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The Department of Neurology, which has a
multidisciplinary relationship with many different branches of medicine today,
is known as a branch of medical science in which treatments of cases other than
diagnosis and surgery are applied. Neurologists, who determine the
treatment methods by examining diseases in the brain, brain stem, peripheral
nervous systems and spinal cord muscles, implement treatment programs by
evaluating many factors such as the patient’s clinical history, family
relationships, and social life style in order to ensure that the diagnosis and
treatment meet expectations. .

Neurology, epilepsy, which was divided into
sub-disciplines over time from being a limited and closed discipline. It
has had a wide range of applications such as brain vessel disorders, movement
disorders, dementia and sleep disorders.

About the Chapter

The Neurology unit, which provides services for the
diagnosis and treatment of diseases caused by the nervous system in the body,
is concerned with the emergence of electrical abnormalities in the body and
possible symptoms. Neurology is concerned with the diagnosis and treatment
of nervous disorders that affect almost the entire body, together with its
sub-branches. While diseases that develop due to many different reasons
cause deterioration in the nervous system, some neurological diseases can also
have negative effects on other organ systems.

Patients who apply to neurology services suffer from
complaints that manifest in many different ways. In general, symptoms such
as headache, epileptic symptoms that cause changes in consciousness, numbness
in hands and feet, dizziness, pain in muscles and weakness are evaluated by
specialist neurologists working in neurology services. Diagnoses of
patients referred to the neurology department are subjected to EEG and EMG
tests, and roadmaps for their treatment are created.

EEG tests generally provide significant benefits in
examining epilepsy patients who cause different body and behavioral changes due
to changes in consciousness. The fact that all tests and observations can
be made under the same roof in hospitals and many health institutions allows to
have a more advantageous position in the diagnosis and treatment of the
disease. Imaging, laboratory tests, the patient’s medical history and the
ongoing picture of the disease are important components for the treatment to
give results in a short time.

In general, there are many different brain disorders in
neurology units, where brain and spinal cord disorders are the basis.

Disturbances in the frontal lobe of the brain,

temporal lobe damage,

Damages in the lateral lobes,

Damages in the occipital region are among the injuries in
the brain region and evaluated within the scope of neurology.


Practices in the neurology department of hospitals and
health institutions are carried out with great care by physicians specialized
in neurology. Physicians, who apply treatment methods that may vary for
different functional injuries, diagnose and treat many different diseases,
especially brain and vascular diseases.

Peripheral Nerve Diseases

The region of the nervous system within the spinal cord
and the skull cavity is called the central nervous system, and the parts that
spread throughout the body are called the peripheral nervous system. In
such diseases, the nerve fibers coming out of the brain may be involved in any
part of the body and may play a role in the formation of the
disorder. Depending on the progression of the disease, physical therapy
applications, drugs and surgical treatment methods can be applied. If the
treatments recommended by the physician in neurological diseases are applied in
a great discipline by the relatives of the patient, the quality of life of the
patient shows significant positive developments.

Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias 

Alzheimer’s is an insidious disease and actually begins
to show itself with small signs of forgetfulness. Patients often forget
where they put their belongings and names, and this forgetting process begins
to continue increasingly. Alzheimer’s can also cause dementias such as
dementia. Early diagnosis and timely correct treatment are the most
necessary conditions for these diseases not to affect your life negatively.

Epilepsy Disease 

A multidisciplinary approach is imperative in the
diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy. The drugs given to epilepsy patients
who are treated with two different applications, medication and surgical
intervention, may vary depending on the age of the patient and the type of seizure
he has had.

Epilepsy, which can also be described as abnormal
electrical discharges, is a disorder that starts suddenly in the brain cells
and becomes stagnant with the discharge of electricity. This ailment,
which is known colloquially as “episode”, is among the problems
frequently encountered by neurology units. Epilepsy is a disease that
everyone can experience, regardless of gender and age, sometimes recurring
spontaneously and sometimes with the factors that trigger the
disease. Early diagnosis of the disease is very important.

Parkinson’s Disease 

Parkinson’s disease presents with tremors, incoordination
and slowness of movements. It is especially seen in the elderly and more
often over the age of 60. Early diagnosis is also very important in Parkinson’s
treatment, first of all, drug treatment is recommended in the disease, if an
unresolved situation occurs, different methods are preferred.

Multiple Sclerosis 

Multiple Sclerosis, ie MS disease, can show symptoms such
as partial paralysis, inconsistency in movements, weakness in the muscles,
especially seen in attacks. Multiple Sclerosis or MS Treatment differs
from person to person, so neurologists do not recommend the same treatment
method for every MS patient.

Cerebrovascular Diseases 

Cerebrovascular Diseases are also known as stroke among
the people. In patients with symptoms such as muscle weakness or
imbalance, which may occur as a result of occlusion or bleeding in the brain
vessels, people should see a neurologist as soon as possible. Cerebrovascular
diseases, which occur due to occlusion of the brain vessels and cause bleeding,
cause disorders in the central nervous system, which are called
“stroke” among the people. Such diseases that cause permanent
damage can develop depending on genetic factors as well as lifestyle.

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