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Check Up Center

What is check-up?

Check-up, in other words general health
check; Although it has no complaints and diseases, it is a screening
method that should be done regularly at least once a year for all people.

Why should you have a check-up?

Modern medicine aims to ensure that the person remains
healthy by taking the necessary precautions before the disease occurs, because
after the disease occurs, the treatment is much more expensive and the health
is deteriorated once. That is why, even if there is no complaint, every
person should go through a general health check periodically by consulting a
doctor. These periods may vary according to the age and general condition
of the person. Early and accurate diagnosis of coronary artery diseases,
cancer, hypertension and many other diseases, which are the diseases of our
age, is of great importance in terms of both life span and quality.
hypertension, which also damages vital organs such as the brain, heart,

Check-up packages prepared according to life and life style

Different check-up packages are made depending on gender,
age and lifestyle (such as smoking, alcohol consumption).

Cardiological check-up package

Cardiological check-up package advanced

Male check-up package over 45 years

Women over 45 years old check-up package

Smokers – men check-up pack

Smokers – women’s check_up package

Male / women’s check-up package under 45

Children under 14 check-up package

Obesity patient check-up package

Check-up package for diabetes patients

Importance of heart check-up

People with early deaths from heart disease (under the
age of 50) or sudden loss of unexplained cause in their family should have a
heart-related check-up at least once in their lifetime, regardless of age. In
this way, it can be understood whether there is a congenital disease in the
heart structure that can lead to sudden death. “Is there a cause of an
early occlusion in the heart vessels? Is there a situation such as
familial high cholesterol or a tendency to form intravascular clots? ” Important
questions such as, can also be answered. If the results of the
examinations are within the normal range, similar check-up examinations are
performed every 5 years until the age of 40; After the age of 40, having
risk factors for cardiovascular disease, having heart disease in first degree
relatives in the family, smoking, high blood pressure and cholesterol, It
is recommended to have a check-up once a year for people with diabetes. Besides; Public
transportation users, pilots, surgeons and managers should also be included in
the annual check-up programs. People who start active sports or do sports
and professional athletes should also have heart check-up at regular intervals.

What kind of examinations should be done during a heart check-up?

Check-up packages vary according to the characteristics
and age of the person. Scanning blood studies for the development of
cardiovascular disease and the possibility of clot formation in the vein are an
indispensable part of check-up examinations. The structure of the heart,
whether there is an enlargement in the heart chambers, the level of the
performance of the heart with cardiac ultrasonography, ie echocardiography heart
valves, wall thickness, pericardium and large vessels originating from the
heart are examined.

Sometimes, with the effort tests performed together with
echocardiography, it can be determined whether the person needs angiography,
that is, a heart by-pass surgery or vascular opening with a balloon.

Requirements in a standard check-up control

Blood count

Blood tests evaluating organ functions (liver, kidney, etc.)


Cholesterol and lipid levels

Thyroid (goiter) test

Hepatitis (jaundice) test

Complete urine analysis

Whole abdominal ultrasonography

Lung X-ray


Searching for blood in stool It is recommended that
everyone over the age of 40 should have additional tests for eye examination,
cardiological examinations and cancer screening, regardless of familial risk or not.

Those with familial risk should not wait until the age of 40 to have these
tests. Those in the risk group should have additional tests regarding the
risks they carry from the age of 30Another purpose of
check-up is to determine and screen for possible disease risks caused by our
age, gender, smoking, especially hormonal periods (such as fertility-menopause)
in women and the risks of familial diabetes, coronary artery disease, stroke
and cancer.


Taking a PAP smear

Breast ultrasonography


Respiratory function tests

Lung computed tomography

Rectoscopy if there is blood in the stool


Prostate specific antigen

Respiratory function test

Lung computed tomography

Rectoscopy If there is blood in the stool, women with
breast cancer in their family should not neglect to have breast ultrasonography
and mammography from their early ages.

Individuals who have frequent cancer cases in their
family and who smoke should have lung tomography and pulmonary function tests
at regular intervals. In the presence of abnormal conditions detected
after Check-Up, individuals

For more detailed research and treatment on the subject,
they are directed to the relevant departments and followed up there.

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