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Genetic Diagnosis Laboratory

Yeditepe University Hospital Genetic Diagnosis Laboratory carries out several types of genetic
testing for various different reasons:

Diagnostic testing

If you have symptoms of a disease that may be caused by
genetic alterations, genetic testing can reveal if you have the suspected disorder.
Examples of disorders for which genetic testing may be used to confirm a
diagnosis include adult polycystic kidney disease, iron overload
(hemochromatosis) and Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease.

Presymptomatic and predictive testing

If you have a family history of a genetic condition,
undergoing genetic testing before you have symptoms may show if you’re at risk
of developing that condition.

Carrier testing

If you have a family history of a genetic disorder — such
as sickle cell anemia or cystic fibrosis — or you are in an ethnic group that
has a high risk of a particular genetic disorder, you may choose to have
genetic testing before you have children. An expanded carrier screening test
can detect genes associated with a wide variety of genetic diseases and


If you have a particular health condition or disease,
this type of genetic testing may help determine what medication and dosage will
be most effective and beneficial for you.

Prenatal testing

If you are pregnant, tests are available that can detect
some types of abnormalities in your baby’s genes. Down syndrome and trisomy 18
are two genetic disorders that are often screened for as part of prenatal
genetic testing.

Newborn screening

This is the most common type of genetic testing. Some
countries require that newborns be tested for certain gene abnormalities that
cause specific conditions. This type of genetic testing is important because if
results show there’s a disorder such as congenital hypothyroidism or
phenylketonuria (PKU), care and treatment can begin right away.

Preimplantation testing

Also called preimplantation genetic diagnosis, this test
may be used when you attempt to conceive a child through in vitro
fertilization. With in-vitro fertilization, eggs are removed from a woman and
sperm are collected from a man. The eggs are then fertilized with the sperm
outside the body to create embryos. The embryos are then screened for genetic
abnormalities. Embryos without abnormalities are implanted in the uterus in
hopes of achieving pregnancy.

Tests available at Yeditepe University Hospital Genetics Diagnosis Laboratory

Depending on the type of test, a sample of your blood,
skin, amniotic fluid or other tissue will be collected.

Blood sample:A member of the Yeditepe University Hospital
healthcare team obtains the sample by inserting a needle into a vein in your
arm. For newborn screening tests, a blood sample is taken by pricking your
baby’s heel.

Cheek swab:In some situations, a swab sample from the inside of
your cheek is collected for genetic testing.

This prenatal genetic test relies on a sample of the
amniotic fluid. During amniocentesis, your doctor inserts a thin, hollow needle
through your abdominal wall and into your uterus. A small amount of amniotic
fluid is then withdrawn into a syringe, and the needle is removed.

Chorionic villus samplingFor this prenatal genetic test, our
specialist doctor takes a tissue sample from the placenta. Depending on your
situation, the sample may be taken with a tube (catheter) through your cervix
or through your abdominal wall and uterus using a thin needle.

The amount of time it takes for you to receive your
genetic testing results will depend on the type of test. Your doctor will
discuss them with you, and share the results with the appropriate medical
departments and specialists within Yeditepe University Hospital’s
multidisciplinary approach to treatment, ensuring implementation of the most
efficient and accurate Diagnosis and treatment procedures.

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Yeditepe University Hospitals have been serving since 26 August 2005 , with their infrastructure equipped with superior technology and smart systems . It carries out important studies to train new and successful physicians with its staff consisting of professors and associate professors who have many success in national and international fields. At the basis of the vision of Yeditepe University Hospitals is to represent Turkey in the international arena and to bring our country to a leading position in the medical world.

Yeditepe University Hospitals Imaging Unit ‘ n Located Multi-slice CT (multislice computed tomography), 3 Tesla MRI, PET-CT (cancerous tissues that detects, scans) and Gamma Camera, which provides diagnostic and greater ease of treatment are some of the devices with advanced technology in the world.

In Yeditepe University Hospitals, where computer technology is used very effectively, Hospital Information System (HIS) software is used. This software enables both patient information to be collected and processed quickly and used in diagnosis and treatment, as well as the presentation and storage of patient information such as imaging and laboratory results in a computer environment. With this system, our doctors can monitor their patients electronically while they are out of the hospital. In addition, this system minimizes paper circulation and bureaucracy, and eliminates time wasted by patients and their relatives.

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Yeditepe University Hospitals and Affiliated Institutions were accredited by JCI (Joint Commission International) , which is recognized as the most important institution in the world in terms of health standards, on November 2, 2007 , with its entire system in the first audit, with all standards. In other words, it became the first Turkish university hospital group to document its quality and success at an international level. 

Yeditepe University Hospital and Affiliated Institutions, which has been registered to serve at world standards with this quality certificate given to the most distinguished health institutions of the world, is determined to walk to the future with greater success, based on pioneering and leadership principles. Yeditepe University Hospitals were accredited by JCI for the fourth time in 2017 , proving that their quality is sustainable.

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