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Hair transplantation

 Hair loss, especially visually creates problems for
men. When a person tries products such as drugs and creams to regain his
old hair, he cannot get the desired result. These products are only
intended to protect existing hair. There is no method that can grow new
hair in balding areas other than hair transplantation. Hair
transplant; It is a procedure that should be done by experts in a sterile
environment. In hair transplantation, which requires a gentle and detailed
study, transplantation in the direction of the natural growth of the hair, the
fastest planting of the grafts taken, and a good explanation of the
post-transplantation care process are the factors that increase the
success. Our experienced team, who has been practicing hair
transplantation for 15 years, firstly determines the causes of hair loss and
applies the necessary treatment to you.

Which methods are used in hair transplantation?

There are two main methods used in hair
transplantation. The first is a process by removing hair in the form
of a strip from the back area called 
FUT and separating it into
individual hair roots. The second is a procedure performed by
singling the hair follicles called 
FUE from the posterior

What is the FUE technique? What are the advantages of
the technique?

In our center, we apply FUE, which is the most
preferred method of hair transplantation today. The procedure takes 5-6
hours and is performed with local anesthesia. In this method, since the
roots are plucked with one millimeter or smaller tips, there is no visible scar
in the posterior region. Therefore, hair can be used at the desired length
after hair transplantation. Even people with a very active lifestyle (such
as athletes) can quickly return to their daily life after FUE. Since there
is no surgical incision in the FUE method, recovery is fast; Compared to
the FUT method, the risk of edema and swelling is almost negligible. By
applying PRP during hair transplantation and then Hair Mesotherapy, we ensure
that the transplanted hair grows in a healthier way.

In our center; It is possible to achieve
a more aesthetic appearance thanks to the transplantation performed with the
FUE Technique in areas such as beard and eyebrow areas with regional thinning,
ringworm or scars.

What are the Stages of Hair Transplantation?

Preliminary Interview: Needs Determination Your expectations, the
transplantation method that suits you, and the process before and after hair
transplantation are discussed in detail.

Hair Transplant Planning The most important part of the hair
transplant process is planning. In the planning phase, many issues such as
how many grafts will be transplanted to the patient, where will be
transplanted, how many sessions the procedure will take, which blood tests will
be requested, whether another doctor’s opinion is required or not are

Planning After the
 general planning phase, the visual
planning process begins. Here, photographs are taken from many fronts for
the photo archive of the patient. After the graft distribution planning is
processed with a pen on the scalp, it should be photographed again. A good
planning prepares the ground for a comforting operation for both the patient
and the physician.

Operation: Stage 1 takes about 1 hour. This process starts with
shaving the hair in the nape area. Reason; In order for the hair
follicles to be taken one by one from the donor area with a hair transplant
robot or micro motor, the hair should be removed by 0.3 mm. It is by
shortening. At this stage, the areas where hair follicles will be taken
are determined, such as the chest, back, leg or nape area. The area where
the hair follicles will be taken is numbed with local anesthetic
drugs. During this procedure, which is performed with a special needle,
the patient does not feel pain, and the anesthesia of the relevant areas takes
approximately 3 – 5 minutes. The patient, who does not feel any pain
during the operation, will not have to use a pain medication after the

Operation: 2. Stage In the second stage, the hair follicles to be
used from the donor area are obtained and this stage takes about 3
hours. Hair follicles are taken one by one with a hair transplant robot,
micro motor. 0.6-0.8 punch should be used at the end of the micro motor or
hair transplantation robot during the extraction phase of the hair follicles.
In order for you to count the extracted hair follicles comfortably, the hair
follicles are placed in a special solution in groups of 100 after the hair
follicle extraction phase is completed. Before proceeding to the 3rd
stage, a meal and need break is usually given.

Operation: 3rd Stage This stage, which is the part where the hair
follicles are transplanted, constitutes the last part of the operation and
takes an average of 3 hours. Transplantation, which performs the
operation, creates the front hairline at this stage. One last evaluation
is made with the patient regarding the distribution of hair follicles to be
transplanted. Starting from the area where the anterior hairline is
located, the area to be transplanted is completely anesthetized with local
anesthetic drugs. After calculating the diameter of the hair follicles and
the depth of the hair follicles, the lateral slit specially prepared for the
hair follicles opens the slots (channels) where the hair follicles will be
placed. Channel opening is the most important part of hair

What to Do Before Hair Transplant Operation

After the planning and preparation process is completed,
the day of the operation is determined. In order for this process, which
consists of different sessions and takes quite a long time, to go smoothly, the
person must make the necessary preparations.

Things to do before hair transplantation are as follows:

Do not use alcohol and cigarettes at the latest three
days and one week at the earliest before the hair transplant operation.

Stop using aspirin and its derivatives one week before
the hair transplant operation.

One week before the hair transplant operation, stop using
lotions and medicines that will affect the hair and scalp you used for hair

Since your hair will not be washed in the first three
days after the hair transplant operation, take a shower before coming to the

Before the hair transplant operation, rest by sleeping
for an average of 8 hours.

When you come to the hair transplant operation, choose
comfortable clothes (sweatpants style) with front zipper and buttons that you
can wear and take off.

Before the hair transplant operation, do not have a
haircut unless the experts want it.

If you have any surgery, chronic illness, or medications
you have used before the hair transplant operation, be sure to share it with
your doctor.

Have breakfast before the hair transplant
operation. If the hair transplant operation is at noon or in the evening,
eat something light.

Observe the hair transplant operation appointment time.

Process After Hair Transplant

After the operation is completed, your doctor will give you
some suggestions. It will convey information such as protection, care, and
lying position of the area where hair transplantation is performed and the
roots are taken. In addition to these recommendations, you must fully
comply with the use of the medications given to you.

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