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Dry eye treatment

Every time we blink, tears wash the eye, creating a
smooth and clear surface. In order to see, the tears must be of sufficient
quantity and of sufficient quality in terms of content.

Tears are divided into reflex and basal tears. Basal tears are made continuously
in the eye and provide the eye to become smoother, nourishment and lubrication
while opening and closing the eye. Reflex tears, on the other hand, occur
when a foreign body, chemical substance comes into the eye, or when we are
emotional, that is, in situations of joy and sadness.

The cases where the tears are insufficient in terms of quantity or quality are
called “dry eye syndrome”. Dry Eye Syndrome is one of the most frequently
treated diseases by ophthalmologists.

The tear consists of three layers. The innermost is mucus, the middle is
aqueous, and the outer fat layer. Tears make the surface of the eye
smooth, provide oxygen passage, nourish the cornea and prevent evaporation.

With each blink, the eyelids spread the tear to the surface of the cornea and then
push the tear into the two small excretory ducts in the corner of the eye and
towards the nose.

Causes of Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry Eye Syndrome has many causes. One of the most
common causes of dryness is aging. Many external factors such as hot, dry
and windy climate, air conditioning, cigarette smoke are also the cause of dry
eyes. It is quite common in women after menopause. While reading or
working at the computer, the number of blinks decreases. We keep the eyes open
longer, which causes dryness in the eyes. By resting the eyes at certain
intervals or blinking, the eyes are relaxed.

Eye dryness can occur in contact lens use, especially in
contact lens use. Contact lens wearers should definitely ask their doctor
about their corneas and tear conditions and have them checked.

Symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome

Burning, sinking, sandblasting



Increased discomfort after reading, watching TV or working at the computer


Diagnosis: In the diagnosis of dry eye syndrome, a slit-lamp
examination is performed first. The amount and quality of tears, the
hygiene of the eyelashes, and the corneal surface are evaluated.

Treatment:  Treatment in dry eye syndrome should primarily be to
eliminate the cause of dry eye, if any. Systemic diseases that may cause dry
eye should be treated. Rheumatological diseases are the most common
systemic diseases.

Eyelid disorders can also often cause dry eye symptoms,
which should be eliminated. Dry eyes may occur in those whose eyes remain
open while sleeping.

If the tears are missing, either the lack of tears is
eliminated with drops or tear duct plugs are used to keep the tears on the
corneal surface longer.

Medical Treatment: Drops, gels and pomades containing artificial
tears are most commonly used in the treatment of dry eye. If artificial
tears are to be used for a long time, disposable artificial tears without
preservatives should be used.

Stoppers: We can increase the amount of tears remaining on the
surface of the eye by closing the hole of the duct called the punctum, where
the tears flow into the nose. The plugs can be temporary, permanent or
intracanal collagen plugs.

Dry Eye Syndrome Recommendations

In order to prevent dry eye syndrome, we should go to our doctor for regular check-ups.

Drinking at least 2 liters of water a day and eating foods containing omega 3 (like fish).

We should avoid air conditioning and dry environments.

We can use goggles in the wind.

We should stay away from smoky environments.

In the use of contact lenses, we should have the absolute cornea and tear condition checked by our doctor.

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