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Heart and vascular health

Cardiovascular diseases are among the most common
diseases in the society. Thanks to the developing technology, the
diagnosis and treatment of heart diseases can be done without endangering human
life and without harming vital organs.

Our Hospital Cardiology Department; offers
outpatient, coronary intensive care and inpatient treatment in the fields of
coronary artery disease, hypertension, heart failure, permanent and temporary
pacemaker implantation and control, heart rhythm disorders and valvular
diseases. In our cardiology department, cardiology doctors and angio team
provide 24/7 service in emergency response to heart attacks (Primary PTCA).

What Are Heart Health Services?

examination and check-up
• Emergency intervention with 24-hour angio method in heart attack (Primary
• Multislice (multi-slice) cardiac tomography examination (Calcium score
analysis and measurement of stenosis of all body vessels) (DSA Virtual
• Echocardiography
• Stress ECG (stress ECG test)
• Rhythm and tension holter
• Temporary and permanent pacemaker implantation
• Stent applications
• Coronary angiography
• Right-left heart catheterization
• Coronary balloon stent applications
• Balloon Valvuloplasties
• Electrophysiological examinations (Cardiac arrhythmia diagnosis and
• Peripheral balloon and stent applications
• Hand Angio and stent at the ankle
What is a Heart Attack? What
are the Symptoms?

Heart attack (myocardial infarction) is the loss
of function of the heart by not getting enough oxygen.

• Chest pain, shortness of breath, sweating and
nausea, pain in the left arm, back and stomach area are among the most
important symptoms of a heart attack. However, we should not forget the
fact that crises can develop without any symptoms. Pain, which is a symptom
of a Heart Attack, increases with movement, decreases while resting, but does
not go away. Although the pain lasts for more than half an hour, cold
sweating and nausea and shortness of breath occur.

What Should You Do If You Think You Have A Heart Attack?
If you are faced with the symptoms of a Heart
Attack, you should immediately sit down, rest, and definitely not move. Because
movement will increase your heart’s demand for oxygen. You should
immediately seek help from the healthcare teams by getting help from your
environment or by reaching a health institution with your phone.

What Are The Situations That Present Risk For Heart Diseases?

Irregular blood lipids (cholesterol,

Diabetes Disease


Being over the age of 65

It is possible to eliminate the factors that
negatively affect your heart health. For example, you can start protecting
your heart health by quitting smoking. By following the advice given by
your doctor, you can protect your health by using your lipid and diabetes
medications regularly and by exercising regularly every day.

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Doğan Hospital

Doğan Hospital has carried out activities as one of the first private hospitals of İstanbul with the aim of providing reliable and ethical health services since 1990.
Our founders Dr Doğan BİRGÜL and Dr İsmet BİRGÜL, started their medical careers as ınternal diseases and pediatric specialists by opening their own medical clinic in 1978. Opening their polyclinic in 1980, they continued providing service. DOĞAN HASTANESİ, started providing service in 1990, with an opening ceremony leaded by our late President Turgut ÖZAL. The hospital expanded its service range by commissioning out 2nd Block with the participation of TRNC’s late President Rauf DENKTAŞ. Thanks to your h2port, Doğan Hospital has turned from a small clinic into a health group, which is a reference point in health sector.

Doğan Health Group has been providing service abiding by the principles of Hippocratic oath, deontology and ethical values since the first day thanks to its senior management, which consists of its doctors. Our management approach is based on the 40 year experience of our founders and synergy created by the management mentality of our next generation managers.

Doğan Hospital is one of the first hositals to receive ISO 9000 quality management system certificate in 2003. Improving its service quality by means of technological investments made annually, Doğan Hospital was entitled to be under “A Group”hospital category in the categorisation made by the Ministry of Health.

Doğan Hospital, Doğan Medical Center, Doğan Imaging Center, Doğan Aviation Medical Center provide service under the roof of Doğan Health Group.

Providing periodical pilotage examination services since 2001, our hospital became one of the few hospitals entitled to conduct pilotage examination by establishing Acviation Medical Center in 2004.
Doğan Health Group provides boutique health service with 8.000 m&h22; closed area, patient-centered approach, distinguished and experienced physician staff and health team.
Being Located on E-5 highway, near Atatürk Airport (3.5 km) and having easy access from everywhere by means of metrobus and railway is one of our advantages.

Doğan Hospital provides a high-quality and reliable health care to our valuable patients by making a difference in health field with an experience of 25 years. As Doğan Hospital, we take pride in celebrating our 25th anniversary thanks to our patients’ h2port and their kindness towards our hospital.

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