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CGF (concentrated growth factors)

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We provide professional support in CGF (concentrated growth factors).


CGF (concentrated growth factors)

Cgf (concentrated growth factors) – what is cd34 stem cell therapy?

With CGF-CD34 application, it is ensured that the healing potential of the
blood, which can be used to rehabilitate / regenerate the treated cells or
tissues, is intensified.

Stem cells are cells that have various regeneration / regeneration potential and manage rehabilitation. These
cells contain growth factors that are obtained naturally from one’s own blood.

In the CGF-CD34 technique, material close to that obtained in the classical method is also obtained.

CGF-CD34 is the part of the blood with the highest healing potential. It can be applied not only
directly to the tissue, but also intravenously when your doctor deems

CGF-CD34 has been increasingly used in the treatment of various diseases in recent years.
CGF-CD34, which is frequently used as cosmetics and anti-aging, has been used
frequently in musculoskeletal system diseases, injured area healing, wound and
burn treatment and hair loss.

Cgf-cd34 applications for aesthetic purposes





Inner legs-cellulite areas,

It can be applied to all sagging body parts such as arms.

Methods in the treatment of skin wrinkle of the CGF-prolapsed
in all regions face (forehead, eyes, nose edge of the crease)

In the treatment of wrinkles, sagging and spots in the neck and décolleté area

In wrinkles, sagging, cracks in the upper arm, abdomen, inner leg, knee areas

It is successfully applied in the removal of sagging and
cracks and scars seen in the whole body.

When appropriate doses of Ozone are added to the CGF-CD34
solution, it is activated by the healing cell thrombocyte and the amount of
Growth Hormone, which is the healing substance, increases
significantly. The oxygen level in the tissues increases and the tissues
begin to regenerate.

How long does the cgf-cd34 effect last? What
are the success rates?
Usually, improvement begins after the first injection. A
healthy glow can be seen on the skin even after a few days. In this
method, which can be applied with intervals of 3 weeks to 3 months, 3-6
sessions are recommended. If the following is repeated 3-4 times a year,
the cures achieve a permanent rejuvenating effect.

In case of smoking, alcohol use, menopause period, skin unprotected from ultraviolet, if there is
nutritional deficiency and irregularity, dose repetitions may be required in
the early period. If these situations do not exist, a reminder every 1-2
years is appropriate.

Some people have partial recovery, while others have shown a full recovery. It has been shown in
many scientific studies that the success rate is 80-85%. Some studies have
shown that the healing process still continues even 6-9 months after
application. However, as long as the causes of tissue damage are not
eliminated, the damage can naturally occur again.

Since the patient’s own blood is used in CGF-CD34 treatment, which does not have any side effects,
there is no risk of allergies, disease transmission, tissue incompatibility. However,
during injections and applications, situations such as bruising, bleeding,
redness, burning and a little painful nerve sensitivity may be seen.

Issues to be considered after the application

After the application, there will be a feeling of redness
and tension in the area, it will heal spontaneously without the need for
treatment. It is recommended not to wash or clean the application area for 4-6

No occlusive, comedogenic make-up should be worn for 24 hours. Your face should be protected with
sunscreen containing SPF 30 for the first few days.

It is not recommended to use make-up products for 12-24 hours after the application.

It is necessary not to swim in the pool or sea for 12-24 hours after the application.

After the injection, anti-inflammatory (ie rheumatic-pain reliever) drugs are not used as they will
neutralize the natural healing process induced by CGF-CD34. If needed,
paracetamol type painkillers can be used or cold-ice compresses can be applied.

ATTENTION PLEASE ! The tubes used for CGF are sterilized and specially manufactured tubes with CE
Class IIB certificate. After CGF applications, which are prepared in
simple laboratory tubes so that the cost is much less, the efficiency of the
process is lower and side effects can be seen. These are tubes that do not
have any biocompatibility tests produced for testing blood outside the body and
are not allowed for clinical use.

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