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General anesthesia is a condition of loss of consciousness in
the operating room environment and controlled by an anesthesiologist under the
influence of given drugs. He difference between the sedation technique
and this is the patient is semi-consciousness in sedation.



General Anesthesia in Dental Treatment

of our disabled patients (especially mentally disabled) and patients with fear
of dentist are performed under local anesthesia or sedation in the fully
fledged operating room of Dentadent Bakırköy Oral and Dental Health Hospital
without any problem by specialists. With the recent advances in medicine, side
effects of general anesthesia are minimized. The patients can get rid of the
anesthetic agents in a very short time.

What are the advantages of general
anesthesia in oral and dental treatments?


  • Since all procedures are performed in one session, the family and child
    could easily manage the treatment course.


  • The risk of sudden movement related injury caused by especially young
    children during the treatment is prevented.



  • Since it provides a controlled working area, all steps of the treatment are


You can get
detailed information on oral, dental and maxillofacial surgery by contacting
Dentadent Bakırköy Oral and Dental Health Hospital, and make your decision for
a safe operation in our fully fledged operating room.

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Dentadent Oral and Dental Health Hospital (ODHH)

Dentadent was first established in İstanbul Bakırköy by Op. Dr. Namık Kemal Ayhan in 1995, In 2013, the company was settled in its new building as Oral and Dental Health Hospital. Dentadent is the first and only ODHH of Bakırköy, is settled in a 1.300 m² close area designed by modern technological instruments, and give service at every branch of oral and dental health.

Dentadent Oral and Dental Health Hospital has 18 treatment rooms, an operating room, patient observation room, an imaging room and a children play room, and gives service at the following branches:

  • Oral, Dental and Maxillofacial Surgery

  • Oral Implantology

  • Ortodontics

  • Endodontics (Root Canal Treatment)

  • General Anesthesia/ Operating Room

  • Oral Diagnosis / Radiology

  • Esthetic Dentistry

  • Pedodontics (Children Dentistry)

  • Prosthesis

  • Konservative and Restorative Dentistry

  • Sedation

  • Periodontology (Gingival Diseases)

  • T.M.E. (Temporomandibular joint diseases)

Dentadent has been acting for 23 years in one of the most crowded districts of the European side of İstanbul, Bakırköy; you can easily access the hospital by metro, train, seabus, bus or other devices.