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Oral and Dental Health

However, your mouth is the entrance into your digestive
and respiratory tract, and some of these bacteria can cause diseases. Normally,
the body’s natural defenses, and regular oral health care such as daily
brushing, and flossing keep the quantity of bacteria limited.

However, without proper oral hygiene, bacteria can reach levels that can lead to oral infections
such as tooth decay and gum disease. Oral health deterioration can lead to many
other diseases, as well as a sign of some diseases. Hence, it is important to
pay attention to your oral and dental health and to be examined by a dentist

Services we offer in the department of oral and
dental health

Dentists diagnose and treat problems in patients’ teeth,
gums, and related parts of the mouth. Treatment can have many aims and
practices. The services we offer in the oral and dental health department in
our hospital;

Oral diagnosis and radiology

Maxillofacial surgery treatments

20 age teeth treatments

Gum diseases (periodontology)

Dental filling treatments

Teeth whitening

Root canal treatment (endodontics)

Children’s dentistry (pedodontics)

Prosthesis and bridge applications

Aesthetic dentistry applications

Implant treatments

Orthodontic treatments

Laser dental treatments

Treatment for temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD)

Bad breath treatments

Teeth grinding treatments (bruxism)

Dentures and bridge

Crown-bridge applications (fixed)

Total-partial dentures (removable)

Implant prosthetics

Crown and bridge applications

Crown and bridge are the treatment methods applied in
severe teeth decay cases.


Damaged and destroyed teeth that cannot be filled with a
dental material, are restored with crowns. For some damaged teeth, crowns that
receive support from the root canal can also be applied after root canal
treatment. With good oral care, they durable and stable for a long time. The
decision about crown types will be made after the oral examination.


These are fixed prostheses that are prepared in the
laboratory after a detailed oral measurement for the fixed prosthesis to be
made on one or two teeth nearby to the missing area in case of one or a few
missing teeth, and then glued on the prepared teeth with a special adhesive.


* They are fixed as they are joined to the teeth.

* It is comfortable and convenient to use.

* They are visually aesthetic.

* Chewing comfort cannot be distinguished from natural teeth.

Partial and total dentures

Partial Prostheses (Partial Dentures): If the number of teeth in
the mouth is not sufficient for fixed bridge construction, some prostheses can
be removed and attached with support from both teeth and the patient’s oral
soft tissues. They are made solely of acrylic or acrylic with a metal base
(skeleton prostheses). Prostheses made of acrylic only are preferred as
temporary prosthesis due to their lack of durability.

Skeletal Partial Prostheses: These are metal removable prostheses
that are supported by the patient’s oral soft tissues and existing teeth
directly or indirectly with retainers (crochet-hook).

Precision Attachment Partial Prostheses

 These are removable prostheses that are supported
by the patient’s oral soft tissues and the retainers placed on the crowned
existing teeth. They are also known as semi-fixed prostheses among the people.


* It was visually aesthetic due to the lack of crochets

* They provide a better holding and stabilization.

* They apply more balance and less force on the teeth.

Total Prostheses (Complete Dentures): These are prostheses made when there is no tooth in
the oral cavity. They are soft tissue supported removable prostheses prepared
by arranging prefabricated teeth on a gingival-colored acrylic base. They hold
in the mouth with negative air pressure.

Reasons for dental aesthetic application

Colored teeth due to many reasons

Broken front teeth
due to accidents

Anterior tooth decay
due to many reasons

Bad looking teeth
due to receding gums

Aesthetic shaping of
teeth after gum treatments

The shaping of teeth
lost due to many reasons in the anterior region following lip and facial

Aesthetic dentistry applications


Veneer (composite or
porcelain laminate)

Full porcelain
crowns or bridges

Porcelain fillings
compatible with the color of the tooth

Gingival shaping


Professional dental

Porcelain laminate

Porcelain laminates are quite suitable for a bright
sparkling smile. Instead of cutting and covering the tooth completely, this
application saves time and does not need to be attached to the tooth in some
cases. Laminates are a thin layer of porcelain. After the oral measurement, it
is prepared in the laboratory and adhered to the front or visible face of the
tooth. A little preparation is made only on the front of the tooth. Thus, your
natural tooth is not damaged. Since laminates look extremely natural, the
lasting aesthetic you dream of is provided.

Composite laminate

As with porcelain laminates, a limited amount of abrasion
is made only on the front of the tooth. Certain proportions of color, shape,
and position defects can be corrected with tooth-colored composite filling
material directly in the mouth without measure. It is a method performed in a
much shorter time (in one session) and its price is much more affordable than
porcelain laminates. An average of 20-30 minutes is required for a tooth and results
are obtained immediately.

Gum contouring and reshaping

Gingival shaping, also known as “gingivectomy”, is an
aesthetic correction in cases where the gums appear excessive or the gums are
asymmetrical due to short tooth lengths. With the applications made by the gum
specialists, the length of the teeth can be extended or the gums can be made

Dental implantation

Dental implantation is a method to replace missing teeth
with artificial tooth roots placed in the jawbone. It is both visually aesthetic
and functional.

Dental implants contain “artificial tooth roots” made of
titanium or zircon ceramic to be placed in the jawbone and hold tightly there.
After the implants are attached to the bone (osseointegration), one or more
teeth, bridges, or removable prostheses can be made on them.

Implantation’s advantages are;

* Your real teeth will not be cut or abraded,

* Your prosthesis will be fixed,

* The removable prostheses used in some cases will remain
firmly in your mouth,

* Your jawbone will still have the functions like
chewing, and also the teeth will look natural and visually aesthetic.

Implant examination

* First of all, information about your general health
status is obtained during the implant examination. At that phase, some tests
may be requested if necessary (in case of diabetes, vascular diseases, etc.).

* Through panoramic
radiography (in tomography when necessary), the bone density is measured. Also,
anatomical formations, what type, and how many implants will be placed are
decided. Implant treatment could not be performed in patients with low bone
density and support. However, this problem has been significantly overcome with
the surgical materials and techniques developed in recent years.

Fusion time of implants with bone

It takes 3-6 months in the upper jaw (maxilla) and 3
months in the lower jaw (mandibula). At the end of the period, the dentist
intervenes to the implant by a very small incision and attaches the healing
head (gingiva former). These caps will help shape your gums. While single
implant surgery is an option, usually double surgery technique is preferred for
minimum intraoral interaction during the healing process.

Dentures to be made on the implant

Dental implantation’s prosthesis’ types can vary
depending on the patient’s circumstances. Fixed prostheses are preferred for
your chewing comfort and visual aesthetics. However, in some cases, it is also
necessary to apply prostheses that can be removed by the patient or the
dentist. Both types have advantages and disadvantages, and your dentist will
decide and explain the suitable option for you before the treatment.

Advantages of dental implantation

* Better visual aesthetic

* Ability to chew
and eat whatever you want

* A happier social
life with the recovery of self-confidence

* A healthier and
more balanced diet due to the ability to eat everything

Fixed orthodontic appliances

It is a form of treatment with brackets attached to the
tooth. Brackets can be made of metal or porcelain. Tooth-colored porcelain
brackets do not cause any aesthetic discomfort.

Removable orthodontic appliances

They are appliances that the patient can put on and take
off himself. They are applied in more manageable cases.

Functional jaw orthopedics

It is an orthodontic profession that aims to correct the
deteriorating connections of the lower and upper jaws with special appendages
worn on the face at a young age. Most of the time, orthopedic treatment (the
consistency of the jaws is provided) and orthodontic treatment (the closing
consistency of the teeth) are provided together.

Orthognathic surgery

Orthognathic surgery is applied in cases that cannot be
corrected by orthodontic or orthopedic treatment. Jaw and facial disorders may
occur congenitally or acquired due to accidents and diseases. The mismatch of
the jaws to each other and the face causes both aesthetic and functional
discomfort in patients. With advanced technology and surgical techniques, these
disorders can be improved.

Transparent mold

In some manageable cases, crowding can now be corrected
by using transparent molds without the use of brackets. It is necessary to wear
these patient-specific molds, which will be changed every two weeks, for
approximately 20 hours a day. Each treatment requires an average of 60 pairs
(lower-upper jaw) of different corrective molds. The treatment period is close
to the treatment period in braces. It varies between 6 months to 24 months depending
on the case.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorders (TMJD)

The lower jaw joint (TMJ) consists of the condyle, disc,
and masticatory muscles. It provides forward, backward and lateral movement of
the lower jaw. Incompatibility between these structures causes TMJ diseases.
TMJ diseases are disorders seen in joint functions as a result of
intra-articular or extra-articular pathologies.

Symptoms of TMJ Disease

* Facial pain

* Asymmetrical face

* Pain when chewing

* Ringing in the ears

* Dizziness, fainting

* Pain and stiffness in the neck

* Fatigue in the chin while chewing

* Pain when closing the teeth

* Severe headaches similar to migraine

* Difficulty and pain when yawning or chewing gum

* Squeaking, clicking, ticking sound when opening and
closing the mouth

* Restricted jaw opening, jaw locking, or dislocation

Causes of TMJ Disease

* Tumors

* TMJ arthritis

* Lack of teeth

* Opening mouth widely and constantly

* Dislocation of the disc

* Disorder in the closing of the teeth (malocclusion)

* Stress and tension causing spasm in chewing muscles

* Making crowns-bridges and fillings incompatible and high

* TMJ damage as a result of a car accident, falling, or crash

* Grinding or clenching your teeth, which puts a lot of pressure on the joint

Treatment methods of TMJ diseases

First of all, rubbing the face with a slightly warm
cloth, pain killers, and muscle relaxants are recommended to prevent the
patient’s muscle spasm. Treatment methods are;

* Arthrocentesis

* Surgical

* Psychological
counseling and stress management

* Personalized hard
plaque inside the mouth (occlusal splint, night plaque) that prevents clenching
and grinding

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