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Hair transplantation with fue technique

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Hair Transplantation with the Latest Technology Fue Method in Hair Transplantation



Hair transplantation with fue technique

Hair transplantation with fue technique

The FUE method, which was applied for the first time in
2002, has become the preferred treatment method in hair transplantation all
over the world. Under local anesthesia, the method that does not require
incision and stitches and therefore does not leave scars has provided the
patients to be relieved of their anxiety about these issues.

In addition, all factors such as the person’s hair
structure, hair growth status and shedding characteristics, the stories of the
individuals in the family, the condition of the hair in the area to be
transplanted, the person’s age and health status will be evaluated by the specialist. By
the way, hair loss is not only specific to men. Many women also experience
hair loss or thinning problems.

Hair transplantation is the most natural and permanent
way to gain new hair for people who have suffered hair loss. In hair
transplantation, the patient’s own healthy hair is added to the spilled
area. The area where the hair to be added is taken is a region that does
not experience hair loss. With the application of hair transplantation,
the person is permanently gained as if his own hair has never been shed.

Cosmic products harmful to hair

 Maybe, hair products such as jole and briyantin
that many of us use accelerate hair loss. These products, which give
hardness to the hair, contradict the structure of the keratin molecule in our
hair. Naturally, hair loss is seen in our hair.

Iron, protein, and zinc deficiencies

Febrile illnesses




Hair diseases (such as seborrheic dermatitis, fungal
disease of the scalp called Tinea capitis)

It causes hair loss in situations such as dyeing hair too
often and blow dry.

In addition, all factors such as the person’s hair
structure, hair growth and shedding characteristics, the stories of the
individuals in the family, the condition of the hair in the area to be
transplanted, the age and health status of the person will be evaluated by the

Fue hair transplant application process

In the FUE method, no incision is made on the scalp; This
is a very important factor for the comfort of the patient both during the
operation and during the healing process.

There is no need for stitches after the hair transplant operation.

The fact that there will be no scar and incision scar
after the FUE operation is reflected in the aesthetic appearance of the hair
and puts an end to this anxiety of the patient.

FUE Hair transplant operation is performed under local anesthesia.

Although the hair transplantation process varies
according to the need of the person, ie the opening in the head, it takes an
average of 5-6 hours.

 If a correct technique is applied, the success rate of hair
transplantation is quite high. For a natural look, it is very important to
transplant the hair at the right distance, at the right angle and at the right
density to the bald areas.

Subjects that the patient should be attention after hair transplantation

When to start your medications that are discontinued
before the operation, if any, will be specified by the doctor.
• On the first day, the operation area is kept under bandage to prevent germs.
• The next day, the bandage is removed along with the first dressing.
• Generally, the first wash is done by the hair transplant center team on the
3rd day and the next washes are described.
• In the first week, it is necessary to protect from external contacts, to lie
down so that there is no contact with the area, and not to scratch the area.
• Within 10 days, the area heals.
• It is necessary to avoid the pool, sea and excessive sun for 2-4 weeks.
• In the first month, some of the hair strands on the first transplanted roots
are shed, it is a natural process.
• The hair that starts to grow after 2-3 months will start to take its normal
state after the 6th month. Hair in some areas will take longer to reach
this state.

Hair transplantation prices with fue technique

In surgical procedures such as hair
transplantation , eyebrow transplantation, eyelash transplantation,
beard transplantation, etc., pricing may vary depending on the area to be
applied. The most important factor here stands out as the size of the
application. For this reason, we need to see the photos of the person or
the application area in order to be able to inform the fee. Photos you
directed to our experts, or in face-to-face interviews; Detailed
information will be provided on both operation details and pricing. We
invite all our guests to our institution for a nice conversation with coffee.

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