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Mouth and dental health

Oral and dental health is an important health problem that also affects the social
activities of the individual. Having well-groomed teeth reinforces a
person’s sense of self-confidence. This can undoubtedly be achieved by
taking care of oral and dental health.

Oral and Dental Health Importance

Dental and gum diseases are among the most important health problems in our country
and in the world. However, the necessary attention is not given because it
does not directly threaten life.

The mouth is the entrance to the digestive canal. Negativities in the mouth
cause dental health to deteriorate and digestion to be negatively affected. The
food we take by mouth is chewed and mixed with saliva and made ready to be
swallowed and digested. The mouth helps to talk at the same time. The
taste organ of the tongue; It also has very important side tasks such as
chewing, swallowing, and speaking.

In addition to the functions of the teeth breaking down and grinding food, they
have important effects on our speech and our appearance. It is difficult
for people with missing teeth to make some sounds, and there is difficulty in
chewing and / or biting. Milk teeth that first appear in the development
process of the teeth, then leave their places to permanent teeth.

The two most important diseases in oral and dental health are dental caries and
gingivitis. Gingival diseases can sometimes have an effect that progresses
until the jawbone where the tooth socket is located melts. deterioration
of dental health can also affect other organs in the body. Teeth can
become the center of continuous infection, which affects almost all systems,
and the heart, kidney, joints, etc. It can be a source of infections that
can lead to serious health problems in buildings.

The absence of any structural and functional impairment in the mouth and teeth, and
the ability of the mouth and teeth to fulfill their duties indicate the
presence of “oral and dental health”.

Services of the Dental Unit

Tanfer Clinic provides services in all branches of oral
and dental health with its experienced physicians who are experts in their
fields. Oral and dental health problems of people of all ages are resolved

The following services are provided in the Dental Unit


Box Technique (Treatment of Jaw Bone Melting)

Dental Aesthetics (Cerec – Zirconium Treatment)

Conservative and Restorative treatment (caries
treatments-aesthetic fillings and root canal treatments)

Prosthesis (Fixed Crown, Removable Denture, Partial Denture)

Surgical Procedures

Pedodontics (Pediatric Dentistry)


Periodontology (Gum Diseases)

Oral Diagnosis / Radiology

Box Technical

A number of bone reconstruction methods are used in order to regenerate the lost
bone tissue. Animal originated bones are used in these techniques. These
bones are made suitable for human bone tissue in a laboratory environment with
special techniques. It is surgically placed into the lost jawbone. As
a result, the lost jawbone is reconstructed. This is called “box

Implant Treatment

Implant is a treatment method applied to patients who have lost one or more teeth. Tooth
deficiency causes many periodontal and functional problems in the patient. In
order for implants to be made, there must be a certain bone level. In
cases where the bone level is not suitable, the patient must first have a
jawbone. It is applied to anyone who has completed the implant bone
development. Patients with chronic systemic diseases such as diabetes,
heart, blood pressure can also be implanted by taking appropriate prophylactic
measures and by consultation with the patient’s physician. For detailed
information ; Implant Treatment

Dental Aesthetics (CEREC)

Dental Aesthetics with Cerec Cad / Cam Technology

Digital Smile Design

With the developments in imaging systems, taking measurements
from the patient’s mouth with the old type of spoon has gradually been put on
the shelf, instead of using digital measurements taken with high resolution
cameras. All of the metal-free porcelain restorations such as
E-max-zirconium-laminate veneers, which are most common in aesthetic dentistry,
are made in this type of machines. Since Digital Measurement Systems are
used while taking measurements, there is no need to take measurements
separately from our patient with impression trays and impression materials.

Panoramic X-Ray

Dental x-rays are a method that helps the dentist diagnose problems with teeth or
jaws. For example, while only large caries can be diagnosed with an
intraoral examination, initial caries can be detected with x-rays. Or,
from which tooth the abscess in the mouth originates, structural defects in the
teeth, root fractures, cysts or tumors can be detected by x-rays. The
control of 20-year-old teeth, the general condition of the tooth roots and
their relationship with the supporting bone can be determined by panoramic
x-rays. However, panoramic x-ray does not give a three-dimensional view of
the bone, where the physician deems it necessary, dentaltomography is used in this case.

RVG – Micro Camera

During the full examination, the inside of the mouth is examined in detail with an
intraoral camera. The patient is taken on a tour in his own mouth. This
tiny camera takes pictures of each tooth in the mouth and transmits them to the
monitor that the patient will also watch. In this way, the patient has the
opportunity to know his mouth in detail and understand his discomfort better.

When looking at the complaint areas in the mouth, various types of oral pathology,
lesions, broken fillings and teeth, various gum problems, decayed teeth and
caries that are very difficult to see with the naked eye can be easily seen.

Dental Volumetric Tomography (3D VT)

Dental tomography devices are devices that transform the
data obtained from the jaw and teeth region into three-dimensional images and
transfer them to digital media.

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