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The andrology department, which deals with male reproductive and sexual health, is considered as a subheading of urology. It addresses problems related to male reproductive and sexual health. 

Interests of Andrology

Male infertility

Erection problems

Loss of sexual desire

Structural / deformities in the penis

Ejaculation (ejaculation) disorders

Orgasm problems

Sexually transmitted diseases

Varicocele (varicose veins in the testicles)

Prostate diseases

Aging male

Male Infertility

Inability to conceive despite unprotected and regular intercourse for a year is considered as infertility. 10-15% of couples apply to a doctor because of infertility. When the reasons are examined in these couples, it is understood that the problems are caused by 50 percent male and 50 percent female. Genetic diseases, absence of sperm conduction ducts (ductus deferens), undescended testis, previous mumps and mumps-related testicular infection (impairs sperm production), sexually transmitted diseases(It can create obstructions in the sperm conduction channels), diseases that disrupt the hormone balance, drugs used, chemicals (by disrupting the hormone balance or directly disrupting sperm production), varicocele, drugs used in cancer and cancer treatment, smoking and environmental pollution are the leading causes of male infertility. Diseases can cause infertility by creating blockages in sperm production or sperm transmission pathways.

The first test to investigate infertility treatment is the spermiogram. With this test, clues of many diseases are determined and detailed examinations are requested accordingly. In the treatment of infertility, first of all, the factors causing the problem should be determined and the treatment should be planned according to the cause.

Erection Problems

Inability to maintain or maintain sufficient stiffness for sexual intercourse is defined as ” Erectile Difficulty / Impotence “. Erection problems can be caused by intense stress load such as incompatibility / conflict with the spouse, negativity in work and working conditions, economic insufficiencies, as well as diseases that disrupt the blood and nerve circulation of the penis such as heart, diabetes or nervous diseases. Again, factors that damage the vascular system such as smoking, alcohol, high cholesterol can cause erectile dysfunction.

Structural Disorders of the Penis

Congenital or acquired penile curvature are the most common structural disorders.

Penile curvature; It is the condition that the penis is curved in any direction and this is in a size that will prevent sexual intercourse. Penile curvatures from the birth of sexual intercourse are called ‘congenital penile curvature’. It may need to be corrected surgically.

The reason for acquired curvature in advanced ages is Peyronie’s Disease. This problem, which starts with pain during erection, is the condition of calcification in the penis layers. In this disease, which progresses in two phases as acute and chronic, drug therapy is applied in the painful acute phase. The acute period can last between 12-18 months. During this time, the calcification layer we call plaque may grow or shrink or rarely disappear completely. After this period, which we call the plaque maturation process, the plaque shape remains constant and a chronic period occurs. In the chronic period, the pain disappears and the curvature / deformity of the penis develops. During this period, surgical treatments are applied.

Ejaculation Disorders

Although ejaculation, which gives sexual pleasure, is synonymous with orgasm in men, orgasm can occur without ejaculation or ejaculation orgasm. Different ejaculation problems can be seen, such as early ejaculation, lack of ejaculation, inward or backward ejaculation, and late ejaculation. In ejaculation treatment, first of all, the factors causing the problem should be determined and the cause-oriented treatment should be planned.

Premature ejaculationis the most common ejaculation problem. During sexual intercourse, the semen coming in before the man’s 1 minute or before his partner reaches orgasm and it continues in more than 50% of sexual intercourse is called “Premature Ejaculation”. In some men, this problem may start at the first intercourse and continue for a lifetime. In some men, it may occur due to some disorders that occur over time (such as prostate disease, infections, psychological factors, diabetes, thyroid, etc.). In these cases, the elimination of the causative ailments will also end the problem. Although some people have normal intercourse time, they have a psychological obsession that there is a premature ejaculation period. Sex therapies in the treatment of premature ejaculation,

Sexually transmitted diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases are common in the young active age group of reproductive age. If the infections that occur are not treated, they become the cause of infertility in the future due to factors such as blockage in the sperm ducts and the presence of chronic infection. Although skin lesions cause bad appearance in men, they are among the primary causes of cervical cancer in women. Those with lesions called warts must be checked with their partner.


It is a condition that is seen in 15% of adult males, but is detected in 20-40% of patients admitted for infertility.

Pathogenesis (formation) of varicocele

Varicocele can be more clearly referred to as varicose veins of testicular veins. The testicle starts its development in the embryo stage in the mother’s womb, right next to the kidney and goes down to the scrotum by migrating in the abdomen until birth. For this reason, the testicular vessels show a downward course from the posterior abdominal wall, and varicose dilation occurs in the testicular vessels due to this pressure when the intra-abdominal pressure increases. The frequency of varicocele increases in young athletes, in people who work hard on the feet, in people who lift weights, in cases of increased intra-abdominal pressure such as asthma, chronic cough and constipation.

Depending on the angulation and vessel variations in the junction of varicocele vascular structures with renal vessels and the main vein, 90% of the left side is seen. It is seen bilaterally around 10%. Due to the low incidence on the right side, it is useful to perform an intra-abdominal ultrasonography to evaluate the possibility of a tumor or mass compressing the vein in the right varicoceles.

Grading varicocele

During the examination, the veins are at a level that can be seen from the outside. Stage 3

Stage 2 if dilated veins are felt by palpation (on palpation)

If the tongue veins are felt only during the valsalva (straining) maneuver, there is a stage 1 varicocele.

However, it should not be forgotten that the varicocele stage is not correlated with the rates of influence on sperm parameters. In other words, even in stage 1 varicocele, sperm parameters can be severely deteriorated, while stage 3 varicocele may not be impaired.

Prostate Diseases

Prostate diseases in men usually occur after 25-30 years of age. As in all other disease, enlarged prostate and prostate cancer is also important in diseases such as early diagnosis and treatment.

Benign Prostate Growth (BPH)

functions with the secretions it secretes. Nerves that provide hardening pass through it.

The secretions secreted by the prostate make up 30-40% of the semen volume and help the sperm to maintain their vitality and mobility in the external environment. The liquid secreted by the prostate, which is alkaline (basic pH = 7.5), gives the semen the appearance of milk, and these secretions first clot the semen and then allow the clot to dissolve.

Prostate secretions create an alkaline environment in the woman’s vagina (pH = 4), which is an acidic environment, and prevents sperms from dying in an acidic environment. It first coagulates the semen in the vagina and provides protection from the acidic environment and then helps the sperms to fertilize the egg by dissolving the clot.

Prostate, which is the fearful dream of many men, starts to grow from the age of 25-30 due to reasons that cannot be fully clarified, and this growth accelerates in the 45-50s. Agents that will stop or slow this growth, such as medical, paramedical food, and drugs are still under investigation.

The prostate is a walnut-sized (18gr) glandular organ that surrounds the urinary canal, which we call the urethra, just in front of the rectum, just below the urinary bladder in all men, and helps reproductive


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