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The discovery of the science of anesthesia is one of the
most important discoveries in the medical world that prolongs human life.

The greatest difficulty experienced when surgical intervention was
required in the treatment of diseases was the suffering of the patients. The
movement of the patients who were to be operated on was tied, limiting their
movement and the patients were in incredible pain. Many of them could not
cope with pain shock and die. With the invention and development of anesthetic
methods, patients can be operated and recovered without pain.  

What is Anesthesia?

Anesthesia can be defined as reversible sleepiness, which
eliminates the sense of consciousness and pain with some medications, and
enables surgical intervention to be performed healthy and comfortably. But
this drowsiness is much different and complicated. The most important and
beautiful aspect of anesthesia is that it is reversible.

Although anesthesia is mostly applied when a surgical intervention is
required, it can also be applied for some diagnostic methods (MR, CT,
Endoscopy, Colonoscopy, Coronary angiography, Biopsy.).

Who is an anesthesiologist?

Anesthesia; It is a procedure performed with a
specialist doctor and anesthesia technician. Anesthesiologists are people
who have specialized in Anesthesia and Reanimation for 5 years after graduating
from the medical school.

The Anesthesiologist ensures that the patient does not
feel pain during the operation, including before and after the operation, does
not remember the intervention, and the necessary fluid and blood needs are met.

Anesthesiologists are people who are equipped with
theoretical and practical knowledge and can use advanced medical technology
that provides advanced life support in intensive care units.

What Are the Expectations of Your Anesthesia from

You should not eat or drink anything within 6 hours
before your surgery. You should remove your denture-prosthesis, eyeglass
contact lenses or hearing aid (if any) on your way to the operating room. In
special cases, you can talk to your anesthesiologist. When taken to the
operating room, all clothes are removed and a clean apron is put on. If
there are any jewelry, accessories and nails, nail polishes and lip paints
should also be removed.  

What are Anesthesia Methods?

The anesthesia method is decided according to the health condition, age,
medical characteristics of the patient and the surgery to be performed.

General Anesthesia

In general anesthesia, it means that patients are completely unconscious.

In adults, while depleting the consciousness of the
patients by administering intravenous drugs; Children are usually given an
oral medication first and then brought to the operating room after being calmed
down. Afterwards, anesthetic gas is given from the respiratory system with
the help of a mask and their consciousness is lost. Later, patients are
mostly anesthetized by intravenous medication and continuous gas delivery from
the lungs through the respiratory tract.

Anesthesia is personal. The age of the patient, the
type and urgency of the surgery, the patient’s current illnesses and fasting
period are very important in determining the anesthesia method. Drug doses
vary depending on these.

Anesthesia may take a few minutes or hours.

 Anesthesia will take as long as the surgery,
examination or intervention should take.

Regional Anesthesia

It means that part of the body is numbed. Local
anesthesia is the use of local anesthetics to anesthetize only the arm, the leg
and sometimes the places close to the relevant nerves.

The most used Regional anesthesia method is Spinal, Epidural and sometimes
a combination of the two.

 Local anesthesia

In small surgical interventions, only that area is
numbed. This application is mostly done by the operator doctor himself. However,
when the patient needs to be calmed down or to monitor his vital functions, he
may seek help from the anesthesiologist.

What is Epidural / Painless Birth?

Nowadays, normal birth can be done painlessly. When
the labor begins, the anesthesiologist is informed upon the request of the
pregnant woman. The anesthetist tries to relieve the pain by injecting a
sterile needle from the waist and inserting a catheter. In fact, a more
comfortable delivery is provided by giving a patient-controlled pain reliever
machine prepared specially for the person. This application has no harm to
the baby. In this way, mothers can immediately hug their baby. In
fact, when the decision for cesarean section is taken, the drugs made from the
epidural also allow the surgical procedure.


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