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Ear, nose, throat diseases

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We provide professional support in Ear, nose, throat diseases.

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Ear, nose, throat diseases

Patients who applied to the ENT and Head and Neck Surgery
Department of our First International Hospital; emergency, outpatient and
inpatient treatments are carried out.

Nose Aesthetics (Rhinoplasty)

Rhinoplasty, ie rhinoplasty surgery, which is performed
for many different reasons such as eliminating the dissatisfaction of the
patients about the shape and structure of the nose and solving their breathing
problems, is performed very often today, and it is an operation that you can safely
and comfortably do thanks to the experienced staff of our hospital. In
this process, which you can easily get through with our pre-operative
information and post-operative patient follow-up, you can get the nose you
desire with the assurance of the First Health Group.

Nasal Bone Curvature (Septoplasty)

This surgery, which is performed for the curvature of the
nasal bone or the strengthening of the nasal bone, is a process that requires
important follow-up, especially after the surgery. Thanks to our specialist
doctors in my hospital, we can perform this surgery easily and with minimum

Prominent Ear and Ear Curvature

Prominent ear and ear curvature are seen in one of 20
people in our society. Unfortunately, this situation can cause
psychological trauma in many patients. In prominent ear and ear curvature
surgeries, which can be performed from the age of 12, you can get rid of your
problem permanently in our hospital and continue your daily life without any
problems in a short time.


Vertigo, which is described as dizziness, is divided into
two as central and peripheral. The treatment of this disease, which is
usually related to the inner ear, is successfully carried out in our
hospital. In this way, you can easily get rid of this discomfort that
makes your daily life difficult.

Sinusitis Surgery

Sinuses are air spaces around the nose. They open
into the nasal cavities through special channels. They are filled with
air. Nasal cavities and sinuses are covered as a whole with the same
covering layer (mucosa). This layer constantly makes a cleansing secretion
and this secretion is discharged into the nasal cavity through the shaky hairs
on the layer through the channels of the sinuses.

Sinusitis surgery can be performed in our hospital in the
following cases:

Chronic Sinusitis (Not responding to drug therapy)

Recurrent (Recurrent) Sinusitis

Nasal Polyp

Antrochoanal Polyp

Concha Reduction (Reducing the conchae)

Sinus Mucocele

Nose and Sinus Tumors

Orbital Decompression (Rescuing the eye from pressure in
thyroid ophthalmopathy)

Optic Nerve Decompression (Rescuing the optic nerve from

Dacryocystorhinostomy (opening of blocked tear duct)

Rhinology (Nose and sinus diseases)

It covers all kinds of congenital, infectious,
developmental and tumoral diseases of the nose and paranasal sinuses.

Septum deviation (curvature of the nose)

Concha enlargement

nasal allergy


Tumors originating from the nose and sinuses

Nasal curvature and concha enlargement are treated using
the latest techniques and technologies such as radiofrequency. Endoscopic
sinus surgery technique is applied in the treatment of sinusitis.

Treatment of childhood ear, nose and throat diseases

Treatments for difficulty in breathing, snoring,
recurrent infections, hearing disorders, allergies seen in childhood are
carried out in coordination with the pediatrics department in our
hospital. Surgery is performed for our patients with indications for
surgery (adenoid, tonsil, ear flu).

Diagnosis and treatment of hearing disorders and ear diseases in children and adults

With the support of the modern audiology department in
our hospital, the treatment and rehabilitation of patients with hearing impairment
are planned.

In addition to the ‘Cochlear Implant’ (Bionic Ear)
application, which is an important development in our field in recent years,
repair of eardrum holes (tympanoplasty), cleaning of chronic middle ear
infections (mastoidectomy), prosthesis applications instead of ear ossicles
(stapez surgery, ossiculoplasty) and all other ear surgeries. is implemented.

facial fractures

Fractures of facial bones such as nose, chin, cheekbones
and airway injuries that develop after trauma are important ENT emergencies. These
fractures are treated using the open or closed technique and, if necessary,
using microplate-screws.

voice disorders

Diseases originating from the vocal cords or restricting
their movement cause hoarseness. The vocal cords and functions are
evaluated with endoscopic examinations, and the cases that need surgery are
treated under the microscope and using laser when necessary.

Head and neck tumors

It covers all kinds of benign and malignant tumors
originating from the head and neck region.








salivary glands

Head and neck tumors, like all other tumors, need a
multidisciplinary approach. After the patients are evaluated together with
a medical oncologist, radiation oncologist and radiology specialists, their
treatment is planned. In surgical treatment, neck dissections should also
be performed effectively in cases where there is or may be neck metastasis,
together with the treatment of the relevant region. An experienced team is
working in our hospital.


Snoring and sleep apnea (stopping breathing during sleep)
are diseases that seriously impair people’s quality of life and health. It
is important to consider these situations, which are triggered by many factors,
as a whole. Patients are evaluated by polysomnography (sleep test), and in
appropriate cases, surgical interventions can be applied to the nose, palate or
chin to correct airway stenosis.

allergic rhinitis

Substances that stimulate the immune system and cause
allergies are called allergens. When the immune system first encounters
the allergen that enters the body, no clinical findings occur because specific
antibodies (IgE) have not yet been produced against this substance. On the
first contact these special antibodies are produced, but on the second contact
the immune system reacts and thus allergy symptoms appear.

Common problems in the external ear canal

The external auditory canal (ECA) is approximately 2.5 cm
long in adults. Outer 1/3 is cartilage, inner 2/3 is bone. The skin
of the cartilage section contains hairs and hair sacs, oil and glands.

The secretion of the glands and the shed epithelial cells
combine to form the protective secretion called cerumen. Cerumen has a
protective function in the external ear canal (dky), and creates a protective
barrier against infection with the substances it contains.

Tinnitus (tinnitus)

Tinnitus is defined as the perception of sound in the
ears or head without external acoustic stimuli. It comes from the Latin
word “tinnire” meaning “to ring”. This sound can be described by the
patient in many different characters, but regardless of the character of the
sound, it is called tinnitus. It is thought that tinnitus, which is
considered as a symptom rather than a disease, causes a decrease in the quality
of life of individuals and prepares the ground for many mental problems.


Balance; It is provided by the brain as a result of
the evaluation of the information coming from the eyes, balance organs in the
inner ear, and the musculoskeletal system. A malfunction in one of these
systems disrupts the harmony between these systems and may cause complaints of
imbalance or dizziness. 

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