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Eye diseases

Eye diseases, all kinds of diseases that occur in the
eyelids, eye membrane, tear ducts, eye lens or nerve tissues surrounding the
eye are called eye diseases.

Eye diseases are physical disorders that occur due to genetic or environmental
factors and can cause vision problems.

Symptoms of eye diseases

The eyes are one of the body’s most important sense organs. A problem
in the eye can cause a person’s vision to decrease, and complaints such as
stinging and burning in the eye. These symptoms allow the eye problem to
be recognized easily and the treatment process to be started.

pain in the eyes,

Severe itching, redness and burning sensation,

decreased vision,

Feeling as if a foreign object has gotten into the eye,

Eyelid drooping and swelling,

Symptoms such as squinting may indicate that the individual has eye diseases.

Causes of eye diseases

Eye diseases can have many genetic or environmental causes. Some of
these reasons can be listed as follows:

A foreign object entering the eye and causing damage to the eye,

blockage in tear ducts

Hereditary presence of eye diseases in the family,

Working in more or less light,

The effects of diabetes and heart diseases,

Side effects of feverish diseases such as sinusitis, flu and cold

Types of eye diseases

Glaucoma (Eye Pressure): It is a disease that causes vision loss due to
the increase in intraocular pressure that causes damage to the optic nerve.

Cataract (Curtain Falling on the Eye): It is the opacity of the eye lens,
which is located behind the pupil, by losing its transparency.

Strabismus: It is usually congenital or occurs after an accident or
febrile illness. It can be defined as an eye problem that prevents two
eyes from looking at a point in parallel.

Color Blindness: It is a mostly hereditary vision problem that develops
due to the absence or insufficient amount of special pigments that allow to
distinguish colors in the visual center. People with this disease usually
cannot distinguish one or more of the colors red, green and past.

Allergic Conjunctivitis: It is one of the most common eye diseases. They
are allergic conditions in the eye due to the season.

Ectropium: It is an eye problem such as eyelid drooping due to aging.

Eye problems are fairly easy to diagnose. Vision loss test, eye
pressure examination for the eye, retinal examination and optic nerve
examination are performed.

Treatment of eye diseases

Eye diseases are a disease that should be treated because it changes the quality of
daily life of the person. The treatment of congenital eye diseases and
peripheral eye diseases is different. The most correct treatment will be
the treatment followed by the doctor. Depending on the form of the
disease, one of the methods of drug therapy, glasses or surgical intervention
is followed.

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