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Shortness of breath This condition, which usually occurs with effort and is progressive, may cause
an increase in the number of pillows at night and inability to lie flat in the
future. Since this symptom may be in some lung diseases, it can be
confused with these diseases.

Edema is the accumulation of water and salt in the body due to heart failure. It
can usually occur in the legs, in some cases in the abdomen, and rarely in the
arms. It is two-sided and collapses by pressing. This situation may
also occur in kidney and liver diseases.

Nighttime Urination It is the excretion of excess water and salt accumulated in the body during the
daytime with urine during sleep hours. It occurs when you have to go to
the toilet two or more times a night and increase the amount of urine.

Fainting Fainting due to heart conditions is usually of a short duration, occurs suddenly, and
there is a complete loss of consciousness. The patient does not respond to
any stimulus. Generally, there is no urinary incontinence, foaming from
the mouth and spasm of arms and legs. The patient collects quickly. This
condition is usually recurrent and progressive. It is most commonly caused
by heart working irregularities, so emergency action should be taken when
someone with a diagnosis of heart disease faints.

Palpitations It is the feeling in the chest or abdomen due to the

intensification of the heartbeats. Normal heartbeats can sometimes be
felt. In particular, palpitations that occur faster than normal,
irregular, sweating or fainting are a sign of heart disease.

Bruising It is a bluish discoloration that usually occurs on the fingers and toes and
lips, due to insufficient oxygen transport to these tissues. It can be
caused by congenital heart diseases, cardiomyopathies, valvular diseases, as
well as serious lung diseases can cause bruising.

Quick Fatigue There can be many causes of fatigue, and it can be an early sign of
heart failure. It is important in the elderly and those with coronary
heart disease or valvular disease.
It is a unique test performed for the structural and functional evaluation of
the heart and is not invasive. There are two-dimensional, M-mode, Doppler
(Spectral and Color) echo types, and transesophageal, stress echocardiography. Tomographic
images of the heart are taken from different sections with the help of a probe
after the gel is applied to the chest to increase the image quality in the
lying position of the patient in a lying position and turned to the left. After
echocardiography, information is obtained about the status of the pumping
function of the heart, the structure and functions of the valves, and the
structural abnormalities of the heart.

Doppler echoes give images of various colors according to
the direction of currents in the heart. The presence and severity of leaks
and strictures in the heart valves can be learned with this method. It is
also important in the diagnosis of congenital heart disease and heart muscle

Stress test Effort test is a test performed on a treadmill called a
treadmill, planned to increase the heart load gradually, and concluded by
continuous monitoring of the ECG during the test and recording at regular
intervals. This test is most often used for the diagnosis of coronary
insufficiency (diseases that occur in the arteries that feed the heart) or to
monitor people with this disease. Apart from this, it can also be done for
purposes such as determining exercise adequacy, investigating blood pressure
during exercise, examining rhythm and conduction disorders that may occur with
exercise, and determining the cause of fainting.

Tension holter The device that provides regular measurement and recording of
blood pressure for 24 hours is called blood pressure holter. The device
consists of two parts, the cuff attached to the arm and the recorder part. The
data obtained are transferred to digital media and analyzed, and many
measurements regarding the daily course of blood pressure can thus be
evaluated. Blood pressure holter examination can be performed to examine
daily blood pressure changes, to see the effectiveness of drug-resistant
hypertension and drug therapy.

Ritm holter It is an examination performed by recording the electrical
activity of the heart in three channels for 24 hours. The records taken
with the holter device used are transferred to the computer and analyzed, and
many parameters related to heart rhythm are evaluated. This examination is
most commonly used in the evaluation of patients with problems in the
electrical activity of the heart.

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