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Physical therapy and rehabilitation

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We provide professional support in Physical therapy and rehabilitation.


Physical therapy and rehabilitation

”Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PHR) is a
specialty in medicine that aims to enable individuals who have or are likely to
experience disability to function in the most appropriate way in interaction
with the environment.
FTR is a very special and unique medical specialty, which applies strategies
from acute hospital care to the community, different from other medical
specialties that deal only with diagnosis and treatment in this aspect.

Competence areas of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation professionals

Medical evaluation to determine the diagnosis

Evaluating functional capacity and ability to change

Evaluating activity and participation as well as
contextual factors

Creating the rehabilitation plan

Information, experience and practice about medical and
physical treatments

Outcome evaluation and measurement

Prevention and treatment of complications

Determining the course of the disease / health condition
and rehabilitation results

Information about rehabilitation technologies

Team dynamics and leadership skills

Training skills

Social system and legislation information about disability

Application areas of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation experts:

1- Medicalprocedures

Medicines aimed at improving and restoring body
structures and / or function (eg pain relief, inflammation therapy, muscle tone
correction, cognitive function improvement, physical performance)

Practical applications including injections and different
ways of drug administration

Evaluation and review of initiatives

Determining the prognosis

2- Physical therapies  

Manual treatment techniques for reversible stiff joints
and associated soft tissue dysfunctions

Kinesiotherapy (movement therapy) and exercise therapy

Electrotherapy (treatments using electric currents)

Other treatments including ultrasound, hot and cold
applications, phototherapy (eg laser therapy), hydrotherapy and balneotherapy
(spa treatment), diathermy (deep heaters), massage therapy and lymphatic
therapy (manual lymphatic drainage)

3- Occupational treatment
Analyzing activities such as daily life activities and occupations and
supporting deteriorated body structures (such as the use of splints)

Teaching the patient skills to overcome obstacles in
daily living activities (e.g. arranging special activities)

Training impaired function and cognitive activities

Increasing motivation
4- Speech therapy and language treatments within complex special rehabilitation programs

5- Dysphagia (swallowing disorders) treatment

6- Neurophysiological interventions

7- Disability equipment, assistive technology, prostheses, orthoses, technical supports and assistants

8- Patient education

Diseases treated by Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation specialists:

Painful situations


Musculoskeletal pain (neck and back pain)

Fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndrome, and chronic pain


Spinal cord injuries

Traumatic brain injury

Sports injuries

Work-related injuries
Other situations requiring rehabilitation



Cancer rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation

Pediatric rehabilitation

Geriatric rehabilitation
Other Diseases


Post-polio syndrome

Multiple sclerosis

Rheumatic diseases

Answers to the Following Questions;

Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Specialist or  is in shape

Which department to go for manual treatment techniques for
recyclable stiff joints and associated soft tissue dysfunctions, which doctor
to go for kinesiotherapy (movement therapy) and exercise therapy, which doctor
to go for electrotherapy (treatments using electric currents), • Ultrasound,
hot and cold to which department to go for applications, phototherapy (eg laser
therapy), • which department to go for hydrotherapy and balneotherapy (spa
treatment), diathermy (deep heaters), massage therapy and other treatments
including lymphatic therapy (manual lymphatic drainage), • • • Which doctor to
go to to train the impaired function and cognitive activities, • Which
department to go to to increase motivation, Which doctor to go for the
treatment of dysphagia (swallowing disorders), • Which department to go for
arthritis,• Which doctor to go for musculoskeletal pain (neck and back pain), •
Which doctor to go for fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndrome and chronic pain
syndrome, • Which department to go to for spinal cord injuries, • Which doctor
to go for traumatic brain injury, • Sports injuries Which department to go to,
• Which doctor to go for work-related injuries, • Which department to go for
amputations, • Which doctor to go for stroke, • Which department to go for
cancer rehabilitation, • Which doctor to go for cardiac rehabilitation, • Which
department for pediatric rehabilitation to go, • Which doctor to go for
geriatric rehabilitation, • Which department to go for osteoporosis, • Which
doctor to go for post-polio syndrome, • Which department to go for multiple
sclerosis, • Which doctor to go for rheumatic diseases.

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