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We provide professional support in Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. 


Aesthetic surgery 

Tummy Tuck / (Abdominoplasty): Those who have excess
skin and fat in the abdomen that cannot be removed despite the regime or
sports, those who gain and lose excessive weight, those who have sagging in
their abdominal wall and skin due to aging, those who are cracking and
excessive loosening of the abdominal muscles and skin elasticity that occurs
with age. In such cases, abdominoplasty can be performed.

Liposuction / (Fat Removal):With the development and
progress of aesthetic plastic surgery, liposuction applications have increased
rapidly and it has become a daily surgical procedure that can be performed even
with local anesthesia. Liposuction: Surgical removal of adipose tissue
from under the skin surface with vacuum. It is used to reduce excess fat
in any part of the body. It is an excellent method for reducing fullness
locally, but it is not an effective weight loss method. There is no exact
age limit for liposuction. The best candidates for liposuction are people
of relatively normal weight but with excess fat in certain
areas. Liposuction can be applied all over the body. It can be applied
to the abdomen, waist, hips, hips, back, neck, legs and knees in women, breasts
(gynecomastia), abdomen and waist regions in men. With the removal of
excess fat in these areas, the patient’s body lines improve and the patient
looks more aesthetic and weakened. Liposuction is not a weight loss
method, but the patient looks weak because the body contours are improved.

Breast Augmentation: Breast augmentation
surgery; It can be applied to those who have insufficient breast growth
due to genetic or hormonal reasons, those who have asymmetrical differences in
their breasts, those whose breasts have undergone involution as a result of
pregnancy or excess weight loss, and those who want to have larger
breasts. Breast augmentation surgery is usually performed using silicone
gel or saline breast prostheses. Prostheses differ in diameter, shape,
content, surface and volume.

Breast Reduction: Big breasts cause many problems in
women’s life. These structures, which are unattractive when larger than
normal sizes, are heavy, patients find it difficult to carry them, causing neck
and back pain, fungal infections under the breast, posture changes, bad and
sweaty odor and even lung problems. In addition, because it is a woman, it
makes it look big and fat. The purpose of breast reduction surgery is to
reduce the volume, reshape and correct its aesthetic appearance. The
breast tissue is reduced, the nipple is lifted to its new place of ideal size
and the excess skin is removed. As a result, a downward scar in an
inverted T shape remains. (A ring-shaped scar around the nipple, a line
going down in the front center and a horizontal thin line under the breast.)

Breast Lift: Breast sagging and lowness are among
the most disturbing conditions for women. It can be due to aging,
breastfeeding, menopause, excessive weight loss, and family reasons. The
upper part of the breast becomes flat and indistinct, while the lower part
hangs down. Breast skin often loses its elasticity and becomes
weak. This is how the affected breasts are corrected with a breast lift
surgery technique called mastopexy. The type of technique to be chosen
varies according to the condition of the breast and from patient to
patient. The excess skin and the nipple, which is sometimes much larger
than normal, are reduced. Usually a thin scar in the form of a vertical
line from the nipple downwards. Sometimes, in addition to these, a third
incision can be made under the breast.

Nose Aesthetics / (Rhinoplasty): It is the most common
plastic surgery performed today. The best candidates for rhinoplasty are
those who come to correct their appearance, not for the perfect nose. You
may be a good candidate if you are physically healthy and psychologically
balanced and realistic in your expectations. Rhinoplasty can be performed to
achieve aesthetic purposes or to correct the curvatures in the nose and to
correct respiratory difficulties by opening the obstructions. It is also
applied for the repair of nose damage caused by accident or other
reasons. In some other patients, they want their noses to be corrected
aesthetically when they are operated due to deviation. Rhinoplasty surgery
is performed after the development of facial bones is completed, that is, after
the age of 16 for girls and 17 for boys in adolescence.

Face Lift: Facelift is the removal of the loose or
sagging facial skin of the patient and giving a younger face
appearance. The effect of gravity, sun rays and the stress of daily life
cause signs of aging on people’s faces. They become prominent on the face
in the form of deep lines, wrinkles, folds and fat accumulations on and around
the eyelids, around the mouth and cheeks, under the chin and on the
neck. In this application, the basic principle is to bring the sagging and
loosening tissues such as muscle, fat and skin to their old places and to
remove the excess. In facelift surgery, not only cheek and neck but also
“Forehead Lift” and “Eyelid Aesthetics” operations can be
performed in combination.

Lip Aesthetics: Lips have a very important place in
the aesthetic appearance of the face. For this reason, the lively and
plump appearance of the lips strengthens the expression of youth and health in
our face. Lip augmentation can be done with the tissues taken from the
patient’s own body or with some implant materials. When it is done with
the patient’s own body tissues, the patient can return to his normal life
within 2-3 days.

Dermabrasion (Skin Peeling): Dermabrasion is a
treatment method that restructures the upper layers of the skin through
controlled surgical peels. This treatment softens the bumps and scars that
disrupt the smoothness of the skin, giving the skin a smoother
appearance. It is also frequently used in the treatment of spots on the
skin. Dermabrasion is mostly applied to correct the scars left by accidents
or previous operations and fine facial wrinkles at the mouth.

Botox Application: Wrinkles and lines on the face develop
due to aging, gravity and the use of mimic muscles. To date, many surgical
and medical solutions have been proposed to correct these wrinkles. In
cases where facial lines develop as a result of the pulling of the underlying
mimic muscles, botulinum toxin weakens the underlying overactive muscle,
reducing and correcting wrinkles. For this reason, each facial
rejuvenation procedure should be directed to the etiology of the cosmetic
problem to be corrected. At the same time, medical applications such as
botolinum toxin, which is applied in a short time and has less side effects,
are used more in the world in cases who do not want to interrupt their social
life and in cases with hypertension, diabetes and other chronic heart and lung
diseases that pose a risk for the operation. Compared to operative
techniques, the duration of the procedure, significant increase in patient
comfort, shorter recovery period; Compared to other medical techniques,
the lack of allergic reactions and the limited use of fillers around the eyes
are the advantages of botox application.


Maxillofacial Surgery: It is the correction of all
kinds of deformities and functional disorders of the soft tissues and facial
bones of the face region, congenital or after an accident. Other
congenital anomalies such as cleft lip and cleft palate fall into this
group. Since the auricle is not partially or completely congenital, the
auricle is formed again from the ribs.

Microsurgical Operations: These are methods based on
suturing very thin vessels and nerves under the operating microscope and used
for various purposes. Covering open wounds with free tissue transfer,
treatment of facial paralysis, and replantation of severed limbs are examples
of this surgery group.

Oncological Reconstructive Surgery: It is the
correction of functional and deformity caused by removing a tumor from any part
of the body. Reconstruction of the breast, reconstruction of the jawbone
are examples and it is often performed with the use of microsurgical surgery

Hand Surgery: It is the correction of all kinds of
congenital and subsequent functional and deformities of the arm, forearm and
hand, nerve, muscle, tendon and bone structures.

Burn Treatment: It is to cover
the burn with skin grafts in the early period and to correct the
movement restrictions and scars in the late period.

Wounds: It is possible to close all kinds of simple
and complicated wounds with various medical and surgical methods. Chronic
wounds, wounds that cannot be closed due to vascular reasons, pressure sores
and diabetic wounds are healed.

Removal of Scars: It is performed by using different
treatment methods by evaluating very specific conditions for the patient in
order to reduce the clarity of scars caused by trauma or surgical intervention.

Congenital Anomalies: In children, cleft lip and
palate in the face, deformities in the face and skull bones, congenital cysts
and tumors, more or less normal fingers in the hands, congenital deformities of
the hand and wrist, adherence of fingers, known as prophetic circumcision
Treatment of congenital penile anomalies and congenital deformities seen in all
areas of the body are among corrective plastic operations.

Accidents: It covers the surgical treatment of
injuries caused by accidents. Among these, all traffic accidents, firearm
injuries, burns and dull injuries, starting from simple skin incisions up to the
size that threaten human life, are within the scope of plastic surgery. In
all these types of injuries, the disruption of tissue integrity, which occurs
due to various reasons, is a part of plastic surgery practice to ensure the
re-integrity of the tissues, to repair the missing tissues with tissues taken
from other parts of the body.

Tumors: Surgical treatment of benign and malignant
tumors of the skin and surgical treatment of benign and malignant tumors in the
oral cavity, tongue, lips and face in the head and neck include repair
operations to be performed to ensure normal appearance and function.
Reconstruction of the breast with the patient’s own tissues or prosthesis after
the surgical treatment of increasing breast cancer is among the common interventions.

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