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Aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery

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Aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery

Lip filling (oil injection – oil graft applications)

Lip filling (oil injection) is also widely used today and
is a very successful application in appropriate cases. Oil injections can be
used all over the body today, especially in the face region, allowing us to do
many applications that require prosthesis until prostrate.

It can be used for breast enlargement and breast
asymmetry when necessary. The appropriate oil that can be used is of course
only obtained by liposuction.

An ideal nose should be able to breathe well and have an
elegant look by adapting in a balanced way to the whole of the face. In
aesthetic nose surgery, in rhinoplasty, our aim should be to obtain a natural
appearance that will primarily harmonize with other facial aesthetic units
(mouth, jaw, forehead, eyes, cheeks). The operation to be done in order to
obtain a natural appearance must be specially planned.

Rhinosplasty can be performed on any patient who has
completed 18 years of age, complained about the appearance of the nose, has a
realistic desire, and permits the health status. it is possible to eliminate
the nasal obstruction complications with the aesthetic surgery in those who
have trouble breathing. Since the development of bone is earlier in girls,
rhinoplasty operation can be performed with the patient’s interest from the age
of 16 when there is disturbing deformity in advanced degree.

Before the operation is decided, the situation of the
person should be discussed between the patient and the physician in detail and
the plans to be done in the operation should be planned. The operation is
usually performed under general anesthesia. Increased swelling and bruising can
occur within the first 3 days after the operation. These swellings and bruises
usually resolve within 10 days. The nose should be held in the splint for at
least 1 week. It takes at least 6 months, about 1 year to get the last shape of
the bow.


In abdominoplasty (abdominal stretching) surgery, the
flesh on the abdominal wall and the fat under the skin are removed. Liposuction
can also be applied together to shape the waist region and sides. Tissue called
fascience on the abdominal muscles is also tightened to improve the looseness
and dull appearance of the abdomen. The belly button is also minimized to get a
more aesthetic look. Appropriate candidates for abdominal stretch surgery are
those who are close to their ideal weight and whose health status is good and
who do not smoke.

Post-operatively, there will be stitches between the two
pelvic projection and around the belly buttonhole. Mini abdomioplasty can be
applied in some cases where the abdomen is not very sagging and the looseness
is mild. In this case, the stitches between the pelvic bones will be shorter
and there will be no stitches around the belly buttonhole. These stitch tracks
will become partially obscured within months. 

Some patients who are overweight may require operation in
the form of belts called “Belt lipectomy” in the form of a procedure
in which the skin of the ducks in the abdomen, back and waist region are

Patients will feel relaxed for as little as a week after
surgery. When lying down, the waist and knees will have to be twisted, which
means lying on their back often.

The top of the cuts will be covered with bands and the
patient can take a shower from the next week after surgery. Usually a corset is
used for a month. The drain that collects blood and tissue fluid in the
operation area is used for 2-3 days. 

It is usually possible to return to table-top jobs after
2-4 weeks, and to jobs with mild physical activity after 4-6 weeks. After about
two months, old physical activity can be completely reversed. Exercises can be
done in the first two weeks of walking on a flat road, followed by a downhill
walk. Pilates and other challenging exercises should be waited for at least
four weeks.

Ear Aesthetic Surgery

Often it is necessary to perform aesthetic ear operations
aimed at correcting large, asymmetrical and / or scooped ears. If the bucket’s
bucket is curled more forward than normal, a prominent ear or a saddle ear is
provided. Inadequate development of the Y-shaped fold in the ear lobster, or even
possible, is usually the main reason. In buccal ear surgery, the ear is
inserted from behind and the special shape of the gyrus is curved

If most of the ear development (80%) is believed to be
completed by the age of 5-6, it is possible to do this operation before the
school age begins. Thus, the child’s mental condition can be avoided
negativity. Ear surgery, however, can be performed at older ages.

At the end of the buccal ear surgery, a printed bandage
is applied on both ears and the use of these bandages should continue for a
total of 3 weeks, so that the first 2 weeks will be continuous day and night,
and the next one week will be the nights.

Arm stretching – thigh stretching

Due to the loss of elastic fibers giving elasticity to
the skin, the skin loosens and sags due to the effect of skin gravity due to
aging and the decrease of the subcutaneous support tissues after weight gain.
In addition, cigarettes, sun rays and so on. The effects also trigger the
event. Cheeks, abdomen, nipples, arms and thighs are the areas most affected by
this condition. In these deformations, which cannot be satisfactory with
medical aesthetic applications, the definitive solution is only surgery

Thickening of the region between the shoulder and elbow
and minimal sagging due to this, liposuction alone is sufficient. However, arm
stretch surgery is inevitable especially if excessive weight gains and / or
loss of appetite due to aging or severe sagging. Surgical skin and fat tissue
is removed during surgery. The only annoying aspect of arm stretching surgery
is the operation inside the arm, extending from the elbow to the underarm. Here
the preference of the patient is important. Is it a thick and saggy arm, or is
it a tense, but only an indication of an operation when the arms are lifted?

A similar procedure can be followed to correct extreme
sagging in the thigh area. Post-operatively, traces extend from the inner thigh
to the knee region.

Leg Aesthetics

The most common problems with legs are that their legs
are skewed, thin or asymmetric. Many women avoid wearing skirts just because of
this reason. It is possible to solve these problems with different methods.

The most common procedure is to inject liposuction fat
into the biceps after treatment with liposuction from any area such as the
abdomen or head. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia and sedation
support or under general anesthesia.

Another method for lower leg flexion and asymmetry is the
use of silicone prosthesis.


Liposuction, that is, negatively pressurized fat removal
operation when done in accordance with the appropriate person can give very
successful and satisfactory results, is

a trace-free operation. Unfortunately, with the
exaggeration and misinformation of the media, there is widespread awareness
that the liposuction process among the public is a mysterious process to get
rid of excess poultry without diet and sports.

With liposuction, we can achieve the best results in
weight loss and abnormal lubrications that are concentrated in certain areas of
the body such as hips, bases, thighs that do not improve with sports.

Better results can be obtained by liposuction combined
with breast reduction, abdominal stretching, and other surgeries.

Face – Neck Tension

Changes in the skin structure caused by aging and the
effect of gravitation, sagging of the cheeks, wrinkles on the face and
deepening of the grooves are evaluated as old age statements and face lift
surgery is performed in order to bring these changes back to their old state.
If necessary, eyebrow removal, eyelid aesthetic, neck stretching and so on. The
addition of operations allows the face to appear in a harmony. There are
several types of face lift operations, their skin incisions are the same, but the
anatomic plans being worked on are different. Which technique is chosen depends
on the needs and expectations of the patient.

In facelift operations, skin cuts are made at scalp,
behind the ear, and at the junction of the ear and the side, so that the traces
are hidden and noticed when viewed. The neck stretching process can also be
performed at the same time without the need for an extra skin junction. Thus,
the sagging and wrinkles in the neck are also corrected. At the same time, if
the drooping and gushing occurs under the chin, this problem is corrected and a
fresh face and neck appearance is obtained.

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