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Dental Laser Treatment



Lasers have found themselves a huge area in dentistry lately.

In our clinics, we use WaterLase© YSGG laser which can perform
almost all procedures on bone, teeth or soft tissues and azlase diode laser
which is used for bleaching, Temporomandibular joint pain relief and some soft
tissue cases.

What are the clinical applications of Laser in dentistry?

Treatment of caries
Extraction of wisdom teeth or other impacted teeth
Bone surgery (Treatment of cysts, neoplasms or abscesses)
Cutting and reshaping of gum
Treatment of oral lesions
TMJ pain relief by biostimulation feature
Removal of stains
What are the advantages of using laser?

It is possible to bleach every teeth in 4 minutes only!
Hypersensitivity related to bleaching will be minimal through being exposed to
bleaching agents for such short time.
Since there is no need to contact with the tissue, pain related to vibration
and pressure will not occur. Thus anaesthesia may not be needed.

Perfect homeostatic control is a great advantage for surgical
procedures. Plus, laser provides more comfortable and fast healing. 
Sterile and disinfected operation area. 
Most conservative approach for dental fillings with selective removal of
infected dentin.

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