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Gastroenterology unit is a branch of medicine that is
effective in the treatment of stomach, large and small intestine
disorders. It is known that the small and large intestines, which are the
major organs of the stomach and excretory system, which are one of the most
important organs of the body and the basic organ of the digestive system,
seriously disturb patients due to many ailments.

Patients who experience great aches and pains even in
minor stomach ailments may become unhappy with what they eat and
drink. Therefore, the most important thing to do in such a situation is to
investigate the causes of stomach pain and aches. In such a case, patients
should apply to the gastroenterology department of the hospitals.

Complaints of patients are listened to by specialist
doctors and analysis requests are made according to the complaints
specified. Pain in the stomach can have various causes. Situations
such as alcohol, smoking, stress, unbalanced diet can cause various disorders
in the stomach.

Analysis made in the department of gastroentrology

The general structure of the stomach must be seen by the
gastroenterology department in order to determine exactly why the stomach
disorders occur. Endoscopy is one of the techniques applied for this.

Endoscopy is a procedure performed under local anesthesia. With
the anesthetic medicine sprayed into the mouth of the patients, the patient’s
mouth and throat parts are numb. Endoscopy tube is a tube with a small
camera at the end and is lowered from the throat to the stomach through the
esophagus. At that time, the gastroenterologist can clearly see the
general condition of the stomach with the monitor in front of him. The
cause of stomach pain and complaints is determined by endoscopy images and
necessary treatment programs are applied.

Certain headed stomach discomfort

Gastritis is one of the major stomach diseases that occur
in people. The number of people who have applied to the gastroenterology
department with the complaint of gastritis is quite high. Gastritis is
generally considered as the initial stage of the ulcer that causes burning and
discomfort in the stomach.

In the treatment of gastritis, it can be treated with
stomach medications and diet list given by a gastroenterologist. In almost
all of the stomach ailments, patients are asked to be fed according to the
methods specified in the diet lists by giving diet lists so that their eating
habits are more regular.

If precautions are not taken and neglected for gastritis,
complaints related to ulcer disease may occur in the stomach. The symptoms
of the ulcer can manifest itself in a much more painful and painful way than
the symptoms of gastritis. In ulcer diseases, treatment should be started
as soon as possible. Because if the ulcer is not treated and disrupted,
undesirable disorders such as stomach bleeding can occur, causing the treatment
process to become even more difficult and complex. Therefore, in case of
excessive pain, pain and constipation in the stomach, it is necessary to apply
to the gastroenterology department immediately.

Another common discomfort in the stomach and examined by
the gastroenterology department is constipation. Constipation can develop
depending on the digestive and excretory system, as well as a result of
unbalanced nutrition. Before the treatment of constipation complaints, the
factors that because constipation are determined by the gastroenterology and
the treatment period is started.

The importance of gastroenterology in discharge system diseases

The most important organs of the excretory system, which
is another system in the area of ​​the
gastro section, are the large and small intestines. Certain disturbances may also occur in these organs. Constipation complaints are
seen as the most common discomfort symptom.

It is possible to get rid of the constipation problem
with a reasonable diet list and medication use for patients with constipation
complaints. In the complaints of hemorrhoids, which is the most common
disease apart from constipation, the gastro department treats this disease with
effective treatment methods. However, in hemorrhoids, doctors use the
colonoscopy method to determine what is the cause of hemorrhoids.

Colonoscopy method involves entering the large intestines
from the anus under local anesthesia with a medical object with a camera at the
end and detecting the factors that cause this disease on the
monitor. Accordingly, doctors determine their treatment methods by making
their diagnosis. Hemorrhoids can manifest itself with severe pain and
bleeding as well as being a mild condition.

Gastro specialists can also decide on surgery for
recurring hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoid complaints manifest themselves in two
ways as internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. They terminate the
surgery by treating the vascular dilation that causes hemorrhoids under local
anesthesia for the hemorrhoid complaints decided by the gastro department.

Things to do against stomach and intestinal disorders

Stomach and intestinal complaints attract
attention as common ailments in many people. When patients feel the
symptoms of these diseases, they should apply to the gastroenterology

Situations such as unbearable pain and
bleeding from the mouth and anus can be the harbinger of serious ailments, so
it should be intervened without delay. During the treatment, it is
necessary to use the medicines prescribed by the doctors regularly and to carry
out the issues stated in the diet lists under a full discipline.

Especially, avoiding factors such as alcohol
and smoking that cause stomach and intestinal diseases is very important in terms
of preventing such diseases and treatment of such diseases.

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