 60% of patients who will undergo mitral valve surgery and 5% of those
who will undergo coronary bypass surgery are in AF rhythm. Treatment of
atrial fibrillation during heart surgery significantly increases the patient’s
benefit from surgery and his / her functional capacity in later life. Both
Radiofrequency Ablation (hot application) and Cryo Ablation (cold application)
methods are successfully applied in our clinic in AF surgery.

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