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Aesthetic Plastic Reconstructive Surgery

Plastic Surgery is a medical branch that works to improve physical functions and minimize deformities and scars (scar) caused by accidents, diseases or congenital anomalies. Plastic Surgery, as it is widely known, includes aesthetic surgery that reshapes the facial and body features and improves the physical appearance.

Major Activities Performed in Our Department

What is Nose Aesthetics / Rhinoplasty? What Is It Aiming?

Rhinoplasty, aesthetic nose surgery is performed to harmonize the existing appearance of the nose with the other parts of the face. In this way, it can be planned considering that it will help people increase self-confidence, change body perception and change psychological life positively.

In rhinoplasty surgery, not only the shape of the nose, but also respiratory problems, if any, are taken care of. While changing the shape of the nose, it is aimed not to damage its function.

Both the curvatures in the middle of the nose that prevent breathing (“septum deviation”) and the growths in the structures located on the side walls of the nostrils (“concha”) are corrected by nasal aesthetics.

What is Prominent Ear Surgery?

Ear aesthetics is called “otoplasty”. Deformities caused by genetic, birth or external effects are corrected by ear aesthetic surgeries. The goal is to return the angle between the ears and the head to normal.

What is Hair Transplantation with FUE Method?

When it comes to hair transplant procedures, the first option that comes to mind is the FUE method. The FUE method is a surgical method, but it is a procedure that should be performed in the operating room environment with the help of surgeons and surgical technicians.

Patient satisfaction rates with FUE method hair transplantation are higher than other methods. Scientific data support this. Removal of hair follicles with the help of small needles instead of surgical incisions causes less pain and shortens the time for the employee to return to work.

What is the Purpose of Breast Augmentation Aesthetics?

First of all, it is aimed to increase the fullness and projection of your breasts. In this way, you can have more balanced and symmetrical breasts. Your appearance and your self-confidence are greatly increased. General opinion in the medical world; To obtain the most permanent breast aesthetic results, silicone prostheses should be used.

-Breast augmentation operation; It can be easily applied to women who find the size and volume of their breasts insufficient, who want to eliminate the loss of fullness after pregnancy or weight loss, and who want to get rid of the deformations that occur after birth or breastfeeding.

What Is The Purpose Of Breast Reduction Aesthetics?

If your breasts have a disproportionate structure compared to your body lines; you have big, heavy breasts with sagging ends; one breast is larger or smaller than the other; pain in your neck and back due to large breasts; If irritation or similar situations occur between the breasts; If you cannot do some physical activities due to the large volume of breasts, you can have breasts that are proportional, aesthetic and do not cause trouble thanks to the breast reduction operation.

What is Gynecomastia?

Thanks to the development of aesthetic surgery techniques, breast growth problems that can be seen in men can be eliminated. Gynecomastia can be done in two ways. The first of these is the removal of excess fat in the breasts by liposuction method. The second method is to reduce the size of the breasts surgically.

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is translated into Turkish as fat removal. The goal is to absorb fat that is excess and cannot be melted with exercise. Liposhaping, Lipoline, Liposoft, Lipoplasty etc. The so-called procedures have the same function as liposuction. Liposuction is not a weight loss surgery, but it is used to remove localized fat in places such as the hip and abdomen that do not melt after weight loss.

What is Vaginal Aesthetics?

These are operations performed to correct the deformities that women experience in their sexual areas.

Genital aesthetic surgeries are examined in two scopes. The first part includes the large outer lips called Labia and its surgical correction. The second part is the surgery to narrow the enlargement of the vagina, especially after birth. Both surgeries can be performed separately or together at the same time. In these surgeries, uterine prolapse or bladder prolapse can be performed together with obstetricians.

Hymen repair is also performed as a part of genital aesthetics. The hymen is repaired temporarily by stitching method or permanently by flap method.

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