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Walking and Balance Disorder Rehabilitation

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Walking and Balance Disorder Rehabilitation

Walking and balance is a function that occurs when certain parts of the nervous system work together and in synchronization. It is one of the functions we use most frequently in daily life and it occurs when many systems work in balance with each other. Therefore, walking and balance is a condition that affects the independence and functionality of individuals.

Walking and balance disorders may occur due to many reasons. Some congenital diseases, a neurological disease, some nervous system diseases, muscle diseases, Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), hip and knee prosthesis surgeries, lower extremity fractures, nerve damage in the foot, tendon problems, stroke and advancing age can be cited as examples.

Individuals with gait and balance disorders may encounter many problems in the future. Falling is one of the most common problems in this regard. The purpose of physical therapy and rehabilitation in people with walking and balance disorders is to eliminate the fear of falling and to minimize the risk of falling.

Since walking and balance directly affect the daily life of individuals, its treatment is a problem that should not be neglected. The aim of the treatment of the individual with balance and walking problems is to ensure that the lost or damaged functions are regained and that the person can continue his life in an independent and beautiful balance.

Our brain organizes the senses coming from the environment so that we can use our body effectively in our daily life activities and our relationships with our environment. In people with balance disorders, this organization cannot be done completely and this affects the balance coordination of the person closely. This is whenSensory Integration Therapycomes into play. The aim of this therapy is to perceive the senses correctly and to provide the appropriate motor response by transmitting this sensation to the central nervous system.

In order to teach people with walking and balance disorders to walk correctly and to increase balance coordination, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitationas well asRobotic RehabilitationandComputerized Balance Systemsare also used and these practices increase the success rate of treatment.

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Since 1994, ROMMER has been providing health services with its experienced, professional staff in the field of physical therapy and rehabilitation, internal medicine, brain and nerve surgery, nutrition and dietetics and clinical psychology departments.

ROMMER treats neurological diseases such as hemiplegia, parkinson, MS; pediatric diseases such as cerebral palsy, spina bifida, brachial plexus; orthopedic diseases such as joint restrictions, fractures and dislocations; painful diseases such as lumbar and neck herniaspatients by using special computerized  devices, robotic rehabilitation systems and occupational therapy methods.

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