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We provide professional support in Mouth and dental health.



Mouth and dental health

Dnt.Served by a team of orthodontists,
prosthesis and maxillofacial surgery experts under the
management of Elif

In our unit, all kinds of dental and gum disease
treatments, orthodontic treatments, surgical interventions, dental prostheses,
implants, pediatric dental diseases treatment, special prostheses, placeholder,
tooth holder, tooth whitening and dental plaque are performed.

Dental interventions are performed under sedation and anesthesia in our
clinic. In the Radiology Unit of Private Otağtepe Medical Center, Digital
Panoramic-Cephalometric x-rays and digital dental x-rays are used for the
correct diagnosis and treatment of our patients.

Aesthetic dentistry

In our clinic, various solutions are offered not only in the treatment of oral and dental health
problems but also in oral and dental aesthetics. It is possible to provide
a new smile to the patient with laminated, porcelain veneer, gingival
arrangements and bleaching methods.

Teeth whitening

Staining caused by the structure of the teeth and causing bad appearance, which cannot be removed by
superficial cleaning processes such as brushing teeth or removing tartar, can
be removed by bleaching.

This new system, which is applied with Light Emiting
Diode (LED) light source and special whitening gel, is the product of a very
advanced technology.

With the whitening system, you can achieve an average of
8 times whiter teeth.

Fast – This professional system, which is applied in
three periods of 20 minutes each, gives you white teeth in 1 hour in your
comfortable sofa.

Reliable – The Whitening System, which has been proven to
be reliable in clinical studies in the USA, does not harm tooth enamel and
fillings. It is also completely painless.

Laminate veneers

There are approximately three steps to complete this procedure.

1. At the first appointment, the smile design you want to have is worked on, computer-aided
smile design and the smile you want to have is decided by choosing the one that
suits you among many smiles.

2. In your next visit, your teeth to be made will be shaped and models will be prepared and at this
stage, it is decided whether it is suitable or not by testing them in your

3. Porcelain veneers whose color has been adjusted on your last visit are pasted.

Porcelain laminate veneers are the most effective and conservative method that can be applied to change
tooth color, size and shape. They are adhered to the anterior tooth
surface to mask bad discoloration or change the tooth shape and are resistant
to recoloring.

Porcelain laminate veneers are very thin porcelain leaves and are adhered to the front faces of the teeth
by a process called bonding. This procedure is like a fake nail.

Laminate veneers can be an ideal solution for you to change your smile and make it more pleasant. It
is a procedure that does not require anesthesia. It also shows high resistance
to coffee, tea and even cigarette discoloration after it is performed and does
not recolor. Aesthetically superior to other restorative options.

Full porcelain crowns without metal support

Crowns without metal support are made of reinforced
porcelain. Although many things affect the appearance of crowns, the most
important is their reaction to light. Natural teeth are
translucent. As a result, depth and vitality appear in the tooth.

While full porcelains create a very similar aesthetic to
natural tooth structure as they pass light, there is a dullness and
artificiality in metal porcelains even if they are very well made. For
this reason, full porcelains are preferred especially for the front teeth.

Metal-backed porcelains give the appearance of a dark
space in some lights (disco, camera flash, etc.) as if they were absent in the
mouth. Full porcelain, on the other hand, passes all kinds of light just
like natural teeth.

Metal-supported porcelains are mechanically bonded to the
tooth. Full porcelains are attached to the teeth mechanically and
chemically. Therefore, their retention is much higher than metal supports.

Since there is no metal in its substructure, there is no
dark line at the crown – gum level.

When the gums are receded, full porcelains maintain their
aesthetic appearance, while metal porcelains create a bad appearance in the area
where they join the tooth.

There is no risk of allergy to some metals used in the
infrastructure (nickel etc.) in full porcelains.

Metal non-supported bridges

Metal Non-Supported Bridges are obtained by compressing reinforced porcelain in special machines. It
is preferred especially in front teeth due to its very good light

Zirconium based bridges without metal support

In this system, zirconium alloy, which is a white color,
is used instead of metal as a substructure. The biggest advantage of the
system is to provide a full aesthetic appearance to the bridges in the rear
area with its very high durability.

Total prostheses

Total prostheses are an application that can be done if
you have no teeth in your mouth. They are prostheses produced from
acrylic, also called ‘palate prosthesis’ colloquially, that can remain in the
mouth with vacuum force by taking support over the bone tissue remaining in the
lower and upper jaw. It is difficult to use under normal conditions, it
finds application in special health conditions where implants cannot be
applied. It is necessary to renew every 5 years, it is not generally
correct to use porcelain teeth in total prostheses in terms of health,
therefore plastic teeth are used, but they may cause discoloration. For
this, you can clean your prosthesis with special preparations sold in

Partial denture

Partial prosthesis completes your smile by filling the
gaps formed due to missing teeth. However, partial dentures help you to
fulfill the chewing function not only aesthetically but also functionally,
which does not occur properly due to lost teeth. It also helps you
pronounce the words more properly by eliminating the phonetic problems that
occur when you speak together. It also supports the lips and cheeks by
providing tissue support that is lost due to the lack of teeth, and in this
way, collapses and sags on the face can be eliminated.

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Private Otağtepe Medical Center (Kavacık-Beykoz, Istanbul) provides quality and economical healthcare services that are committed to ethical values, respectful to patient rights, including preventive health services as well as preventive health services, regardless of religion, language, race, gender and region, with qualified and expert staff. It aims to present. We have been providing quality, efficient and reliable health services to our people in Beykoz Otağtepe since 2008 and we accept your increasing interest as a proof that we are on the right track.

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