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What is neurology?

Neurology is a branch of medical science that examines
diseases of the brain, brainstem, spinal cord and peripheral nervous system in
general, and includes treatment practices other than diagnosis and
surgery. Neurology has ceased to be a closed and limited branch in
time; Epilepsy is divided into sub-disciplines that require specialization
such as movement disorders, cerebrovascular diseases, dementia, and sleep
disorders.In addition, while it was dealt with with mental diseases in the 19th
century, psychiatry was divided into a separate branch from the 20th
century. In addition to a serious laboratory background in all these
areas, it is seen that a multidisciplinary relationship with many other medical
fields has become permanent.

Neurological diagnostic methods in our hospital




Electroencephalography (EEG)

It is a method that allows normal and abnormal electrical
activities originating from brain cells to be recorded on the scalp (sometimes
directly over the brain).

It is used for diagnosis and treatment planning in conditions
that can change many brain electricity such as epilepsy, coma, consciousness
disorders, forgetfulness, sleep disorders.

Electroneuromyography (EMG)

It is an examination method in which the health status of
these structures is evaluated by measuring the electrical properties of the
motor cell, motor nerve fibers coming from here, the posterior stem sensory
cell, sensory nerve fibers and muscles.

EMG examination is done in two parts:

1) Measurement of the conduction of the nerves

2) Examination of the muscles

Both or only one of these may need to be done, depending
on the diagnosis considered. The EMG technician performs the measurement
of the nerve conduction as determined by the doctor or the doctor, and the
doctor performs the examination of the muscles. The duration of the
examination is between 15 minutes and 1.5 hours depending on the scope of the
planned operation.


Polysomnography is the name of the examination used in
the diagnosis of sleep disorders such as snoring, sleep apnea, periodic leg
movements during sleep, and measuring the patient’s brain waves, eye movements,
breathing activities, oxygen percentage in the blood and muscle activity during
the night sleep.

What is a headache?

Since headaches can sometimes be the first or even the
only sign of a serious illness, symptomatic treatment should only be done after
a careful examination and perhaps appropriate follow-up examinations. It
is not easy to explain the form of “pain”, which we call headache, partly due
to its aspects not fully clarified and partly due to the diversity of
etiological factors. Generally, pain sensitive structures in the head are
extra cranial. Among these structures; There are also partially
intracranial formations such as dura mater, venous sinuses, Dural arteries,
basic cerebra arteries, V, VII, IX and X. head pairs, first three cervical
spinal nerves covering the arteries and lower part of the brain. The first
condition for the correct and effective treatment of headache is a correct

What is a migraine?

It is one of the common neurological diseases that
progress with migraine attacks. In our country, it is observed with a rate
of 16.4% in the general population, 24.6% in women and 8.5% in men. It is
not fully understood how and from which part of the brain migraine pain begins,
it is thought to occur as a result of chemical changes in the brain blood
vessels and neurotransmission of the brain. In most patients, attacks
begin between the ages of 20-40. It is 3 times more common in women. The
likelihood of migraine is increased in a person who has a migraine in one of
his family members.

Sleep disorders, excessive noise, light, stress, hunger,
certain foods, menstruation (menstrual period), weather changes and hot climate
can trigger headaches. Migraine headache is a throbbing headache that is
usually located on one side of the head or felt more intense on one side. Headaches
usually begin suddenly, increase gradually, reach their highest point and resolve
slowly but completely. Attacks can range from 4 hours to 72 hours. During
attacks, complaints such as nausea, vomiting, being disturbed by normal light,
sound and smell accompany the headache. Headaches may worsen with physical
activity, exercise, sneezing or straining. Sleep provides relief from

What is peripheral neuropathy?

The peripheral nervous system is a network of nerves that
control all movements (motor nerves) and sensations (sensory nerves). This
neural network is connected to the central nervous system from the brainstem
and many points of the spinal cord. It is a network that can reach even
the most distant corners of the body.


Tingling sensation in hands and feet; numbness

Imbalance or impaired coordination;

Weakness and pain in hands and feet.

The peripheral nervous system provides communication between the brain and organs,
blood vessels, muscles and skin. The brain’s commands are transmitted by
motor nerves, and the necessary information comes back to the brain via sensory

Damage to one of the peripheral nerves affects the communication between the 0 region and
the brain. This can also cause muscle activation or pain along the
involved peripheral nerve. Peripheral neuropathy is the name given to
damage to the peripheral nerves without affecting the brain and spinal cord. In
minor injuries, an acute and burning pain is felt. In severe cases,
balance disorders, muscle weakness and even paralysis can be seen.

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