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Istanbul Spine Center & Orthopedics

Istanbul Spine Center & Orthopedics is considered one of the world-renowned reference centers in spine diseases. The main reason is the academic profile of the founder of our center, Prof. Azmi Hamzaoğlu, MD and other experienced physicians working at our center.

Which diseases are diagnosed and treated at Istanbul Spine Center & Orthopedics?

  • Pediatric and adult scoliosis
  • Kyphosis
  • Traumatic spine fractures and dislocations
  • Spinal infections,
  • Neck hernias and duct stenosis,
  • Disc prosthesis applications,
  • Thoracic spinal hernias and stenosis,
  • Lumbar hernias and stenosis
  • Waist shifts (spondylolisthesis),
  • Failed lumbar surgery syndrome and revision surgery,
  • Vertebroplasty or kyphoplasty in diseases of the spine in the elderly, stent applications,
  • Spinal and spinal cord tumor surgery,
  • Congenital spine diseases (congenital scoliosis, Chiari malformation, Syringomyelia, Spina bifida (open spinal cord), diasthematomyelia, Tethered cord syndrome)
  • Pain surgery,
  • Spasticity surgery

Current and Effective Methods in Scoliosis Treatment

Tethering Method

Surgical treatment of patients with scoliosis, i.e. curvature of the spine, the spine is fixed, thereby eliminating the mobility of the spine in the particular region. Owing to the Tethering Method  applied by Prof. Azmi Hamzaoğlu, MD and his team, such problems are eliminated. The movement of the spine of the patient is not destroyed which gives a significant advantage, especially in pediatric patients. Thus, the growth of the child is not prevented. Growth in the concave direction continues in the spine of children treated by the method of tethering, while the growth in the convex direction also stands by help of the rope attached to the screws. So over time, the curvature spontaneously recovers. The operated area retains its mobility.

With the Tethering method;

  • Curvature improves without freezing/fixing in the spine.
  • The ability to move does not disappear.
  • Growth in children is unhindered.

Sliding Growing Rod Technique

Sliding Growing Rod technique (Self-Sliding Rod Technique), developed by Professor Azmi Hamzaoğlu, MD in the treatment of early onset scoliosis; successfully treats the spinal diseases at Istanbul Spine Center. This technique eliminates the need for extension at intervals of 6 months, minimizing the need for repeated extension surgery.

EOS Features in Diagnosis of Scoliosis and Kyphosis

Sliding Growing Rod technique (Self-Sliding Rod Technique), developed by Professor Azmi Hamzaoğlu, MD in the treatment of early onset scoliosis; successfully treats the spinal diseases at Istanbul Spine Center. This technique eliminates the need for extension at intervals of 6 months, minimizing the need for repeated extension surgery.

Special multidisciplinary therapy approach is Applied to each patient

All examinations of our patients are evaluated with our branch physicians, pain and physical therapy clinics and radiologists. Appropriate method, including conservative treatment (drug and physical therapy applications), nerve root and facet joint block, or endoscopic or open surgical treatment options, is scientifically determined for each patient.

Neurology and Neurophysiology

At Istanbul Spine Center, all patients who are going to have spinal surgery are evaluated by neurologists periodically before and after surgery. Neurological assessments and consultations are of great importance in the process of deciding on surgical treatment and neuroanatomically determining the area to be operated.

Underlying neurological diseases need to be determined with ifferential diagnosis by our neurologists who have been evaluating vertebrae patients for many years and have a certain level of experience in this field. In order to prevent unnecessary or incorrect surgeries, these evaluations are a safety element for us.

At Istanbul Spine Center, there is also a Department of Neurophysiology which is interested in converting the electrical activities generated by different methods in brain, brainstem, spinal cord and peripheral nervous system structures and muscles that form the nervous system into numerical values with the help of computer and interpreting these values.  Neurophysiological tests applied in the Department of Neurophysiology provide important, tangible information in the detection of surgical treatment to be performed and follow-up after the operation.

Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology

Radiological assessment of the musculoskeletal and nervous system is among the specific and difficult topics in radiology. Especially advanced degenerative diseases, scoliosis, postoperative patient assessment, radiological evaluation of tumor and infection cases require a certain experience.

The radiology team cooperating with the Spine Surgery team and trained in this regard has many years of experience. During radiological imaging aimed at diagnostics, the previous examinations of all patients are evaluated by a radiologist. If there are new and additional examinations to be made, they are also taken into account. Evaluation and comparison of the images are completed within the same day and discussed in the computer environment with the spinal surgeon.

Special methods and interventional procedures

One of the most important tasks undertaken by the Department of Radiology is pain treatments performed under the guidance of imaging methods. For this purpose, epidural cortisone injection, nerve root block, facet joint bloct/RF denervation, sacroilac joint block methods are applied.

Special methods and interventional procedures applied in terms of diagnosis and treatment in our department may be listed as axial load lumbar MRI, myelography and myelo CT, dynamic cervical MRI, facet joint blockade, facet thermocoagulation denervation, spinal biopsies accompanied by imaging, discography and sacroplasty.

Department of Osteoporosis (Metabolic Bone Diseases)

Metabolic (osteoporosis-osteopenia) bone diseases are evaluated by experienced specialists and treatment planning is also implemented with multidisciplinary understanding in a way that will be most beneficial to our patients.

Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Department at our center; diagnosis and treatment of spinal diseases, lymphoedema, osteoporosis and other metabolic bone diseases and rheumatic diseases, sports injuries and rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery, and rehabilitation in neurological diseases are carried out.

All electrotherapy, hydrotherapy and kinesiotape applications, primarily therapeutic exercises, and all body electro-myostimulation (electro-muscle stimulation) (EMS) system, as well as medical fitness and spine rehabilitation are performed.

Increasing the quality of life of patients with different exercise programs

Our experienced team in spinal diseases apply muscle-strengthening exercises especially for the purpose of restabilizing and strengthening of reduced muscle groups. In this way, it is mainly aimed to reacquire the muscle strength lost in recovery after conservative or operative treatment of large joints such as the hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, elbow and wrist, or the spine. It becomes possible to return to the daily life activities, work, sport and hobbies of a person without feeling any restraint as the muscle strength and especially coordination, i.e. the ability to work together in harmony with the muscles; are re-and controlled. In the long term, it is switched to the preventive training program not to face such problems again.

In Department of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation; improvement of torso muscles, correction of posture, and increasing the mobility of tense structures of the trunk are provided with exercise therapy applied in the treatment of mild idiopathic scoliosis. Special exercises allow strengthening of the abdominal wall and the extensor muscles of the trunk, stretching of the structures on the concave side of the curvature, strengthening of the lateral flexors muscles of the trunk located on the convex side of the curvature. Our patients also practice deep breathing exercises to improve pulmonary function.

Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care

Istanbul Spine Center has been operating for many years with experienced anesthesiologists and technicians in scoliosis and spinal surgery.

Experienced anesthesiologists in scoliosis and spinal surgery provide general anesthesia during the operation. Then they control the regular work of the heart and lungs, giving the necessary medications so that the patient does not experience pain. Specialists also conduct the necessary treatments for the good functioning of other organs.

While working with our experienced anesthesiologists at our center, our surgeons in scoliosis and Istanbul Spine Center are able to give all their attention to their business knowing that the patient is in good hands.

Patients are informed about all stages

Our anesthesiologists are investigating our patients’ health before surgery. They make sure to visit all the patients in their rooms and answer their questions by telling them what to do. They give information about the examination, treatment and care they want to do, and apply the necessary drugs before anesthesia. Our anesthesiologists choose the most suitable method of anesthesia according to the result of the examinations and the disease itself.

After the surgery, anesthesiologists awakens the patients smoothly considering necessary care and treatments so that they may get rid of the effects of the drugs taken in surgery, and they may remain healthy after surgery.

Pain is not fate!

Nowadays, suffering from excessive pain after surgery is no longer a fearful situation. At our center, “Patient-Controlled Analgesia” is applied when the consciousness of patients after surgery is fully opened, which let the patients adjust the rate of pain medication by themselves.

Department of Acupuncture

Acupuncture; is a science that treats functional diseases and helps control pain by stimulating certain points in the body with needle and/or moxa, laser, electric stimulation, by affecting the autonomic nervous, neuroendocrine and immune system of the body and regional blood flow.

At our center, acupuncture therapy is often used to treat the painful process during the recovery period before or after the operation. Therefore, Istanbul Spine Center works in close cooperation with the Department of Acupuncture.

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