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In the human body, there are 3 vascular systems called arteries, veins and lymph
vessels. The diseases of these 3 different systems, the age groups in
which they are seen and the treatment methods differ from each other. Cardiovascular
Surgery Clinic offers you a quality and privileged service with its experienced
specialist physicians, operating room and vascular diseases polyclinics
equipped with the latest technology.

Arterial Diseases and Their Treatments: Arterial diseases are generally
divided into two groups as occlusive (sclerotic) and dilating (aneurysm tic).

Occlusive vascular diseases often occur after the age of 40s due to the disease
called atherosclerosis (arteriosclerosis), which is seen in individuals who
smoke, have a fatty diet, are overweight or have diabetes. The most
typical complaint in these patients is pain called codication, which occurs
when walking a certain distance and does not allow the patient to take another
step. This pain disappears after a few minutes of rest. However, it
repeats itself by walking the same distance each time. As long as the
disease is not treated, the pain-free walking distance gradually decreases and
even the ordinary activities that the patient should do in his daily life can become
impossible. Ischemic pain also occurs at rest in the last phase of the

Embolism, which is another cause of occlusive vascular diseases (the clot
breaks off from the place where it is formed and occludes the end vessels), is
the rupture of the clot formed in the heart chambers due to heart rhythm
disorders and valvular diseases, and it is the occlusion of the arteries. After
the clot breaks off from the heart, it can involve the entire vascular network. The
patient’s complaints vary according to the affected area. Of these, the
most difficult to treat and the most severe consequences is the involvement of
brain vessels. In these patients, a sudden stroke occurs. It can be
beneficial for some patients with an intensive medication and rehabilitation
treatment. Clogging of the vessels feeding the internal organs with
embolism can cause abdominal pain. Even life-threatening can occur in
patients with a large bowel section.

Most of the patients who present to our clinic with the complaint of embolism
are affected by the leg or arm. The most important complaint in these
patients is a sudden severe pain, coldness and pallor in the affected limb. The
results are very promising in these patients who need to be operated urgently
within the first 24 hours. In cases exceeding 24 hours, the success of the
treatment decreases rapidly.

Vein Diseases and Their Treatments: The blood in the tissues returns to the
heart through the veins (veins). There is no pumping power that provides
this blood flow opposite to gravity. While breathing and using leg muscles
(walking and exercising) accelerate this turn, standing still or sitting
constantly makes the movement of blood in the vein difficult. The valves
inside the veins prevent the blood from leaking back and ensure that the flow
direction is only towards the heart. There are two main diseases of the
veins: valvular insufficiency and intravascular blood clotting. As a
result of valve insufficiency, varicose veins and chronic venous insufficiency

Varicose Veins:The enlargement and / or curved shape of the superficial veins
as a result of valve insufficiency is called varicose veins. If you stand
for a long time, a feeling of pain and pressure occurs in the varicose leg. These
complaints regress after the leg is lifted up. Other symptoms of the
disease; feeling of heaviness, itching, cramps and edema (swelling) in the
ankles. Color changes and ulcer (open wound) around the ankle may occur in
untreated patients with severe valve insufficiency.

Varicose veins are 3 times more common in women than in men. Advanced age,
pregnancy, standing for a long time, obesity and family history are risk
factors for the disease.

In the Varicose Clinic, medical interventional methods such as classical
surgery, Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA), Endovenous Radiofrequency (RF)
Ablation and Mechanical Ablation, as well as aesthetic procedures such as Foam
Sclerotherapy, Transdermal Laser Treatment and Transdermal Radiofrequency
treatment are applied.

Intravenous Blood Coagulation:The veins in the leg are divided into deep and
superficial. Coagulation may occur within the vessels at both levels due
to various reasons. As a result of the coagulation in the superficial veins,
redness and pain occur on the skin. This disease, called thrombophlebitis,
can be cured with medication. The occurrence of coagulation in deep veins
is called deep vein thrombosis (DVT). This picture, which progresses with
pain and increase in diameter in the leg, is much more serious. There is a
risk that the clot formed may rupture and escape to the heart and from there to
the lungs. As a result, the patient may be life-threatening. Early
diagnosis and treatment of deep vein thrombosis is very important for the
quality of the patient’s future life. In late cases, the increase in
diameter of the leg may become permanent.

Lymph Vessel Diseases and Their Treatments: Lymph vessels constitute the
most important link of the lymph drainage system, which carries the lymph fluid
between the tissues to join the blood circulation. After poor foot hygiene
and fungal infections, as a result of the spread of bacteria under the skin,
lymphangitis, which is called lymphangitis and causes redness in the leg with
high fever, may occur. It is very important for the success of the
treatment that patients whose complaints have disappeared with medication, pay
attention to their foot health in order to prevent relapses. As a result
of recurrent attacks of lymphangitis, a clinical picture called lymphedema,
which negatively affects the quality of life of the patient, progresses with an
increase in the diameter of the leg and is extremely difficult to treat.

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