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Neurology is a branch of medicine that deals with the diseases of the brain, cerebellum,
brainstem and spinal cord of the central nervous system, as well as all nerves
and muscles of the peripheral nervous system.

Neurology is a branch in which the patient-physician relationship is very
important. Because after the treatment begins, the patient-physician
relationship must be very close. Neurology is a branch in which changes
such as drug changes, dose increase and decrease are made frequently.

Therefore, neurological examinations and controls should be performed at frequent
intervals in the treatment of neurological diseases.

Department of neurology diagnosis and treatment services

EEG and EMG examinations are performed in our electrophysiology laboratories.


Stroke-paralysis (due to vascular occlusion, brain hemorrhage)

Epilepsy (Sara disease)

Parkinson’s Disease and other movement disorders

Dementia (Dementia), Alzheimer’s Disease

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

Headaches (Tension Type Headache, Migraine, Henna Headache, Chronic Medication-Related

Dizziness (Vertigo)

Gait and balance disorders

Neck and lumbar hernias

Nerve injuries and compression in the arms and legs

Facial paralysis

Sleeping disorders

Nervous system infections (encephalitis, meningitis)

Trigeminal Neuralgia

Neuropathic pain (due to diabetes or other causes)

Which Complaints Should You Consult a Neurology Doctor?

In all headaches


Pain radiating from the neck to the back and arms, or pain radiating from the waist
to the legs, numbness

Numbness in the hands, tingling, pain in the fingertips

Burning, tingling, tingling, numbness, chills in the feet

All kinds of fainting, loss of consciousness

When you feel your face or mouth slipping

In cases of sudden severe short-term pain in one half of your face

Sudden strength, loss of numbness in the right or left half of the body

Sudden loss of vision and decreased vision

In all kinds of speech disorders

Sudden or gradual personality and behavioral changes

Tremors in the hands, head or one half of the body, slow movement

Insomnia, excessive daytime sleepiness

Restlessness in the legs, desire to move the legs continuously

Emg laboratory

It is the electrical examination of the nerves and muscles in our body.

Nerve injuries

Nerve damage due to diabetes

Neck and herniated disc

Nerve jams

Diagnosing muscle diseases

It is performed for the diagnosis of spinal cord diseases with muscle wasting.

The electrical conduction functions of the nerves are measured by using a linear
electric current at a level that does not disturb the patient much. For
this, low-intensity electrical current is applied to the fingers and skin areas
on the nerves and this current is collected with computerized instruments from
the nerve or elsewhere in the skin. Thus, it is understood whether the
nerve functions properly or not.

By placing thin-diameter disposable sterile needle-shaped electrodes inside the
muscles, it is understood whether the nerve of the examined muscle is diseased,
or whether the muscle is healthy, by monitoring and analyzing the electrical
activity in the muscles on the EMG device screen.

Coming to the review

You should come lightly,

If there are medicines he uses regularly, there is no harm in taking them. However,
some medications should not be used in special cases, in such cases, the
necessary warning is given by the physician in advance. (If blood thinners are used, the physician
should be told.)

Wearing comfortable clothing makes it easy to examine. Female patients are
recommended not to wear pantyhose. You should come clean with a bath.

If he has a pacemaker, it is recommended to warn the physician before the

Eeg laboratory

EEG is the printing of the electrical activity that occurs during both wakefulness
and sleep state by nerve cells in the brain as brain waves.

In which situations?

The normal electrical activity of the brain is impaired in many cases, especially
epilepsy (epilepsy). Information about the location and form of this
disorder is obtained by evaluating the brain waves that make up the
EEG. Examination methods developed later than EEG, such as computed
tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), do not provide
information about the electrical activity of the brain. Especially in
the diagnosis of epilepsy and determination of its types,
the method that will decide the treatment is EEG.

How is an EEG taken?

The electrical activity of the brain is transmitted to the EEG device via small
metal electrodes placed on the scalp of the patient and the data are recorded
on the computer for an average of 20-30 minutes (longer if necessary).

It is not possible to give electricity to the patient during the shooting and the
patient does not feel any pain.

In order to get a quality recording without interference, the patient should keep
his / her eyes closed, relax the jaw and neck muscles, and remain as still as
possible, unless otherwise desired.

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