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Botox Applications

Botox is a kind of toxin used in the treatment of facial
wrinkles and excessive sweating, obtained from the bacterium “Clostridium
Botulinum”. Thanks to Botox, wrinkles between the eyebrows, forehead
and around the eyes can be controlled. Botox must be done by experienced

Which areas can it be applied to?

It is applied to the joints of the upper lip and nose to
reduce the gum appearance in people who have gums when they smile outside the
forehead, eyebrow, eye contour (this is called a gummy smile). Maseter
botox can be applied to reduce the contraction of the muscles close to the
joints of the upper and lower jaws in people with teeth grinding and excessive
clenching. Thus, the clenching of the teeth of the person is reduced, and
the loss of tooth roots and tension headaches due to this are reduced. At
the same time, these people have angular facial features and an image called
“Square Face” has been formed. With Botox, a more oval face is
obtained in these people. This is called “Korean Beauty” because
Asian women are often angular and prefer a slightly more oval face. The
teacher who speaks his profession,

Except those; Downward contraction can be blocked by applying botox to the muscle
in the neck area. Thus, the facial muscles pull the neck upwards and a
long and taut neck image is obtained. This is called “Cleopatra’s
neck”. In short, such an application can also be made in the neck

In addition, botox can be used in sweating treatments. It is possible to benefit from
botox in armpits, palms and soles sweating. While armpit treatments can be
performed in a clinical setting with local anesthetic cream, palms and soles
can be slightly painful, so they are applied after a mild sedation in the
operating room. It shows its effect for at least one year with a single
session. In the meantime, botox made under the armpit also helps loosening
in this area.

How long does botox application take?

Botox process is completed in a short time such as 10-15 minutes. Botox begins
to show its effect approximately 48 hours after the application. It
usually takes 10 days to take its final form.

How often should Botox be repeated?

Although the upper face and neck applications vary depending on the activity of the botox
muscle, it is generally effective between 3 and 6 months. It is possible
to say the same thing about Gummy smile, maseter. It is effective between
8 and 16 months in sweating treatments.

Can Botox be applied to everyone?

In patients with neurological diseases, it can be done with the approval of the neurologist
who follows him. In people with severe allergies, it is possible to apply
a skin test first, if there is no rash or swelling, with the approval of their

From what age can it be applied?

It can be done to anyone over the age of 18 who is considered to be in need. However,
the application dose of each age group is different. The rate of botox
applied to the 45-50 age group is not the same as for the 18-20 age group. In
addition, the application amount varies according to the person.

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