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Foot surgery

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Foot surgery

Hallux Valgus (Bunion)

It is the bending of the big toe towards the outside and
as a result, a painful bump on the inside of the thumb root. It is quite common;
it is more common in middle age women. Incorrect shoe selection, genetic
predisposition, high angle of the 1st comb bone, flat foot, long 2nd comb bone
facilitates the occurrence of this ailment.

As the thumb bends inward, it compresses the other
fingers and causes them to deform. The bone protrusion that grows on the
inside is crushed by the shoe and becomes painful.

In the very early period, its progress can be stopped by
paying attention to the choice of shoes and with some apparatus. In
advanced and painful situations that make wearing shoes and walking difficult,
this deformity is corrected by the surgery performed by the orthopedist.

In the treatment, only shaving the bone protrusion does
not work, the main cause of bone deformity must be corrected by surgery.

Foot Little Finger Deformities

Deformity in other fingers other than the thumb and
consequently difficulty in wearing shoes are also quite common
situations. The most common one is bent knuckles (hammer finger). It
may be due to various reasons. Tight shoes, genetic reasons, hallux valgus
squeezing other fingers, long 2nd comb bone, imbalances in foot muscles
etc. These deformities can cause discomfort by causing pain during wearing
shoes and calluses around the foot joints. If the patient does not relax
with conservative treatments such as wide shoes and various apparatus, they can
be corrected by surgeries performed by the orthopedist.

Heel Spurs

This condition, which is popularly called heel spurs,
manifests itself with pain under the heel bone. As a result of the damage
to the thick connective tissue called plantar fascia, which mainly surrounds
the sole of the foot, it gives an x-ray indication with calcification that
occurs at the place where this tissue adheres to the heel bone.

The pain is more common when you get up first in the
morning, or when you start walking after sitting for a while. In the
treatment, methods such as various medications, insoles, injections, ESWT
(stone breaking), physical therapy are applied. In rare cases that do not
improve despite these, surgery may be required.

Flat Insoles

It may occur as a result of insufficient development of
the foot arch in childhood or as a result of weakening of the structures that
support the soles in adulthood. Deformation in shoes can give symptoms
such as pain after walking and standing for a long time, and in advanced cases,
it can cause permanent deformation and pain by causing calcification in the
foot bones. Symptoms are tried to be alleviated by exercising, insoles and
choosing the appropriate shoes. In advanced cases, various surgeries to be
performed by the orthopedist may be required. These surgeries are very
serious operations and it may be necessary to keep the foot in a plaster cast
for a few months postoperatively.

Finger Calluses

Due to various deformities in the toes, due to the
pressure applied by the shoes on certain parts of the toe, skin thickening,
which we call calluses, can be seen in those areas. The skin of the foot
is squeezed between the shoe and the underlying deformed bone, and in response,
the skin thickens in that area. There is always a bone protrusion under
each callus. Calluses can be very painful and make wearing shoes very difficult. In
the treatment of calluses, the pressure on that area should be reduced first,
for this, wide, non-squeezing shoes should be worn and callus protectors should
be used. Calluses are surgically removed by an orthopedic specialist in
patients who cannot be relieved, while the underlying bone area must be

Ingrown Toenails

It causes inflammation in that area by sinking under the
skin next to the big toe nail. Tight shoes may develop due to deep cut of
the nail, unconscious pedicure, not paying attention to foot hygiene and
deformities in the toes.

First of all, conservative methods should be applied by avoiding tight shoes, cutting
the nail properly, paying attention to foot hygiene, antibiotic treatment if
there is an infection, softening the nail area with warm baths, placing
barriers such as clean cotton between the nail and the nail bed. If the
problem continues despite these precautions, an orthopedic specialist performs
an operation called nail bed revision, in which the sinking part of the nail is
removed together with the root part called the germinal matrix.

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