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Aesthetics and beauty unit

Laser Hair Removal

It is used to prevent and remove unwanted hair growth on the body.

In our slimming unit in our Non- Surgical Slimming Clinic

A non-surgical slimming program is applied with a system that allows the
breakdown of fat cells in the abdomen, upper belly, waist, legs, arms and jowl
region and their removal from the body. Again, lymph-drainage can be
applied to eliminate the swelling that may occur after this application.


It is a drug obtained from a bacterium and used to relax the muscles. 
This substance is injected in small amounts to the facial muscles where there
are wrinkles. Thus, this muscle is caused to be paralyzed and wrinkles in that area are eliminated. 

Skin Care and Peeling Method – Laser Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Care; It can be used in vitamins such as Vitamin B5, VitaminC,
Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin A + E. The uncleaned skin is covered with dead cells
after a certain period of time. Dead cells that accumulate in the skin
cause the skin to thicken. For this reason, the oxygen-free skin looks
dull and diseased. For this reason, it is necessary to nourish the skin
with oxygen, not leave it dehydrated and regularly care.

Peeling is the process of mechanically peeling the skin. It regenerates,
refreshes and repairs the skin and applies a quick treatment to solve skin
problems. Vitamins and restorative substances are applied to the skin with
peeling. The application is provided to reach the lower layers of the
skin. Thus, the wastes on the skin are facilitated to come out
easily. It provides the skin with the desired healthy appearance in a
short time.

Laser Skin Rejuvenation; Scars, sun and age spots, wrinkle problems, acne
scars, scars after surgery and trauma can be treated with laser.


With aging, the hyaluronic acid content of the skin decreases, the water
holding capacity of the skin decreases and wrinkles occur on our skin. The
filling materials used to remove wrinkles on our skin consist of clear crystal
gel-like hyaluronic acid produced under laboratory conditions that do not
contain animal raw materials. It has a water absorption capacity of 1000
times its volume. With this volume, lips are plumped, lines, wrinkles are
filled and pits on the skin are treated. Filling injections that provide
tension in the skin with a simple non-surgical procedure are used to remove
lines and wrinkles around the lips and lower half of the face.


It is the process of applying mixtures prepared from natural plant extracts and
medicines under the skin with very fine needles for aesthetic and therapeutic
purposes. Mesotherapy is applied to the face, neck, décolleté, back of the
hand, arm skin. With the improvement of skin circulation, skin nutrition,
it increases the elasticity and tightness of the skin and revitalizes the skin
by providing brightness, fullness and moisture to the skin.

Mesotherapy application; It is also applied in hair loss, lifeless
appearance of hair, hair breakage treatments. Natural substances and
vitamins can be applied to the hair follicle with fine needles. As a
result of the procedure, it is aimed to reduce hair loss and
breakage. Thus, a more vivid and shiny hair appearance is provided.

Hair and Skin Rejuvenation with PRP

PRP is based on placing a small amount of blood taken from the person to whom
it will be applied, in a special tube, separating it into its components after
being centrifuged, and returning the small amount of plasma obtained by
injection to the same person. Taking from the parts where the cells that
repair the body are dense; It is a method of re-injecting into wrinkled,
sunken, badly scarred areas on the skin. It also helps strengthen the
weakened hair follicles by using it in hair loss. With this process, it is
seen that the worn out, reduced hair and the skin repair itself again.

Derma roller

The Derma roller is a mechanism made of steel needles thinner than a sheet wire
to separate the pores on a roller without damaging the skin itself. Thanks
to this method, temporary microscopic holes are made on the lower and upper
layers of the skin, and the rapid and high density absorption of the skin is
ensured with the effect of the creams and serums used. With this method of
treatment, the body’s self-repair mechanism is stimulated. With the
application; It is aimed to increase the production of collagen and
elasticity of skin cells that tighten, renew and rejuvenate the skin. The
body, which perceives the holes opened to the skin as wounds, provides recovery
and revitalization in the region with the new cells it sends there.

Cautery Application

It is applied in the treatment of warts on the skin. Using electricity or
high frequency radio waves, white and brown warts are cut and treated.

Ozone Therapy It is

an “anti-aging” application made to keep you young. Thanks to
ozone, oxygen is used better by the tissues. The immune system is thus
activated. Following this, the body’s own anti-oxidants and other cells that
fight free radicals are also activated. Cells that do not receive enough
oxygen for a long time due to aging can now perform their functions at a higher
rate after ozone therapy.

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