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Specialists provide services within the scope of obstetrics and gynecology. 


Gynecology and Obstetrics

There are dozens of types of diseases diagnosed within
the scope of gynecological diseases. These diseases are also defined by
many different names. While some are contagious, some are only ailments
that occur at the time of birth. In addition, there are also gynecological
diseases that show symptoms periodically and occur occasionally. Without
neglecting, an appointment should be made from the department of obstetrics and
gynecology. Early diagnosis is seen as the most important factor in the
treatment of diseases. Apart from this, it is extremely important to be
informed and to act consciously within the scope of obstetrics and
gynecology. Therefore, accurate and detailed information about both the
symptoms and the causes of these diseases should be obtained.

Painful regl disease

Menstrual period, which occurs at 28-day intervals, is a
periodic female disease. This is also called dysmenorrhea in the medical
literature. Compared to other patients, much more severe pain is
felt. It also indirectly causes sleep disorders and
depression. Bleeding is irregular in this condition. However, much more
severe bleeding may occur. Women who suffer from this condition should
make an appointment at the gynecology and gynecology department without wasting
time. In the examination, uterine secretions are examined. If it is
seen too much, the treatment process is entered. It is one of the most
common diseases. However, it is accepted as the direct cause of various
diseases. For this reason, it is absolutely necessary to be treated in
hospitals and health clinics.

Diabetes disease in pregnancy and its findings

Diabetes during pregnancy is on the list of the most
dangerous obstetrics and gynecology. In the last decade, its incidence has
increased both in Turkey and in the world. It can cause serious harm to
both the mother and the baby. For this reason, first of all, every
pregnant woman should have a pregnancy diabetes test. This test is done
free of charge in the department of obstetrics and gynecology. This
disease is also called gestational diabetes. Causes can be completely
physiological or genetic. It must be examined and treated after
diagnosis. Weight is also seen as one of the most important
reasons. Symptoms do not show up on the surface. Therefore, a
diagnosis can only be made after the diabetes risk test is performed. It
can be treated with insulin just like other diabetes mellitus. Insulin
used in the newly developed treatment stages has no harm to the baby. The
stages of the disease can be followed instantly by going to regular check-ups.

Polikistik over syndrome

It is another extremely rare female disease. It
appears as not having any menstruation. It is one of the diseases that
should not be neglected with many different symptoms. However, the causes
and symptoms of the disease can be determined under the control of
obstetricians. Generally, the type of hair loss seen in men can be seen in
women. Eating disorders are seen as both a cause and a symptom of this
disease. Diabetes is another condition that triggers polycystic ovary
syndrome. The risk of incidence in women with obesity is three times
higher than in others. Further progression of the disease can be stopped
with medications prescribed by specialist doctors. It can show its effects
as hypertension in some patients. Women who see at least one of these
symptoms should make an appointment with the relevant departments.

Infectious women’s diseases with hpv virus

Some diseases are spread by viruses and are
open to infectious effects. One of them is defined as HPV infection. It
is listed as an extremely risky and dangerous disease. It is sexually
transmitted. In some cases, cases of blood contamination have also been
observed. Its symptoms are quite diverse. Small warts can be located
on the vaginal area and lips. Severe infections also manifest themselves
in this area. After the first examinations, drugs are prescribed to reduce
the infection. He should use these drugs periodically and regularly. Subsequently,
when the drugs are finished, they should be examined again. It is
determined whether the virus causing the infection is HPV or another virus. Women
who feel burning in their urine should make an appointment with the relevant
departments without delay.

To make an appointment for women’s diseases

Patients can make an appointment to be examined within
the scope of obstetrics and gynecology. These appointments can be made
practically both by phone and internet. Gaps between appointment days and
hours can be evaluated. Apart from that, it is also possible to choose
among the desired specialist doctors. After the first examination, general
symptoms of gynecological diseases are examined. Subsequently, the
diagnosis is made and the treatment process begins. Treatments are usually
done with medication. In addition, surgical intervention is required in
some cyst cases. It is only possible to remove the cysts in the genital
area by surgery. However, it is also possible to treat benign cysts and
tumors with medication. With the technology-supported devices used in
hospitals, the treatment of these diseases is performed in a shorter
time. In any other case, the hospital should be contacted and examined
again. Apart from this, the prohibitions and warnings of the doctors for
whom appointments were made should be listened carefully. Even if the
effects of the diseases completely disappear, they should be checked at least
once a year.

Our Gynecology and Obstetrics Unit serves 24 hours
(including weekends and holidays).

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